Win back canceled memberships without lifting a finger

Keepme helps you stay connected to your members, even after they’ve canceled their memberships. Drip feed your leavers with useful information and personalized offers to bring them back into the fold. 

Automate your win-back process to keep your leavers engaged 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let Keepme handle the heavy lifting – while giving your staff members the option to reach out manually when a more personal touch is required. 

A bulletproof win-back strategy means reaching out to your ex-members at the right times, with the right engagements. Keepme’s automations help you re-engage your leavers when they’re most likely to rejoin.

Want to know why your member left you and if they’ve joined a competitor? Stay clued into your member’s next move and find out how you can entice back into your club with automated exit surveys.




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Increase in win-back performance compared to previous process