Join My Talk at AusActive!

As some of you may know, this will be my second year speaking as part of AusActive’s Aus Fitness Expo and I’ve got a great session lined up for you. Here’s a preview of what you can expect.
Join My Talk at AusActive!

 As some of you may know, this will be my second year speaking as part of AusActive’s Aus Fitness Expo and I’ve got a great session lined up for you. Here’s a preview of what you can expect.

Since I was last on the same stage, many things have changed…

On the technology side, AI has become a household word with the introduction of ChatGPT, in fact, we have seen AI universally understood by the masses and a desire to utilize it in its many forms at an all-time high! Of course, it would be remiss of me not to mention wearables and the big tech players continuing to make big moves, as their new ways of utilizing our psychological data have become even more mind-blowing and instrumental in supporting our wellness.

As a sector, we are still seeing diversification across offerings from new variations of hybrid memberships to ecosystems expanding into wellness and more mental health-led programs. Then there’s the Aussie-founded franchise brands taking on the world with programming and in-person member experiences getting even more refined! However, unfortunately, a consistent thread and bugbear remains…even as we are all immersed in an exciting sector that is ever-evolving and witnessing the same huge advancements in technologies, we are still seeing the same limitations in marketing and sales processes.

So during my talk, rather than presenting you with visions from the future, I am going to deep dive into the technology that is available and at your fingertips right now. I’m going to take you back to my roots, from how I started my career to how I moved into the fast-paced world of fitness marketing.

We’re going to dig into how you can transform your marketing outputs and strategy with incredible ways you can gain deeper understanding of your members, plus smarter, more segmented ways in which we can engage with them. We’ll also look at how, with today’s technology you can unlock the potential to achieve seamless, targeted, hyper-personalized member journeys, without you even having to lift a finger. 

This one goes out to all the marketeers out there…

So to all the fitness marketeers and member experience teams out there – I want to talk about how today’s tech can actually help you! Aspects of what I am going to deliver will of course benefit the members you have or prospects you engage with, but I’ll be focussing on you. Your hurdles, your restrictions and the parts of your day which you may not dread, but you certainly aren’t loving. 

I am sure you didn’t join this exciting, life-changing sector, to be pulling spreadsheets or sending follow-up emails, right? Me neither, but in my first few years as an operator I was doing just that, which is pretty remarkable given I barely knew what CTRL-Z meant. So, together we’ll be addressing those arduous, manual tasks, and time-consuming projects you dedicate your energy to day-in-day-out. I’ll be drawing on some use cases from the world’s most exciting fitness brands and show you why maybe one of the biggest challenges you are facing, is now easier than ever to achieve. 

Stop hitting snooze on your member journeys!

Want to learn how to finally create that member journey you’ve been dreaming of? No sweat, I’ll be covering that too, presenting you with actual solutions and processes you can implement today.

I truly believe there has never been a better time to be in fitness marketing as we can finally start delivering the member journeys that we have always wanted to. We can do it in a way that’s super personalized, automated and scalable, so your member experiences can drill deeper as your business grows, teams change and offerings expand. 

So, with all that in mind, I look forward to seeing you all in the crowd, where we will start at the very beginning, with the reason I created this preview…you. 

If this sounds up your street then this is the keynote session for you! 

Can’t make it? Grab a slot in my calendar and I’ll give take you through your very own private sitting of my keynote session and answer any questions you have. 

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