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Do Referrals & Member Retention go hand in hand?
Do Referrals & Member Retention Go Hand In Hand?

Referrals are not only a great way to boost sales figures but can actually help keep member retention rates high too, and therefore should be part of every gym owner’s retention strategy. Any smart gym owner knows that no matter how much time, effort and budget they put into their marketing and retention strategies, without […]

Overcoming anxiety and increasing fitness membership retention
From The Experts Series: Dr. Helen Watts – Overcoming anxiety and increasing fitness membership retention

We are pleased to introduce the team of experts who sit on the Keepme Advisory Board, ensuring all our systems are reinforced by cutting edge knowledge of the fitness retention industry. We will feature their insights as part of our “From the Experts” series. Kicking off the series is Dr Helen Watts, a Registered Psychologist, […]

Levels of Retention
Levels of Retention

A gym can connect with a member through many different levels of retention. Having strategies in place to cover all levels is crucial, and will make sure that customers feel nurtured and encouraged at every level thus securing their continued loyalty and business.

Coaching In The Knowledge Era
Coaching The Knowledge Era

With improved technology more and more information is accessible to gym members at the click of a button, enabling them to take charge of their own health and fitness. In this new knowledge era, how can gym owners and employees adapt their services to continue to provide value and keep retention rates high?