Everything You Need to Know About Data & AI – New white paper for fitness operators

Everything You Need to Know About Data & AI

Update [June 14, 2021]: Everything You Need to Know About Data & AI is now available for free download here.

Free registration is now open for the new white paper by Keepme founder Ian Mullane, Everything You Need to Know About Data & AI. Due for release on June 14th, the white paper is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand guide for fitness operators who seek to leverage data and AI for improved sales, retention, and overall business performance.

Many operators today understand that data is immensely valuable, but lack the technical knowledge or experience to wield it with confidence. With Everything You Need to Know About Data & AI, Mullane provides operators a coherent roadmap for working with data, eschewing technical jargon in favor of clear and simple explanations, backed up with real world examples. Readers will come away with a firm understanding of why data is so valuable for businesses, and how they should approach gathering, maintaining, and applying it.

Having established the critical importance of data, Mullane then delves into the topic of Artificial Intelligence – a concept that many operators perceive as being ‘out of reach’, or are unsure how to apply in a fitness business context. Mullane dispels the myths surrounding AI, showing operators how they can implement it, why it is so accurate, and how AI’s predictions can provide game-changing advantages. Once again, this is illustrated with real world scenarios from the fitness industry that are already playing out today, highlighting the opportunity that exists for operators. 

Whether you are just starting your digital transformation journey or looking to refine your existing data and AI processes, Mullane’s paper likely has the answers to your most important questions. 

Everything You Need to Know About Data & AI is available for registration via Keepme. Follow this link to reserve for your free copy. 

Reviews for Everything You Need to Know About Data & AI

“Ian Mullane’s latest white paper is a must-read, and not just for your IT department. Data is the key to the new customer experience paradigm and must be front and centre on every leader’s desk.”

Jon Brady – President, Midtown Athletic Clubs

“In this excellent white paper, Ian Mullane leads us on a journey through AI, machine learning and business intelligence in a way that actually makes sense – even to those of us who usually see data analysis as a tech session of buzzword bingo.”

David Stalker – President, EuropeActive

“The data is out there to enrich member experiences, and with it our businesses. We simply need the ambition to dig deeper, and this new white paper from Keepme’s Ian Mullane shows us where to look.”

Can Ikinci – CEO, Mars Sportif

“Finally. A one-stop shop for all those tech terms you’ve been too scared to ask about. Ian Mullane’s latest white paper is a truly enjoyable read that skips through playfully, clearly and informatively. Grab his advice with both hands.”

Emma Barry – Global Fitness Authority

About the author

When it comes to technology and its increasingly pivotal role in the fitness sector, there are few speakers more thought-provoking than AI expert and self-professed geek Ian Mullane

As the founder and CEO of AI-powered sales and retention platform Keepme, Ian has brought together the diverse expertise of his career to date – including 12 years as an operator – in a ground-breaking business that boosts revenues for gym operators across the globe, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to drive optimization and transform the way they interact with customers and prospects. 

Diving into a little more detail, having spent 15 years working on fintech solutions for some of the world’s largest hedge funds and investment managers, in 2007 Ian founded Vanda.fit – Singapore’s first boutique boxing club – and alongside this, in 2008, the social media analytics platform Locowise.

It was at Vanda.fit that he identified the need for a system that would optimize the performance of his club; his expertise in tech and AI led him to develop Keepme, which since 2020 has become his full-time focus (some might say mission!)

A respected thought leader, white paper author, regular industry event speaker and member of the ukactive Digital Futures Council, Ian has a singular ability to first understand the challenges faced by our sector, then demystify the ways in which technology can help neutralize them.

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