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Uncover the hidden value in your gym’s marketing data
June 10, 2021 •

The world, and the fitness industry within it, is data-rich. From gym CRM software to website analytics, loyalty programs to social media, gym marketing campaigns to exercisers’ own wearables – and far more besides – we already have enormous quantities of data in our businesses. And that volume doubles every 18 months.

It’s important to note, however, that not all data is equal. Not all data has the same power to transform your business. 

Let’s take a look at what data actually is, where you’re likely to find it in your business, in what state it must be to be useful, where the most valuable insights potentially lie, and how we get at them.

What counts as data?

The first thing to note is, data isn’t always digital. It isn’t just about the information stored in your gym software – your CRM or club management system, for example. Data can also be offline; indeed, in many fitness operations, certain data only exists in paper form.

It might be member contracts, PT evaluations, liability waiver forms… and sometimes it’s OK to stay in paper format. Waiver forms, for example, which are statutory but which hold little value beyond their immediate purpose.

In many cases, however, rich data is being captured – in gym sales processes, PT interactions and gym marketing conversations, for example – but not making it out of the staff member’s notepad. This is a missed opportunity, as it could be transformational in the delivery of member experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of data that exist within your business.

Structured data

Structured data includes things like spreadsheet files and SQL databases, which is the data model most often used in gym CRM software such as your club management system. 

With SQL, each data item fits into columns and rows so it can be easily sorted and searched. By allowing every field to be accessed separately or together, this data model provides a powerful platform to quickly bring together information from various locations for analysis.

Examples of structured data include your CMS, access control, website visitor analytics, class bookings, fee payment, exercise equipment, member wearables data and membership sign-up.

Structured data is where we find the most value at present. It is here the tools most organisations currently use are applied to build business intelligence, gain actionable insights and produce results within fitness operations. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of those tools – that invisible presence that facilitates our everyday life, from giving us a drive time and ETA at our destination, to recommending an artist we might like on Spotify. It also has huge application in gym businesses, from boosting gym sales to enhancing fitness marketing to improving member retention – as you can read here.

Unstructured data

Unstructured data is data that does not have a recognisable structure, and it accounts for more than 80 per cent of the data in any organisation. It also grows at 55-65 per cent a year.

As such, it cannot be ignored. Indeed, it is when we add structured and unstructured data together that we get to that hallowed entity: Big Data. 

Examples of unstructured data abound in the area of gym marketing – social media, email comms (where the body text follows no set format), internet reviews, customer surveys, webchat and so on – as well as things like CCTV, phone call recordings and member assessment/induction forms.

Excitingly, it is in the area of unstructured data that we’ve seen vast leaps forward over the past decade, allowing us to gain far more value from the data in our businesses. 

Specifically, AI algorithms – when left to their own devices to investigate and present interesting findings – can extract value from these piles of unstructured data, finding patterns even an expert human might never have predicted. In turn, this powers a treasure trove of new insights around customer behaviours and predicted behaviour. 

This functionality hasn’t yet been applied in the fitness sector, but it’s something we’re already exploring at Keepme. Ideal customer profiles are one opportunity, whereby our AI tools could take existing data, cluster customers around every variable and develop brand new target segments for our gym marketing campaigns.

In-between data

In between structured and unstructured data lies, perhaps unsurprisingly, semi-structured data, with one great example being customer surveys such as the Net Promoter Score©

The structured element comes from the primary purpose of the survey, which often involves ‘on a scale of 1–10’ type questions. This score forms the majority of the analysis and is generally the one followed by business leadership. 

However, we believe there’s more value to be extracted from the unstructured aspect – that is, when you ask the customer: “Why did you give us that score?” 

The customer’s resulting free-form text is gold, providing context, detail and often insights that you’d never get from the 1–10 score alone. Yet many gyms miss out on this as they lack the manpower to wade through all the responses. This is where AI comes in. 

With AI, every comment that comes back to you is passed through language sentiment analysis. Regardless of what language is used (including Emoji which, go figure, is viewed as a language in itself), each comment is assessed and given a positive, negative or neutral score. 

A human could do that, you say? They could, given time. But even if we ignore the fact that every person comes with a built-in bias around what they want to see, or how they feel on the day of the task, how would they deal with the following?

“Great staff, great location, but the changing rooms require restoration.”

