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We’re Proud To Introduce Keepme V2, A Next-Generation CRM for Fitness Operators

There’s excitement in the air at Keepme HQ! After months of tireless work and thousands of development hours, our team is proud to bring you Keepme V2 – the fitness industry’s first comprehensive, AI-powered CRM for operators. A genuine step change in club technology, Keepme V2 enables operators to drive additional revenue and increase profitability […]

5 New Fitness Brands To Use Keepme
5 New Fitness Brands To Use Keepme

Introducing the 5 new fitness brands who will use Keepme.

5 New Fitness Brands To Use Keepme
Keepme Founder Speaks at the Welltodo Summit on Customer Loyalty & Member Retention

Keepme Founder Ian Mullane shares his insights on customer loyalty and member retention at the 2019 Welltodo Summit.