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Can encouraging your members to use SMART wearables improve your gym retention?

There’s been a massive boom in people using fitness tracking devices, from Google Fit to FitBit. Encouraging your gym members to use SMART wearables can actually increase gym retention. Let’s look at how this can be done. One of the major reasons people quit the gym is that they’re not seeing progress. Part of the […]

How do changing seasons affect your gym member attendance?

As the seasons change you have an opportunity to keep members active and engaged. To do this you need to understand how seasonal change affects attendance and how you can use these insights to improve gym retention. People are creatures of habit. Whilst the world around them stays the same, they are likely to stay […]

Do gym membership categories influence retention
Do gym membership categories influence retention?

Every gym approaches their membership offering differently, but they way you structure your plans can have a huge affect on member retention.

Engaging With Inactive Members | KeepMe
Engaging with inactive members – The Best Approach

At Keepme we believe your member data holds a lot of power if used correctly. When it comes to retention data can transform your approach and results.