Overall a positive? Does the negative mean it’s neutral? 

In fact, it needs to be broken down, with the comment scored across three distinct areas: staff, location, and changing rooms. AI can do this, allowing you to then look up core aspects of the business, see how they’re perceived by members, and understand the overall sentiment of the feedback for that specific area of the business. 

When you also apply age and gender filters, you can then paint a picture of what’s important to each group, how they perceive certain factors in the business, and how they describe them. 

Courtesy of AI, the simple customer survey becomes a turbo-charged gym marketing tool that doesn’t just give you a headline score on how you’re doing with customers. It also shows where you’re powerful and where not so strong, along with additional pointers on which parts of the business to emphasise to which target audiences – whether that’s in your gym member retention programs or your gym sales campaigns.

Data gifts from members

Utopia for a fitness operator is when you can gain an insight into the member’s activities away from the club. There’s a world of difference between a member who’s stopped coming because they’ve decided the gym isn’t for them, versus a member who’s taking advantage of the good weather to do runs or bike rides in the park – a difference you need to understand to create relevant gym member retention strategies.

Then there are the (retention-boosting) personalisation opportunities that come up for grabs when – just as an example – you know a member’s current fitness level or average cardiovascular load. 

The good news is that this valuable data is already being collected. The challenge is that our members are managing it. Without them sharing it, we’re missing out on possibly the most useful data of all. 

Apple Health, Google Fit, Apple Watch, Whoop, Myzone… all of these are sources of member data. These tools are increasingly not just for on-site use, but also worn 24/7 to help guide and inform their user on their current condition. This is incredibly rich data that could power everything from retention algorithms to recommendation engines, providing hyper-personalised engagements for your customers. 

Now is the time to start understanding who’s using what, and why they choose to use it. 

Public data

The quantity of public data available varies from country to country, and its usage even more so. However, where permitted, the integration of public data with the data within your business can produce a rich seam of value. 

The US is a market that’s awash with public data, and little control around how that data can be used. From salaries to purchases, political affiliations to hobbies, all of this and more is available and used daily by marketing automation and ad platforms. 

An excellent example from a fitness perspective is a service we’ve witnessed that powers member lead generation. Merging public data with your ideal member profile, they can ‘find’ ideal potential members for you to target with your gym marketing.  

What if my data is imperfect? 

So, you’ve now identified your data sources and you’re considering bringing in AI to unlock the latent potential in that data. 

One of the most common questions we hear when businesses look to work with their data is: what if my data is imperfect? Our answer is always the same: imperfect for what? 

With almost every data project, it’s inevitable that the data will not be optimal unless it was collected specifically for the purpose or project you’re now trying to implement. In the future, that sort of specificity may become possible, even the norm, across the board. For now, however, we’re taking what we have and applying the new tools and methodologies to the data – and regardless of data condition, it results in giant leaps forward. 

That’s because – with the advent of AI, Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data – it’s now entirely possible to improve the datasets that already exist within companies. Here’s an example of a recent piece of work we were involved in.

Pre-data cleanse

Data duration: 3 years

Member records: 12,659

Complete Records: 0

Duplicate Records: 2,187

Membership Types: 63

Post-data cleanse

Data duration: 3 years

Member records: 11,201

Complete Records: 11,019

Duplicate Records: 0

Membership Types: 7

Quality over quantity

You’ll note this example was based on three years, and this is another question we’re often asked: how much data is needed? 

It depends on the outcome you’re looking to deliver, of course, but our advice is this: it’s better to have 12 months of comprehensive, clean-ish data than three years of rubbish. Interpolation can be achieved from a small clean data set to make up for lack of duration. 

Advances in methodologies have helped here, driving a decrease in the quantity of data required. For example, in 2019, Keepme needed three years of member data to provide the Keepme Member Retention Score. By January 2021, only one year was required.

Find your unique identifiers

An important point to note is this: however complete your data, if you cannot link that data to the individual member (or, indeed, prospect) through a unique identifier such as a membership number, it’s unlikely to be of any use. 

Those customer feedback screens that allow you to choose the face and rate the service are a good example. They may be great at giving you a high-level customer service view, but the data is pretty useless beyond that. 

