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  • Win more members with Keepme Sales
  • Reduce churn with Keepme Membership
  • Scale your fitness club with Keepme Enterprise
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Win more gym members with everything you need to score leads, automate personalised outreach and track your sales performance.

    Our Sales plan includes:
  • Central dashboard - Take control of your gym sales with powerful prediction tools in one dashboard.
  • Lead scores - Target your top sales opportunities with lead scores.
  • 'Take action' tips - Get intelligent recommendations to win more members.
  • Performance - Track your team’s sales performance across each lead channel.
  • Projections - Project your future sales funnel.
  • Keepme Connect - built in marketing suite included as standard.
  • Hyper-personalization -Drive more sales with hyper-personalised communication strategies.
  • Campaigns - Create and send personalised, single-shot campaigns to test your messaging.
  • Build email templates - or customise our ready-to use templates to save time.
  • Automation- Automate your outreach to win more customers with fewer resources.
  • Automations Library - Browse dozens of pre-built and tested automations for sales outreach.
  • Custom builder - Identify audience segments and build emails that will boost sales - and maximise your ROI.
  • Leads - Get every tool that you need to nurture and win more gym members in one place.
  • Leads dashboard - Capture, filter, manage and route your leads in one place.
  • Sales work station - Contact your prospects with email, Whatsapp and SMS - directly from Keepme.
  • Form Builder - Build forms that can capture leads directly into Keepme.
  • Reports - Build AI-enhanced sales reports to check your pipeline - and run customer reports.
  • Set and track goals - and leave Keepme to calibrate your KPIs.


Reduce member churn with everything you need to score member risk, automate personalised outreach and track your retention.

    Our Membership plan includes:
  • Central dashboard - Take control of your member churn with powerful prediction tools in one dashboard.
  • Reduce churn proactively with member risk scores.
  • 'Take action' tips - Get intelligent recommendations to reduce churn.
  • Performance - Track your revenue, LTV and progress against retention activities.
  • Projections - Project your future member base.
  • Member insights - Track and improve retention performance across each member segment.
  • Membership plans - Identify your most effective membership plans.
  • Demographics - Track your retention strategy across demographics.
  • Membership health - Get real-time updates on your membership health.
  • Hyper-personalization - Reduce member churn with hyper-personalised communication strategies.
  • Keepme Connect - built in marketing suite included as standard.
  • Campaigns - Create and send personalised, single-shot campaigns to test your messaging.
  • Build email templates or customise our ready-to use templates to save time.
  • Automations - Automate your outreach to retain more members with fewer resources.
  • Automation library - Browse dozens of pre-built and tested automations for retention outreach.
  • Custom builders - Identify audience segments and build emails that will reduce churn - and maximise your ROI.
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score) - Send and track surveys that will discover how your members feel about your fitness club’s products and services.


Scale your fitness business with a complete suite of tools to boost sales, reduce churn - and predict your gym’s financial future.

    Our Enterprise plan includes:
  • Both Dashboards - Take control of your financial future with powerful prediction tools in two dashboards.
  • Includes Keepme Sales, Keepme Membership and Keepme Connect.
  • Lifecycle scores - Switch between Sales and Membership in one click.
  • 'Take action' tips - Get intelligent recommendations to secure more revenue.
  • Performance - Track your fitness club’s financial metrics across your entire member lifecycle.
  • Predictions - Predict your club's financial future.
  • Unlock revenue across your member lifecycle with hyper-personalised communication strategies.

Connects seamlessly with your club's stack

Convert more membership leads

Keepme Sales

Keepme Sales scores your leads and offers a suite of powerful tools that will enable your sales team to engage more prospects and win more members - faster.

  • Sales Dashboard

    Give your sales team a clear view of their funnel’s lead quality and point them to intelligent next steps - all within one simple, visual dashboard.

  • Segmentation

    Segment and engage each lead at the right moment. Convert your strong leads, nurture medium leads with a conversation and automate outreach for weak leads.

  • Lead Quality

    Lead quality segmentation enables your sales team to work more effectively, boost close rates - and win more members.

  • Lead Score

    Helps you identify your top opportunities based on historical sales data and your ideal customer profile - so your team can use their time intelligently to win more members.

  • Team Activity

    Track your sales team’s activities. Compare each rep’s activities and sales results to identify best practices - so you can build them into your sales process and coaching.

  • Team Performance

    Check your team’s progress in real-time. Track each rep’s sales activities and performance against their target across either the current month or the year-to-date - so you can identify top performers, best practices and top lead channels.

