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Keepme brings a paradigm shift in measuring and improving health club member retention. The intelligent and comprehensive risk scoring allows you to clearly identify the attrition risk of specific members, as well as certain membership types, sites, regions, and the business as a whole. The range of action tools (ON-SITE, COMMUNICATE) empower staff to motivate members in real-time, and NPS and reporting evidence the effectiveness of instructors, creating a virtuous circle of retention best practice.

Fitness Industry Revolution Consultant & Author of Stick Around

Discover useful member data at a glance

Your Keepme Dashboard is retention radar on 'roids

All you need to do is import your member data into Keepme. Your AI then builds a unique model that accurately scores each and every member on their risk of leaving your club or gym.

Head to your Dashboard at any time to see where and how you should exert your retention efforts. You'll discover…

  • How member performance across multiple gym locations differs — So you can identify & improve lower-scoring locations
  • Whether or not attrition risk is higher in a particular demographic group — So you can reach out to that group
  • If members on one specific membership plan are more likely to drop out — So you can revise or re-work plans that aren't performing

Using these insights, your marketing and operation teams can optimise engagement plans, build finely targeted campaigns, and track the effects of their efforts on each member's Keepme score.
Goodbye, guesswork. Hello, results.

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Reach out at the right time with On-Site insights

See exactly who's working out now

Studies have shown that the right engagement at the right time can increase the possibility of a member staying by 50%. But with hundreds of members coming through the door every week, how is your team supposed to know who to connect with in person?

Keepme's On-Site mobile app solves that problem for you. Your coaches at each location can see every member who's working out in real time, along with their unique Keepme score.

Now everyone can quickly see which members would benefit from personalised and meaningful engagement — and you can even record any agreed actions within the app.

Plus, On-Site can inform specific floor staff when members who meet specific criteria are at the gym. For example, have your site manager automatically notified when a high-risk member walks through the door.

Maybe you can't give every single member personalised attention 24/7
— but you can make sure you're in touch with members who need your attention most.


How can Keepme help?

Keepme has given us not only full transparency on where we could improve member retention but also the tools to do so. We're able to handle all aspects of the business within a single platform which is productive for us. Most importantly, we've seen a double digit improvement over six months so we are delighted.

Michelle Thavasi
Managing Director, Vanda.Fit

Laser-target your re-engagement campaigns

And easily track your results

Did you know that some retention efforts can actually decrease member retention? On the surface, they look fantastic — but their poor targeting increases cancellations.

Not only does Keepme help you deliver laser-guided campaigns, it tracks their success. Let's look at two examples:

Your Keepme Dashboard reveals heavy attrition risk at two city locations among female members aged 25-44. With a few mouse clicks, you bring together every member who meets these criteria into a "moderate-risk" group.

After comparing this data with your other clubs, you decide to reschedule both gyms' women-only sessions from 9AM to 7:45AM, since working out before work may be more convenient for these members.

Next, using Keepme's integrated Retain tools, you drop in your thoughtfully crafted retention-focused email content. Keepme delivers your emails to moderate-risk members' inboxes — and you can easily track your results by comparing the combined retention scores of your selected moderate-risk group.

You've created a new membership renewal campaign, and now it's time to get the offer into the right hands. You have offers for each site location, and you've put together specific content to target each gender and age group.

Bringing these groups together in Keepme is straightforward — but that's not where the secret sauce is. In a few clicks, you can identify and target moderate-risk members with different content than low-risk and high-risk members.

Finally, to make sure you don't awaken any non-active members, you might specify that Keepme should only target members active in the last 30 days. There you have it: Maximum impact and exposure, with minimal risk of triggering cancellations.

Keepme's flexible "and/or" targeting allows you to target members based on attrition risk, their attendance record, or any other criteria or combination. Every campaign is laser-targeted to the members who need it most — and you can review what's working and what isn't for even better retention marketing next time.

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People-proof your retention programme

Automate your routines for set-it-and-forget-it retention

Sometimes, people are the only thing getting in the way of higher member retention. Effective retention involves many different approaches to ensure you're taking the right action at the right time across thousands of members.

Even your best intentions are no match for manually trying to retain your members! The unfortunate result of an un-automated retention programme is that members get overlooked, and eventually churn.

Keepme's Automate feature ensures that retention actions actually happen when they need to happen.

For example, you know that if members stop attending, their attrition risk rises and they're unlikely to renew when the time comes. With Keepme, you can build an intelligent routine that will monitor every day and deliver a "nudge" to any member that fits the criteria.

  • Let's say you want to "nudge" all members who haven't attended in the last two weeks, inviting them via SMS to return.
  • Then, for those not seen in the last three weeks, you can send an "Anything we can do to help?" email.
  • If a member has been inactive for four weeks, you might want to add that member's name to a call list, so their coach or trainer can check in personally.
  • That's how you can deal with non-attendance — but how about improving attendance for those attending less? No problem. Simply set conditional triggers, so if there is a reduction in average visits from month to month, you can automatically send a "Haven't seen you as often" message.

And let's not forget the power of encouragement. Consistent attendance should be celebrated! Why not automatically send SMS congratulations messages once a member hits 1 month of regular attendance?

Whatever your programme, you can define your criteria, set the messages you want to send, and be confident the right engagement will be sent to the right person at the right time, every time, every day.

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Take action on your Net Promoter Score (NPS®)

Set score ranges to auto-trigger actions

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is likely a fundamental part of your customer service research process. It's an essential way to find out your reputation among your customers — and fix any problems.

Now, you can use Keepme to act on NPS survey results. Along with the usual metrics (including scores by site, gender, age and location), you can easily decide what to do with each score. Maybe NPS "detractors" who score you from 0-6 are automatically sent to your member services team for action, and "promoters" who score you from 9-10 are passed to marketing for testimonial requests or referral campaigns. Whatever you choose, it's simple to configure.

We've also added sentiment analysis across every comment you receive. This not only gives you the opportunity to get a feel for how your customers really feel about you, but it opens up a new level of powerful insights.

With Keepme, every single survey comment is analysed and tagged automatically. Want to understand the driving sentiments around your facilities, classes, instructors, or membership policy? It's all there, grouped and analysed for you. Just one click takes you to specific comments, which are a gold mine of customer insight. With very little manual effort, you can transform survey responses into a better relationship with your members — whether you send 40 NPS surveys or 40,000.

Among other benefits, Keepme's sentiment analysis means you can actually DO something about "passive" scores (from 7-8). Since they're not promoters or detractors, these members often get ignored. But what if a member rates you an 8 with the comment, "Would have been a 9 but for the condition of the showers last week"? Keepme's sentiment analysis can automatically pick up that negative sentiment and alert member services for potential action.


Often, what limits NPS data collection is the survey capture process — because it relies on a human to send the survey. Not with Keepme!

Keepme ensures that you always maintain a 90-day gap between a completed survey and a new request — so you get the insights you need without bothering your members.

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Where are we headed?

Just a decade ago, the global health club industry possessed a temporary monopoly when people were deciding where and how they should become more physically active. An individual would commit to long-term membership and retention was a once-a-year communication. This monopoly has ended with consumers now enjoying abundant choice and so retention must now become a strategic imperative which is woven deep into the organisational culture.

I believe that those fitness organisations with a clear sense of purpose understand that long-term sustainability comes from harnessing compelling tools like Keepme that help to anticipate rather than react to member behaviour and which facilitate authentic and meaningful interactions.

Strategic business adviser and analyst to the global fitness industry

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