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5 New Fitness Brands To Use Keepme
5 New Fitness Brands To Use Keepme

Introducing the 5 new fitness brands who will use Keepme.

5 New Fitness Brands To Use Keepme
Keepme Founder Speaks at the Welltodo Summit on Customer Loyalty & Member Retention

Keepme Founder Ian Mullane shares his insights on customer loyalty and member retention at the 2019 Welltodo Summit.

Understanding CRM Systems
Understanding CRM Systems to Improve Customer Retention

What is a CRM system? According to Bain & Company, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a process that companies use to understand their customer demographics and respond efficiently to changes in their customers’ preferences. A CRM system, in turn, is a tool that enables a company’s’ CRM process. A CRM system compiles crucial customer data […]