5 New Fitness Brands To Use Keepme

Are you a fitness operator looking to enhance your member retention strategies? Discover how Keepme's latest AI-powered CRM is revolutionizing the way health and fitness clubs manage their members. Partnering with renowned brands worldwide, Keepme is here to empower your gym with cutting-edge technology and personalized care.
5 New Fitness Brands To Use Keepme

Keepme has been working hard to deliver our AI-powered member retention software to health and fitness operators. We are thrilled to share the latest version of Keepme with our new partners to help improve and transform the way they manage member retention.

We’re extremely proud to introduce the following fitness brands, spanning across North America, Europe & APAC, who will be utilizing Keepme for their very own member retention strategies.

Virgin Active Thailand

Virgin ActiveVirgin Active, established in 1999, has hundreds of clubs in 8 countries and spans four continents. They are marked out by their commitment to constant innovation, working with expert fitness instructors and maintaining top-quality clubs. Despite having over 1.4 million members they see each member as unique and requiring “care, respect and attention”.

Fabryka Formy

FabrykaFabryka Formy is one of the leading fitness club providers in Poland. Part of the Benefit Systems subsidiaries, currently a total of 139 clubs are active which include, Calypso, Zdrofit and Fabryka Formy. They boast a friendly environment, enthusiastic and experienced instructors, and a fun atmosphere that’s great for building members’ confidence.

Ontario Racquet Club

ORCOntario Racquet Club is Canada’s leading family-centered health, wellness and sports club. This family-friendly facility offers services second to none, with every member always “welcomed with a smile.”

Hockessin Athletic Club

The Delaware, US-based athletic club is a “health-conscious and fitness-focused” community. Founded by Bob Carpenter in 2007, a big part of its success is attributed to its ability to focus on the needs of individual members whilst fostering a strong, positive sense of community.

Willows Health

Willows Health & Lifestyle CentreWillows Health is Australia’s leading health and lifestyle center, offering activities that inspire the members to achieve their health, fitness and wellness goals in a supportive environment.

As our customer community continues to grow, we look forward to helping more fitness operators boost their member retention.

If you are interested in working with Keepme, get in touch. We’ll show you how you can take control of your member retention.

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