Unlocking Excellence: Transforming Fitness Operations Through Keepme Academy and Embracing Learning in the Flow of Work

Fran Morgan, Keepme's Learning & Development Specialist, illuminates the profound impact of Keepme Academy, an integral component of the Keepme Platform. Join Fran and explore how fitness operators can strategically leverage this tool to elevate the knowledge, skills, and overall performance of their staff whilst using Keepme.
Francesca Morgan
Francesca Morgan
March 13th, 2024
Unlocking Excellence: Transforming Fitness Operations Through Keepme Academy and Embracing Learning in the Flow of Work

A transformative shift in knowledge transfer is absolutely critical as the fitness industry and the technologies that guide it continue to evolve. With AI and machine learning developing faster than the industry reshapes, traditional SaaS onboarding and platform learning methods need to radically adapt to accommodate the disparity between lightning fast technological advancement and the gentle upward curve of traditional fitness operations.

Workshops and extensive courses are becoming less effective in meeting the dynamic needs of fitness professionals readily adopting these new technologies, with schedules are already brimming with responsibilities.

As a dedicated Learning & Development specialist, my commitment lies in exploring innovative approaches to learning, with a particular focus on Digital Learning and Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Before we jump into the detail, here are a couple of handy definitions you might like to understand first:

    Just-in-time learning
    Just-in-time learning is acquiring knowledge or skills precisely when they are needed to perform a specific task or address a particular problem. Instead of extensive upfront training or education, it emphasizes immediate access to relevant information or instruction. This enables efficient filling of gaps in knowledge, adaptation to changing circumstances, and achievement of targeted and timely results without extensive prior preparation.
    Learning in the flow of work
    Learning in the flow of work involves seamlessly integrating educational activities into daily tasks and routines. Rather than setting aside dedicated time for learning, this approach embeds learning opportunities directly within the context of work activities. It uses tools and technology that provide instant access to information, guidance, and training resources while individuals are engaged in their regular duties.
    Learning in the flow of work vs Just-in-time learning
    While both approaches prioritise timely learning, learning in the flow of work emphasises integration into daily tasks, while just-in-time learning focuses on addressing immediate needs with specific knowledge or skills. Learning in the flow of work prioritizes the incorporation of learning resources and support directly within the workflow, without interrupting productivity. On the other hand, just-in-time learning often involves accessing targeted information or instruction quickly through resources like online tutorials or reference materials.
    Bitesize or micro learning
    Bitesize or micro learning involves breaking down educational content into small, easily digestible units that can be consumed in short periods of time. These learning modules are typically only a few minutes in length, ideal for busy individuals with limited time. Micro learning leverages concise and focused materials to deliver targeted information or skills efficiently. By providing learners with bite-sized chunks of content, micro learning enables them to engage in learning activities conveniently during brief intervals throughout their day, fostering continuous learning and retention of information over time.

Learning in the Flow of Work: A Strategic Paradigm Shift

The fundamental concept of learning in the flow of work revolves around seamlessly integrating educational opportunities directly into the daily tasks and activities of fitness professionals. This strategic shift recognises that traditional training methods, often involving separate and distinct learning sessions, may not always be the most effective or practical in the swiftly evolving landscape of fitness.

As evident in other industries, gone are the days of confining learning to dedicated time slots; staff members can now access relevant resources, videos, and courses within the familiar confines of their work environment.

This approach ensures that learning becomes an inherent aspect of their daily workflow, contributing not only to heightened productivity but also to continuous skill development.

It is with this in mind, our understanding of the hustle and bustle of fitness operations and feedback from the market, where challenges often demand immediate solutions, that Keepme Academy came into being. The Academy stands out with its implementation of 'just in time', self-paced, micro learning ensuring not only the adoption of, but optimal utlization of Keepme's features.

"While Keepme is designed to harness the vast capabilities of AI and machine learning, without the end-user requiring any technical knowledge or the need for an in-house data expert, we wanted to ensure the huge potential of its business intelligence could be quickly realised by new customers and implemented from day one of their implementation."

Hilary McGuckin MCIM
Director of Marketing, Keepme

Just-in-Time Learning: Meeting Real-Time Needs

Rapid challenges necessitate instant solutions. Keepme Academy empowers staff to tap into pertinent knowledge precisely when it's needed. This methodology stands in stark contrast to traditional approaches where individuals undergo lengthy training or education sessions that might not immediately align with their current duties and present a disruption to their daily task list.

Just-in-time learning ensures that knowledge remains not only pertinent but actionable, fostering effective decision-making on the spot.