However, don’t overthink this. A unique identifier can be flexible. Let’s say you’ve been using Mailchimp for all your gym marketing email campaigns. This is potentially valuable data, and the actions of the recipient (did they open, click, share, unsubscribe etc) can be linked through the email address. Mobile phone numbers are also used, along with home addresses – though the latter less so because of multi-residency. 

You already have the data you need

One final word of encouragement: your data capture may not always have been purposeful or intentional, done mainly through necessity and not always comprehensively. However, we can confidently say the data already exists in your business to improve and refine your offering in a multitude of ways.

Indeed, from our conversations with more than 100 club operators around the world in the last 18 months, without exception the data they needed to transform their businesses was already there – from personalisation of the member journey to improved gym sales, increased secondary revenues to better targeted products, services and gym marketing ideas. 

You just need to know where to look. This blog should have provided some insight, but of course, we’re on-hand to help you take a deeper dive. Because ultimately, if you’re working with an external supplier, it is their responsibility to determine whether you have the data needed to complete the project.

You’re signing up for the delivery of business value that’s powered by your data. Your responsibility is to provide the data (and some $ for the service); their responsibility is to provide the value. We’re here to take on that responsibility, digging deep into your data to uncover insights that can transform your business.

Learn more about the invaluable data that exists in your business. Register for a free copy of our white paper – Everything You Need to Know About Data & AI – here.


Why operators need a 360˚ customer view now more than ever
December 16, 2020 •

The global pandemic has made the day-to-day running of a fitness facility infinitely harder. While there is now optimism around the roll out of a successful vaccine, and the return to normality this might bring, there will no doubt be ongoing fallout from COVID-19 for some time. Having a data-driven 360˚ customer view has never been more crucial.

As the sector strives to regain its footing, proving your fitness operation is COVID-secure will continue to add another layer to the age-old challenges facing all operators: membership sales and retention management.

The success of fitness businesses as we move into 2021 is locked up in their gym software – more accurately, in the data that software provides. Only by using technology to gain in-depth insight, to manage prospecting, fitness marketing strategies and membership communications, can operators free up teams for vital member engagements. And after spending the majority of 2020 either training alone or with just digital offerings for company, members will want human interaction more than ever.

For too long, fitness operators have wasted time, effort and revenue jumping between different CRM systems for membership sales and retention management. Often, the process is so complex that those in charge of mining data eschew the software altogether in favour of gut instinct. But only by harnessing unused – and currently hidden – data can the fitness industry create a genuine step change in its own success.

An AI-powered CRM like Keepme enables operators to take actions with confidence, knowing they’re based on fact. This insight ensures businesses can drive additional revenue and increase profitability at every stage.

Keepme’s 360˚ customer view offers operators clear, concise and real-time insights into sales prospect and member behaviours from the point of data capture and through their membership journey thereafter. Machine Learning identifies where early intervention may be required to either close a sale or save a member. With seamless access to data insights, operators can also identify member patterns and tailor engagements accordingly via ongoing automations or suggested campaigns.

Every fitness organisation in the world is capable of being worth more than they think … Keepme allows operators to do things with standard data sets today that this industry couldn’t even begin to imagine five years ago. And this will only continue to improve over time.

The value operators have in their data won’t present in their data sheet, but the 360˚ customer view it affords will be invaluable to success over the next 10 years.

Schedule a free demo of Keepme to see how you can implement a 360˚ customer view in your fitness club today.

About the author

Amanda Hart is Director of Customer Success at Keepme and formerly Director of Sales and Operations at Soho Gyms.


Video: An overview of Keepme Membership
December 14, 2020 •

Learn how you can revolutionise your gym’s marketing and retention in our video overview of Keepme Membership. Keepme Membership is a powerful, AI-driven tool that helps fitness operators turbocharge their revenue through increased member retention, secondary spend, and ex-member winback. 

Keepme achieves this with its unique AI engine, which identifies your strongest members as well as those at risk, while also highlighting members who are likely to engage in referrals.

Keepme analyzes every single touch-point, transaction, and demographic data point about your members, resulting in the Keepme Score. The Keepme Score reflects the overall health of your membership – in other words, their overall likelihood of retention. Every member receives a score and is segmented into one of three risk profiles, allowing you to develop intelligent marketing and retention strategies. For example, leveraging low risk members to drive referrals and secondary spend, or targeting medium risk members with campaigns designed to improve retention. From there, the possibilities are endless.

