10 Micro Strategies to Elevate Membership Sales via your CRM

Equip yourself with actionable insights that leverage the full potential of fitness CRM systems to drive gym sales, improve membership retention, and enhance overall business performance.

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What's Inside
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Extract more value from your CRM and boost membership sales with our in-depth ebook. Delve into 10 actionable strategies you can employ today, with a wide selection of approaches for each, and our pro tip for every strategy.

  • Capturing richer information on every potential joiner

    Capturing rich information on every potential joiner offers numerous benefits thanks to the resulting comprehensive profiles. Resulting in more effective marketing & higher conversion rates.

  • Adopting a firm calendar - Using set times for tours and trials

    Adopting firm booking times requires a strategic approach to ensure success, but can significantly improve operational efficiency, enhance member experiences, and boost sales conversion rates.

  • Scoring every lead based on likelihood to join

    Scoring each lead based on their propensity to join offers numerous benefits for gyms, enhancing marketing & sales efforts through focusing on leads with the highest likelihood to convert.

  • Instilling a reward and recognition dynamic early

    Instilling a reward and recognition dynamic early in the member journey significantly enhances gyms' member sales by creating an appealing and rewarding environment.

  • Showing them you know them - using a single customer view

    A centralized lead record or single customer view offers gyms enhanced efficiency, member acquisition, retention, and satisfaction by providing comprehensive member perspectives.

  • Using advances in AI to help you communicate like a sales titan!

    By leveraging AI, gyms can optimise their communication strategies, better meet the needs of potential members, and ultimately drive higher sales and growth through increased efficiencies.

Leverage social proof to boost gym sales

Gyms can leverage social proof to improve sales by effectively using testimonials, reviews, and success stories to build trust, credibility, and emotional connections.

  • Showcasing testimonials
  • Sharing success stories
  • Encouraging member participation
  • Informing your targeting decisions
  • Aligning with your marketing calendar

Switch things up with an omnichannel approach

To avoid overwhelming prospective members, gyms should adopt an omnichannel approach, by communicating across multiple platforms. An omnichannel approach integrates various communication and sales channels for a seamless, consistent member experience.

  • Diversifying communication channels
  • Segmenting audiences
  • Using automation tools
  • Monitoring engagement metrics
  • Taking advantage of alternative means of communication

Automate time sucking tasks and give yourself room to perform

A significant amount of sales staff's time is often dedicated to non-selling tasks. Automating time-consuming tasks enhances efficiency and allows more focus on member engagement and sales.

  • Implementing lead scoring systems
  • Automating email, WhatsApp, and SMS campaigns based on member behaviour
  • Reporting via automated data collection by adding the right tools to your CRM
  • Scheduling the booking of classes and staff shifts via automations