Reduce churn. Engage more members.

Keepme Membership

Keepme Membership builds unique predictive models for your organisation that offer a three-dimensional picture of your customers - and what drives them.

  • Membership Dashboard

    Equip your team with real-time visibility into the impact and effectiveness of your member retention strategy - delivered in a simple, visual dashboard.

  • Keepme Score

    Measure and predict the health of your member base. Check your Keepme Score for a 360-degree view of each member and their activities - across every revenue stream and site area. Includes current performance and future performance projected across six months.

  • Automations

    Boost retention and secondary revenue with automated outreach. Develop and deploy hyper-personalised communication and sales strategies that target each audience segment to drive engagement and unlock revenue across each member lifecycle.

  • Segmentation

    Segment your members based on their risk profile. Boost your member retention and revenue - with personalised and timely communication that avoids high-risk members and focuses on high-yield clients.

  • Take Action

    Unlock more revenue with smart recommendations. Get tips for automations and responses that will drive retention, win back ex-members - and boost your non-dues revenue.

  • Member Insights

    Make better business decisions with real-time data and predictive modelling. Track your new members, cancellations and net monthly movement - with forecasts of your future growth, based on AI predictive modelling that responds to any changes in your strategy and processes.

  • Member Revenue

    Track and predict your revenue for the next six months. Plan and achieve your financial goals, with revenue predictions for your monthly recurring and annual revenue - based on your account membership trends, seasonality, and any changes in strategy.

  • LTV

    Calculate and project your gym membership’s average Life Time Value. Align your team to track and improve LTV as a crucial KPI that reflects your gym’s operational improvements and overall increases in both your average membership duration and non-dues spend.

  • Connect Performance

    Track the engagement and impact of your communications. Start with traditional metrics like views, click rates and conversions - then check the impact on your Keepme Score to evaluate how your communications affect your membership's overall happiness and likelihood to stay.

  • Team Activity

    Track your team’s activity and impact on your members. Evaluate any changes in Keepme score as your staff interact with members to ensure they create happy experiences and maximise LTV. Check bookings, conversions, attendance, revenue and utilization data in one place.

  • NPS (Net Promoter Score)

    Send, track and aggregate surveys using advanced sentiment analysis to discover how your members feel about your fitness club’s products and services.

  • Keepme Connect

    Create hyper-personalised communication strategies that will engage more members, drive retention, increase your revenue - and improve customer lifetime value (LTV).

Keepme Connect

Target members and prospects with highly-personalized communications. Create, send and track announcements for club events and one-time offers in one place.

  • Included with every Keepme subscription.
  • Save time and deliver a consistent experience with templates.
  • Design and implement retention and sales strategies faster - with proven automations.
  • Create and customise member communications with ease.
  • Uncover and maximize ROI for each audience segment.

This is a great question and we're happy to answer it if you want to get in touch. The reason we don't have definitive pricing on the website is because every customer is different. Some have a single site and some have upwards of 250 in a franchise - naturally the costs for these different scenarios varies.

Keepme connects to all membership management systems, CRMs and booking apps that have an API.

We strongly advise every operator to insist on an API for every piece of gym software they integrate into their operations – and why we also recommend an audit of your current tools’ data capabilities.

No API? Ask the provider when this will be available. Ask specifically: “When is an API scheduled on the roadmap for delivery?”

Keepme's AI gym software functions as a predictive tool for your business, delivering highly accurate forecasts in various areas. Utilizing your data, we provide you with, including but not limited to, the following insights: Projected member retention for the next six months. Identification of specific members likely to discontinue their membership within six months. Sales forecast for the upcoming quarter. Membership projection by year-end. Identification of classes with the highest impact on gym membership retention. Assessment of leads with the highest likelihood of conversion.

Learn more about our Data Requirements here.


In general if your data silo has an API we can connect to it!

We're happy to discuss any systems you're using, simply contact us and we'll make sure the right data points exist for you to get the most value out of Keepme.

Yes! Keepme has a connection to key Whatsapp and SMS service providers allowing you to utilize these communication tools in your membership and sales automations.

You can learn more about how Keepme processes your data by visiting our data processing page.

Thanks to API technology Keepme can access and leverage your existing club membership data that our AI and machine learning technology uses to generate highly accurate predictions.

This information is then sent back to the club membership software, updating member records. This valuable API feature enables a two-way flow, keeping all data sources up-to-date, continuously enhancing insights through new combinations of data.

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