Introducing Keepme

The AI powered member retention tool that identifies the members at risk of leaving and showing you those who will be receptive to your engagement efforts.


Key Features

Discover unprecedented insights into where your member attrition risks are



Your retention radar – timely and accurate

We start with your member data to ensure the results are entirely tailored to you. Keepme then builds a unique model using Artificial Intelligence that accurately scores each and every one of your members on their risk of leaving your club.

With every member now having a score your dashboard springs to life giving you extensive insights so you can understand where your efforts should be applied for maximum impact.

How does performance across sites differ? When you drill down, is attrition risk higher in a particular demographic group? Are members on one specific membership plan looking more likely to move on compared with other membership offerings? Guesswork is eliminated when you have this level of detail.

Marketing and operation teams can optimise engagement plans, build finely targeted campaigns and all the time see the effect their efforts are having on their targeted member's Keepme score.



Remove guesswork from member engagement

It's common sense that retention efforts are best delivered when your member is on your premises. Indeed, studies have shown that the right engagement at the right time can increase the possibility of a member staying by X times; However, with hundreds if not thousands of members coming through the door every week, how can you equip your team with the intelligence on who they should make a deliberate point of engaging?

Keepme's On-Site solves that problem for you. Delivered as a mobile app for smartphone or tablet, each site can see every member who is on-site now along with their unique Keepme score. Now everyone can quickly see which members would benefit from personalised and meaningful engagement and even record any agreed actions within the app.

It's also easy to have specific floor staff informed when members meeting a specific category are on-site or maybe have the site manager automatically notified when a high-risk member walks through the door. It's perhaps not possible to engage every member that comes through the door, but with On-Site you can prioritse engagement to maximise the impact on retention with those you do.


Precision targeting, every time

Did you know your retention efforts can actually decrease member retention? We see it all the time. Campaigns that look fantastic but then through poor targeting actually increase cancellations.

Keepme changes this, not only helping you to deliver laser-guided campaigns, but also letting you see what success they are having on your target group. Let's look at two examples.

Keepme's dashboard has shown you have some heavy attrition risk at two city sites amongst female members aged 25-44. When compared with other clubs it has led to the decision to move the female only sessions from 9am to 7.45am, believing that before work may be more convenient. With a few mouse clicks, Keepme brings together every 'at risk' female aged 25-44 across the two sites into an at-risk group.

Now, using Keepme's integrated Retain tools, you drop in your beautifully crafted content and leave it to Keepme to get it to the correct inboxes. Is it working? With Keepme we can take a look at combined scores of our selected group and see what improvements have occurred.

A new membership renewal campaign has been agreed and now to get the offer into the right hands. We have offers for each site location and content to target each gender and age group. Bringing these groups together in Keepme is straighforward, but that's not where the secret sauce is. In a few clicks we have further targeted moderate-risk members with different content than the low risk and have totally excluded the high risk believing it wise to "let sleeping dogs lie". Now just to make sure we don't awaken any non-actives, so we add that we only want to target members active in the last 30 days. There it is! Maximum impact and exposure, minimal risk of triggering cancellations.

Whether you want to target members on attrition risk, their attendance record or any number of other criteria, you can do so, even combining or using "and/or" statements for added flexibility. With Keepme, every campaign is laser targeted, and every campaign can be reviewed allowing you and your teams to do more of what works and stop doing what doesn't!


Smart engagement, every time, every day

Ask us what gets in the way of good retention performance, and we will bluntly tell that sometimes it can be people! Good retention practice has many facets to ensure we are taking the right action at the right time across thousands of members. With the best will in the world, the manual nature of many activities results in members being missed or in many cases no action at all. That's why we built Automate, to give you the confidence that what needs to happen actually does. Let's look at another quick example:

We all know that if members stop attending, their attrition risk rises and we will be unlikely to see a renewal when the time comes. With Keepme we can build an intelligent routine that will monitor every day and deliver the required "nudge" to any member that fits the criteria. Let's say we would like to "nudge" with an SMS message all members that have not attended in the last two weeks.


Then for those not seen in the last three weeks, we want to send an "anything we can do to help" email. If we are at week 4 and still see no attendance from certain members we have to assume more direct action is required. So we send the member services or trainers to a call list of members meeting that criteria so they can check in with some personal contact.

That's the non-attendance but how about for those attending less? No problem. Conditional triggers based on that can be set so if there is a reduction in average visits month on the month you can have a " we haven't seen you as often."

Let's not forget the power of encouragement. Consistent attendance should be celebrated so how about SMS congratulations for a solid month or for three months of a regular attendance a certificate of achievement. Whatever your programme, you can set the criteria and be confident the right engagement will be sent to the right person at the right time, every time, every day.


All the value of NPS with added intelligence

For many businesses Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a fundamental part of their customer service strategy. The simplicity of the system can provide critical feedback and give some powerful feedback tools and help a business gain insight into challenges hurting retention potential.

Keepme has taken NPS and added some new features to turbocharge your efforts. Of course, you will see all the expected metrics such as score by site, gender, age and location. We've also got closing the loop covered, with user-set parameters on who should take action. So maybe NPS 'detractors' (scores of 0-6) are automatically sent to the member services team for action, and your 'promoters' (score of 9-10) are passed to marketing for testimonial requests or referral campaigns. Whatever your choice, you can configure it your way, quickly and easily.

Additionally, we've added sentiment analysis across every comment you receive. This not only gives you the opportunity to get a feel for how your customers really feel about you but it opens up a new level of powerful insights. Here are two examples of how this could work.

Many times NPS 'passives' (those scoring 7-8) are largely ignored. Not promoting but not detracting we have enough to work with it as it is. But what if they rate you an 8 but the comment is "would have been a 9 but for the condition of the showers last week". Keepme's sentiment analysis would automatically pick up the negative and alert member services for potential action.

With Keepme, every single comment is analysed and tagged automatically. You don't have to do a thing. This opens up a whole new opportunity for analysis. Want to understand what the sentiment is around your facilities, classes, instructors or membership policy? It's all there grouped for you, and just one click takes you to the specific comments which are great for decisions around specifics. With little manual effort, your 40 or 40,000 surveys can be transformed into powerful insights, letting you understand what customers like, dislike or are indifferent to!

Before we wrap up on NPS, let me tell you how Automate can make the NPS a breeze. Often what can limit NPS is the survey capture process, again relying on humans, but not with Keepme. At the most basic level, we can set that all members get an NPS at say 90, 180, 270 days within a calendar year. If they don't reply for example on 90 days, Keepme will resend on 120, but if they do, then it stays as planned. Effectively, Keepme ensures intelligently that a 90-day gap is always maintained between a completed survey and a new request. It doesn't stop there though. Let's say I have a PT session on day 85 and Automate sends me a quick transactional NPS via SMS asking me to score my experience. Keepme would intelligently ensure the survey request set for 90 days was moved to 120 days ensuring we are not too overwhelming on our invitations and maximising the opportunity to get responses.


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