Keepme Roadmap: AI in fitness? That's so 2019, look what we're doing now!

Discover how Keepme, the ‘OG’ AI provider of member retention for fitness operators, has led the industry with five years of innovation. Here we explore Keepme's pioneering journey and unveil our exciting product roadmap, featuring cutting-edge developments in AI-powered solutions set to further transform fitness operations.
Matt McCallum
Matt McCallum
Keepme Roadmap: AI in fitness? That's so 2019, look what we're doing now!

We’re immensely proud to say Keepme has been at the forefront of this AI revolution in fitness. As the first fitness retention platform to integrate AI into the very bones of our product (from day one of our build) back in 2019.

Since then we have been through the learning curve, learning the hard lessons that needed learning, and consistently applying the benefits of that journey  where it matters most for our customers. Our extensive experience and continuous development have allowed us to build on and refine our solution. 

Keepme Product Roadmap: What We're Working On Now

Keepme facilitates a robust feedback loop with our customers and keeps a keen eye on industry movement, using these insights to develop and update our platform in a way that meaningfully incorporates the latest advancements in smart technologies. We are careful to eschew tick-box exercises and instead commit to delivering into where we learn or recognise there is a need for transformation. This commitment ensures that our clients always have access to cutting-edge tools and strategies that have measurable impact. But what does this innovation look like? And where is the Keepme roadmap headed?

Here’s what's coming...

Instant AI-Powered Reporting 📊

Imagine being able to generate detailed, instant reports by simply typing out your needs in plain language…For instance, you could request, "New members, per region, per site for the last 30 days," and voila! A beautifully formatted report appears, complete with an option to download the data.

This groundbreaking feature will let users save these reports as templates, schedule them for regular email delivery, and access real-time data with ease - like having a personal data assistant that knows exactly what you need, when you need it!

Enhanced Lead Scoring and Smart Upselling 🧠

In the last year, we took our smart technology and AI expertise to new heights with the introduction of smart lead scoring, resulting in every lead being instantly scored on the probability of signing up. 

But we’re not stopping there. Later this year, we’re expanding this expertise to upselling and personal training (PT). This means fitness operators will be able to pinpoint members who are likely to purchase additional products and services. By integrating these insights with our automation features, operators can consistently create new opportunities for growth and engagement. 

Sales and Member Retention Oracle 🔮

The Sales and Member Retention Oracle is a groundbreaking tool soon to be integrated within Keepme. This powerful assistant will leverage a Large Language Model trained on thousands of academic papers, books, blog posts, and white papers, offering users deep insights into membership sales, fitness retention, CRM best practices, and more.

Going above and beyond anything you can generate from ChatGPT, or any other open-source LLM, Oracle (name TBC) will be trained specifically with fitness industry expertise ensuring the highest possible relevancy. Oracle will provide instant, evidence-based recommendations, backed by decades of best practices from both the commercial and academic worlds.

The Engage Module:
A Leap Forward in Campaign Automation 🗣️

Prepare to revolutionize your marketing efforts with the Engage module, a significant leap forward in campaign automation. This innovative tool will allow operators to specify their target audience in simple terms, such as "all members who have been members for longer than 90 days, have attended in the last 30 days, and have not provided an NPS below 8."

With this information, Keepme will then build and automate tailored campaigns, giving operators the flexibility to add content and set the campaigns in motion effortlessly. This reflects our commitment to making your campaigns smarter, more efficient, and highly effective!

At Keepme, we stand out as the only provider innovating at this rapid pace. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures that our customers will experience increased benefits over the next twelve months and beyond. We are confident that partnering with Keepme will be a decision our customers will celebrate as we consistently deliver new features and advancements

Hilary McGuckin
Global Director of Marketing

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