In the video, you’ll get a close look at how Keepme Membership:

  • Helps you track and analyze your past, present and future performance in its powerful AI-driven Dashboard
  • Allows you to instantly engage with key member groups with its innovative Take Action feature
  • Send powerful and hyper-targeted campaigns and automations with the built-in communication tools in Keepme Connect
  • Collect and act on customer feedback with its integrated Net Promoter Score capabilities
  • Get a complete understanding of your customers with its 360° Member Record to drive better engagements and customer service

By providing you deep insights into your members’ behaviour, along with comprehensive engagement tools, Keepme Membership helps you maximize the value of each member and increase your revenue from day one. Find out more in our overview video below.

To see how Keepme can help you attract and retain more gym members, book a free demo today.

keepme customer troy morgan

“We’ve learned lessons from our data with Keepme”
December 1, 2020 •

Keepme customer Troy Morgan, CEO of Willows Health Group, based in Queensland, Australia, is using AI and data to shape his sales and retention strategy, alongside his COVID recovery plan…

Willows Health & Lifestyle Centre has been using Keepme’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered retention management tool for a little over 13 months ago, and, this month, CEO Troy Morgan also implemented Keepme Sales. 

Originally opened in the 1970’s, Morgan took over Willows 14 years ago and started the transformation to a fully functional lifestyle centre. The centre now hosts a fitness centre, plus a 500 square meter Allied Health practice with physiotherapists, occupational therapist, dietitians and psychologists.

“Put simply, fitness businesses sit on mountains of data that is largely unused. Harnessed and reported on, this data can not only create real insights for the business but also a hyper personalised experience for each member,” says Morgan. “Keepme allows us to leverage our mountains of data and make real differences to both our gym sales, our business and our members.”

“When we began working with Keepme, the team took 13 years of our data and cleaned it up – it was a real partnership right from the start. Almost immediately we learnt lessons from that data and began to implement changes, pretty much seamlessly.”

The member retention conundrum

“For me, Keepme’s value is in being able to navigate an increasingly difficult marketplace with certainty,” says Morgan. “I can take actions with confidence as they’re based on fact, not gut instinct. Clubs like Willows need confidence in our actions now more than ever, as with COVID we find ourselves in increasingly sensitive times.

“I check the retention management dashboard daily; it’s like a living, breathing system that shows me the members we need to invest resources in … those most likely to leave, to stay and to spend. Being a small, standalone facility we have finite resources; I need to be sure to direct them to what – and who – will give returns. 

“From the second the Keepme system went live I was able to risk stratify my membership base, see who was at risk of leaving and put a monetary value on those members, so we could build strategies on how to improve retention. It took just 30 days to see a reduction in cancellation rates.

“Rather than waiting for a 30-day report, we can now take daily action. So if a high frequency member is suddenly absent, my team gets in touch. Just this afternoon we made a call around a sudden absence, and the gratitude from that member was huge; it blew their mind.”

A COVID recovery plan

During lockdown, Morgan used Keepme to hyper-personalise Willows’ digital offer so that now, as the club works to find its footing again, the system can help him make decisions about the very real financial challenges he faces. “Now is not the time for guestimates on customer acquisition, retention, marketing strategies and cash flow,” he says. 

Willows is unusual in that it doesn’t operate contracts. As a community-based business, Morgan prefers to build trust within that community, so his members know if Willows is not delivering the wellbeing service that’s truly right for them, they’re free to leave. 

“We back our ability to provide customer-centric service, delivered through the personalisation of our offering,” he explains. “This means we have points throughout the entire life of our members and have created an ecosystem that incorporates both technology and face-to-face services. Keepme closes the loop, allowing us to learn from our members’ interactions with the business in a truly scaled way and continually improve our service offering.” 

Willows’ membership base was at 2,200 pre-COVID. The club has already built back up to 1,600 members, despite a number of social distancing restrictions remaining in place. “Keepme gave me a fine-tuned understanding of each customer’s probable return, which allowed me to rebuild the membership base very quickly,” says Morgan.

Improving membership sales

In November 2020, Morgan implemented Keepme Sales. “Now, for the first time, I’m able to get a 360˚ view of customers, from pre-sale all the way to post membership, should they choose leave,” he says. 

