Keepme v3 – New Features Coming Soon

Discover the latest release from Keepme, the industry's leading CRM software provider for fitness studios. Keepme V3 introduces game-changing features, streamlined automations, and a bleeding-edge AI collaboration. Get ready for an enhanced user experience and unparalleled gym management capabilities.
Keepme v3 – New Features Coming Soon

In January 2023, we began planning the latest Keepme release. As a company, we already provide more updates and enhancements than any other provider in the industry, but we felt it was time for a significant release. One that would enable us to introduce major new features and refine our existing offerings. While we didn’t invest much time in the name of this new release – Keepme V3 – we did dedicate our efforts to determining what it would include. We gathered feedback from hundreds of conversations we had with customers to ensure we would be incorporating features and improvements that would deliver the most impact and return on investment for you.

With research and customer engagement completed, production for Keepme v3 began two weeks ago, with over 3000 hours of development time allocated that will introduce 31 new features and a user-interface refresh. 

Keepme V3 is scheduled for early July, and we are thrilled about what it will offer. Here are some of the key features to look out for:

Automations are a crucial component of Keepme that many customers rely on for managing actions and engagements around the clock. In Keepme V3, we have made significant improvements to the automation system, making it simpler to set up and easier to manage.

Duplicate Actions

Keepme’s automation tools now have a new duplicate-action feature that simplifies the process of creating member or lead journeys. With this feature, users can easily duplicate actions that have the same set of filters. This feature is particularly helpful for creating complex automations that involve repeating filters, saving you time and effort.

Reorder Actions

In the past, when a mistake was made within an automation’s actions, users had to rebuild the entire automation from scratch. With Keepme V3 users will have the option to rearrange the order of actions within an automation with no rebuild necessary.

Automation and Campaign Filters

Keepme V3 introduces a filter enhancement feature that assists users in determining if their automation or campaign is directed toward the correct audience. This feature includes concise descriptions for each filter, aiding users in better comprehending their options. Additionally, Keepme provides the flexibility to enable or disable filters based on customer needs

Audience Estimation 

To ensure that the automation is reaching the intended audience and functioning correctly, users can now view the leads or members that will receive the automation action before it is activated. This feature allows you to detect any issues with the filters used in the automation, preventing mistakes or errors from affecting a large number of leads or members. Keepme V3 enables you to make any necessary adjustments to the automation ensuring you are targeting the correct audience.

Keepme Form Manager

Keepme V3 delivers an upgrade that provides users with a more user-friendly interface, improved design options, and enhanced customization capabilities. With these upgrades, you can create visually appealing forms that align with your brand identity. Additionally, the new form manager includes survey features, such as Likert scale rating questions, providing you with more in-depth insights into your customers’ opinions. Furthermore, the form manager can be easily embedded into websites, making it simpler for you to integrate forms into your club’s website.

A/B Testing

Keepme’s A/B testing feature will enable you to create two distinct versions of a campaign. For example, you will be able to create two different email designs or subject lines and send them to a sample of your audience. The results of each version are then analyzed to determine which one performs better, with the winning version sent to the rest of your chosen audience. By employing this A/B testing methodology, Keepme users can optimize the effectiveness of their campaigns and improve customer engagement rates.

New Keepme Design

The new Keepme design provides you with an improved user experience through a range of features, including a full-screen option, a mobile-friendly user interface, and optimized performance across the platform. The updated Keepme UI offers customers a more consistent and efficient experience, regardless of the device you are accessing it from.

There are plenty more exciting developments from Keepme, including a significant one that we can’t reveal just yet. However, we can provide you with a clue as to its direction…

As you know, Keepme has always been a leader in utilizing AI effectively in the fitness industry. For example, the Keepme score has demonstrated remarkable accuracy in predicting member retention, with over 95% accuracy. Furthermore, we have been more than just mere spectators of the exciting ChatGPT developments. In fact, we have been actively collaborating with them since June 2022. In my next communication, I’ll be thrilled to share with you how you’ll be able to incorporate it into V3 and benefit from its cutting-edge technology. Stay tuned!

Ian Mullane
CEO, Keepme

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