The AI-based revenue acceleration CRM for fitness operators

Blending artificial intelligence, operational tools and a unique automations engine, Keepme supercharges and streamlines your efforts to attract, retain and re-engage members.

Drive predictable revenue


Keepme Sales is an AI-driven gym sales CRM that gathers and scores leads, syncs information and manages data across all your customer-facing teams on your behalf, resulting in more powerful insights and communications that accelerate your revenue by maximizing new membership sales.



Keepme Membership builds predictive models that are unique to your organization, giving you a three-dimensional picture not only of who your customers are, but also what drives them. It tells you which members are at risk, targets crucial upsell opportunities and identifies referral candidates.



Whether it’s an email, text message, direct message or call, Keepme’s customer communication platform turns your data into powerful actions. By creating highly targeted automations to personalize your engagement touchpoints, it ensures your marketing, sales and member services teams drive maximum ROI from every interaction.


AI-powered innovation

Know what matters to your members before they do

By developing AI models that are unique to your business, Keepme transforms how you target, manage and engage your members. Leveraging the same AI and machine learning used by medical science, finance and counter-terrorism, Keepme evaluates millions of customer decisions to make confident predictions about what your members and prospects want, and how they will behave.

The risks and opportunities we identify are specific to your business, and are the vital cornerstone of a proactive, insight-based, results-focused strategy.

Defining opportunity

Keepme starts by identifying discrete areas of risk and opportunity within your data, drilling down to an individual member level to predict what’s next and where to focus your effort.

Creating strategy

Working behind the scenes, Keepme identifies and develops the optimal approach for your organization to drive new business, retain existing clients and recover ex-members.

Building automations

Armed with every data point within your business, Keepme creates member groups and develops unique automations to deliver powerful, targeted customer communications.

Optimizing solutions

Keepme evaluates every action taken by your team. Based on this, it identifies the perfect combination of actions – and actors – for maximum results, member retention and revenue opportunities.

You can also rely on us for...

Yield optimization

Tuned to your needs, Keepme’s revenue-focused AI engine digests every data point to ensure your business is always oriented towards optimal revenue yields.

Hassle-free data management

Keepme’s seamless integration with your member management, billing and communications platforms ensures your data is constantly updated with minimal manual input.

Instant, informed reactions

Scenario-based automations drive lightning-quick adjustments in response to any changes in customer behavior, ensuring you always make the right move at the right time.

Accurate forecasts

Based on your risk profile, KPIs and trends, Keepme constantly adjusts growth and revenue forecasting to give you the most accurate picture of where you’re headed

Data-based decisions

Intuitive, up-to-the-minute analytics ensure critical decisions aren’t made on stale data. It ensures you take action at the right time, every time.

Realtime Reporting
Data security

Data security is our utmost priority. We are certified and in compliance with global standards to ensure your valuable data is never at risk.

Integrations that power insight

Integrating with your existing technology stack, Keepme automatically and continually captures data activity that spans the entirety of your business. This 360° business insight is then processed and transformed into AI-powered intelligence to maximize revenue opportunities across every facet of your operation, from gym sales and forecasting to member engagement and retention.

Connected, efficient and continually learning, Keepme ensures every business decision you make is informed by data and evidence.