“The AI is constantly learning about our prospects and processes, allowing me to automate tasks and make sure we focus on the sales leads with the highest likelihood of conversion. I can make hyper personalised engagements with potential customers as I know where they came from and when, what their sales process was and what they’re most likely to want. 

“I’ve been blown away by how precise the whole Keepme system is, especially with regards to whether a member will leave or not; it’s scarily accurate! I couldn’t run my business without it now.”

About the author

Troy Morgan has been in the industry for a quarter of a century and as well as his role as CEO of Willows Health Group, he is a Head of Wellbeing Strategy at health technology platform MySpringDay , Director of Wellbeing Strategy at Well360, a national speaker and a business investor.

To find out what Keepme can do for your club’s sales and retention, book a free demo today. 

Video: Keepme Connect, the fitness industry’s leading engagement tool
November 4, 2020 •

When it comes to attracting, retaining, and engaging members, it’s hard to overstate the importance of targeted and personalized communications. That’s why we built Keepme Connect – the fitness industry’s leading suite of engagement tools.

With Connect, fitness operators can send laser-targeted and highly personalized communications via email, SMS, and more. When you add Connect’s ability to automate, you have a tool that is capable of everything from sending targeted sales campaigns to automating your entire new member journey. Sending the right communication, to the right member, at the right time has never been so effortless.

Watch the video below to see how Keepme Connect can revolutionise the way you approach membership sales, retention management, and more. 

Want to see firsthand why Keepme is the best software for gym sales and marketing? We invite you to book a demo today.

Manage your club’s inside sales with Keepme Sales
October 22, 2020 •

We’re pleased to introduce an exciting feature in Keepme Sales!

Inside sales – never lose an opportunity to sell added services in your fitness club again.

Keepme’s inside sales functionality captures, routes, and manages sales for services like personal training, massage, physical therapy, swim lessons and much more. Keepme allows any staff member to create a new lead. Once created, that lead is routed to the appropriate gym sales rep or department manager. It is then entered into an automated sales flow that alerts your staff to the new lead, sets your sales process, creates follow ups and reminders, and monitors your team’s progress from initiation to close. 

Beyond staff-generated leads, Keepme, using the power of our AI models, analyzes and identifies members who are most likely to engage in the services you offer. Our next level analysis ensures your team has the tools it needs to find every opportunity to drive additional revenue. 

With Keepme’s inside sales functionality, your team will never be relegated to sticky notes or IMs to capture and communicate new leads. The system will ensure that you capture 100% of your opportunities for added revenue, and that every lead is followed up with. 

Our robust inside sales management is just one reason why Keepme is the best gym sales CRM for the fitness industry. To learn more about how Keepme can revolutionize the way you manage gym membership sales, book a demo today.

New Feature Announcement: Keepme Leads Manager

New Feature Announcement: Keepme Leads Manager (Video)
September 22, 2020 •

New feature announcement! 

Keepme Leads Manager – your sales team’s job just got a lot easier…

With the Leads Manager tool in Keepme Sales, your team can handle every element of the gym sales process all in one place. Rather than asking your team to jump from your CRM tool, to their phone, to their email platform and back to their CRM, losing critical information and time along the way, your team can execute every action directly from our Leads Manager tool. Keepme’s Leads Manager routes and prioritize leads, sets actions for your sales staff, and establishes next actions. Critically, Leads Manager allows your staff to send emails, text messages, and even make calls directly from the platform, eliminating confusion of using multiple tools to accomplish their work, increasing productivity and improving your close rate. 

Keepme Lead Manager keeps your team on target by mapping out the entire sales process, automatically sending thank you emails, follow ups, appointment reminders, and suggesting next actions. Our system takes the guesswork out of the process and creates multiple avenues for your team to take. Whether it’s a high value lead or a short term customer, our system will tailor the interactions, pace and level of automation to ensure you have the most efficient and effective sales process for your business. 

Keepme Leads Manager is just part of the picture. To learn more about how Keepme can revolutionize the way you manage your gym membership sales and drive retention, book a demo today.

Presenting Keepme Sales, The Fitness Industry’s First AI-Powered Sales Tool

Presenting Keepme Sales, The Fitness Industry’s First AI-Powered Sales Tool
September 18, 2020 •

We’re delighted to introduce the latest addition to the Keepme platform – Keepme Sales. 