Empowering Fitness Operators: The Multifaceted Benefits of Learning with Keepme Academy

Now, let's delve deeper into the numerous benefits that learning in the flow of work, facilitated by the Academy, brings to fitness operators and their teams.

Continuous Skill Development

  • The seamless integration of learning into daily routines ensures continuous skill development without disrupting operational activities.

Staff members are empowered to acquire new skills incrementally, contributing to a culture of ongoing improvement. This continuous development not only enhances individual capabilities but also positions fitness operations to adapt swiftly to industry advancements.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

  • A culture of continuous learning leads to higher levels of engagement and job satisfaction among staff.

The accessibility of learning resources within the workflow fosters a sense of empowerment, as employees are continually expanding their knowledge base. Engaged employees are more likely to stay motivated, contribute proactively, and become valuable assets to the organisation.

Improved Performance

As an integral part of the Keepme Platform, Keepme Academy provides access to a wealth of relevant learning resources.

This enables staff to acquire new knowledge and understanding of the system they are using and apply it directly to their roles within fitness operations, thereby enhancing overall performance. The practical applicability of acquired knowledge in real-time scenarios contributes to more effective decision-making. Improved individual performances aggregate to create a more efficient and effective overall operation.

Cost and Time Savings

Integrated into the Keepme Platform, the Academy reduces the need for off-site training sessions, minimising downtime and resulting in cost savings for fitness operators.

The convenience of accessing learning materials within the flow of work eliminates the logistical challenges and costs associated with traditional training approaches. Beyond the immediate financial benefits, this approach allows fitness operators to invest more strategically in targeted areas, thereby optimising their training budgets for maximum impact.

Data-Driven Insights: Capturing valuable data on staff learning activities, Keepme Academy provides actionable insights for continuous improvement. Fitness operators gain a comprehensive understanding of their team's learning preferences, strengths, and areas for development, enabling targeted interventions for optimal performance.

Data-driven insights also play a crucial role in shaping future training initiatives, ensuring they align with the evolving needs and preferences of the fitness workforce.

Bite-Sized Learning: Revolutionising the Learning Experience

Now, let's explore how bite-sized learning further enhances the learning experience.

Through digital bite size learning, individuals can effectively harness the power of the Keepme Platforms to elevate their engagement with leads or members. Mastery of the system doesn't require expertise in data science, as the Academy provides accessible guidance on leveraging data for your benefit.

In comparison to traditional lengthy learning sessions, Bite-sized Learning offers:

Adaptability: Bite-sized learning easily adapts to individual preferences, allowing staff to focus on specific topics based on immediate needs.

This adaptability ensures that learning remains relevant and tailored to the unique requirements of each team member. The ability to customise learning experiences fosters a sense of personal ownership and engagement among learners.

Engagement and Retention: Short, engaging learning sessions capture attention and foster higher retention rates among staff.

Bite-sized content is designed to be concise and impactful, maximising the effectiveness of learning experiences. The engagement factor is crucial, especially in a field like fitness where maintaining interest and motivation is paramount for continuous learning and skill development.

Integration into Workflow: Bite-sized learning seamlessly integrates into the daily workflow, supporting just-in-time learning to address real-time challenges effectively.

The modular nature of bite-sized content allows for flexibility, ensuring that learning activities align with the dynamic nature of fitness operations. Integrating learning seamlessly into daily tasks eliminates the need for separate learning sessions, making it a natural part of the daily routine.

Tech-Savvy Compatibility: Aligned with the tech-savvy nature of modern learners, Bite-sized learning is compatible with various devices and technologies.

This compatibility ensures accessibility, allowing staff to engage with learning materials using the devices that suit their preferences and work environments. The tech-savvy approach also aligns with the expectations of the modern fitness professional, accustomed to utilising digital tools for various aspects of their work.

Transforming Learning in Fitness Operations with Keepme Academy on the Keepme Platform

The integration of digital learning via Keepme Academy, as part of the Keepme Platform, coupled with bite-sized learning, provides a strategic advantage for fitness operators. By seamlessly integrating learning into daily workflows, embracing just-in-time learning approaches, and leveraging bite-sized content, organisations empower their teams to stay agile, informed, and effective in the dynamic fitness industry.

As the fitness landscape continues to evolve, embracing digital learning technologies, becomes essential for driving operational excellence and staying ahead. The future of learning is here, let's embrace it together and revolutionise the way fitness operators and their teams learn, grow, and succeed! This holistic approach not only positions fitness operations at the forefront of industry trends but also establishes a foundation for continuous improvement and excellence.

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