Representing diverse customers across 9 countries, our clients surprisingly have one truly consistent request over the last 18 months: for Keepme to solve their sales problem. While many of our clients were already using the most popular gym sales support tools, they felt like what they were getting was little more than a polished up spreadsheet. We knew they needed better and that we could create something special. 

Rather than provide a bandaid, we sought to bring the fitness industry something it has never had – a fully integrated, AI-powered gym sales CRM tool that allows users to capture, manage, close, and transition leads into members all in one place.  

Seamlessly blending new lead capture, routing and management, Keepme Sales provides our users with one stop shop to not only monitor and collect information, but to execute. Our AI is constantly evaluating your lead quality, quantity, and progress to identify, segment, and funnel them into tailored sales flows built to optimize your teams effort and reduce the cost of acquisition.

Keepme’s built in communication platform allows the customer to leverage the power of AI to maximize their team’s time through smart automations built to ensure every lead is followed up with and no lead is ever left unattended.

Finally, Keepme Sales reaches beyond new membership sales and drives non-dues revenue. It starts by evaluating current members who are likely to engage in anything from personal training to swim lessons, building specific lead lists for your teams to pursue.

With the addition of Keepme Sales, our customers have the power to manage members across the entire life cycle, from lead generation to winning back ex-members, all in one platform. To learn more about how Keepme can revolutionize the way you manage your gym membership sales and drive retention, book a demo today.

We’re Proud To Introduce Keepme V2, A Next-Generation CRM for Fitness Operators
September 1, 2020 •

There’s excitement in the air at Keepme HQ! After months of tireless work and thousands of development hours, our team is proud to bring you Keepme V2 – the fitness industry’s first comprehensive, AI-powered gym CRM.

A genuine step change in club technology, Keepme V2 enables operators to drive additional revenue and increase profitability at every stage of the membership lifecycle – from lead capture and sales, to membership retention and secondary spend, to ex-member win back. All of this is backed by proven Artificial Intelligence, allowing operators to uncover revenue opportunities that are hidden in their data and act on them with the click of a button. No more jumping between tools, no more guesswork. 

Our brand new Keepme Sales module is a true one-stop solution, empowering gym sales teams to capture, allocate, manage, communicate with, and close leads all in one place. Keepme’s AI evaluates each lead and funnels them into tailored sales flows, while our sales playbooks and automations ensure every single lead is followed up with. And Keepme Sales isn’t limited to gym membership sales – it allows your reps to effortlessly manage inside sales for services like PT, massage, swim lessons, and anything else your club offers. To sum it up, Keepme Sales was purpose-built to turbocharge your sales team’s productivity and help them shatter their sales targets. 

Once a lead becomes a member, Keepme Membership provides you with industry-leading tools to maximize their lifetime value. Building on our proven Keepme retention platform, Keepme Membership’s AI identifies at-risk members and other critical member groups with pinpoint accuracy, while our new ‘Take Action’ features allow you to engage them with a single click. Building campaigns and automations has never been easier with Keepme’s best-in-class communications suite, which now includes a library of pre-built automations so operators can build world class member journeys right out of the box. Whether it’s re-engaging members who are slipping away, sending offers to members who are likely to purchase class packs, or reaching out to ex-members to win them back, Keepme Membership helps you achieve maximum revenue for every member in your club. 

We firmly believe that no operator should settle for band-aid solutions. If you have any questions about Keepme V2, please reach out to us via our live chat in the corner below. And if you would like a personalized tour to see how Keepme V2 could help your club, we warmly invite you to book a demo today.

— Team Keepme

Video: Introducing Keepme V2

Video: Introducing Keepme V2
August 27, 2020 •

We’re proud to present Keepme V2! 

The first comprehensive, AI-driven CRM for the fitness industry.  

Based on conversations with hundreds of operators, we knew there was a need for an AI-powered gym CRM that could manage the whole member lifecycle — from lead capture and sales, to retention, secondary spend, and ex-member win back. Over the past few months, our team has been working tirelessly to bring this vision to life. 

With a brand new lead management system and industry-leading communications tools, Keepme V2 is quite simply the most advanced gym sales and retention tool built from the ground up for fitness operators. At its heart? An AI engine that helps operators make data-driven decisions to maximize revenue. 

For a personalized tour of Keepme V2, Book A Demo Today