2023 - A Year in Review

As we prepare to bid adieu to the year gone by, we invite you to revisit the gems that graced our blog - a testament to the dedication, passion, and tireless pursuit of excellence that define both our team and our community. Join us as we reminisce, celebrate, and honor the milestones and wisdom that have marked our collective journey through 2023.
Hilary McGuckin
Hilary McGuckin
December 8th, 2023
2023 - A Year in Review

Reflecting on the passing year often feels like leafing through a well-worn book, each page brimming with stories, insights, and experiences that shaped our journey. As we stand at the threshold of a new year and a new chapter, it's the perfect moment to pause, look back, and celebrate the milestones that lit our path.

At Keepme, 2023 has been a tapestry woven with threads of knowledge, inspiration, and shared passions. From the people we have met at events to the customers we talked to and brought on board, each one of you has inspired us. Our content is testament to that. Inspired by you, it has evolved into a treasury of invaluable guidance, a compass for fitness operators, trainers, and gym owners leading toward success.

As we embrace the dawn of a new year, let's take a nostalgic stroll through the corridors of our most read blog articles from 2023. Dive into this retrospective - a tribute to the lessons learned, the milestones conquered, and the wisdom gained throughout this remarkable year.

WhatsApp Best Practice Guide

The essence of the fitness world lies in fostering relationships. From the special rapport a personal trainer shares with a trainee to the sense of unity among gym enthusiasts, nurturing these bonds is paramount.

This is where WhatsApp steps in: a world-famous messaging platform revolutionizing communication for fitness managers, gym proprietors, and promotional teams. Boasting a user base of over 2 billion and still growing, WhatsApp presents a golden chance for fitness experts to elevate their interactions with members and potential clients.

Dive into the world of WhatsApp engagement and discover how it can revolutionize your gym’s member and prospect interactions.

Email Best Practice Guide

Understanding the importance of email marketing is one thing; implementing it effectively is another. That's where our "Best Practice Guide to Boosting Gym Email Engagement Rates" comes into play.

This comprehensive guide is tailored specifically for fitness operators, gym marketing managers, and anyone looking to maximize the ROI from their fitness email marketing campaigns.

How To Generate Leads With Ai in the Fitness Industry

Unlock the power of AI in lead generation for the fitness industry. Dive into our comprehensive guide on leveraging artificial intelligence to revolutionize lead management, personalized outreach, and accurate sales forecasting.

Discover how AI streamlines operations, drives conversions, and maximizes profits in this dynamic fitness landscape.

10 Big Problems Keepme Solves

We've engaged with fitness operators worldwide to understand the challenges they face in consistently delivering excellent member experiences and achieving predictable revenue growth.

Dive in to discover how AI partnered with automation is the answer to the most prevalent pain points gym operators experience today.

How Can AI Help With Membership Engagement And Retention?

Discover how AI revolutionizes membership engagement in the fitness industry. Explore the power of AI-driven personalization and data analytics, transforming interactions with members.

Learn how leveraging advanced technology reshapes member experiences, fostering loyalty and community within fitness centers like never before.

Improving Member Engagement in Your Gym

Uncover the secrets to gym membership engagement with AI. Dive deep into practical techniques converting theory into action.

Explore the synergy between zero-party and first-party data, and how AI's personalization revolutionizes interactions. Learn the strategies shaping loyalty, retention, and thriving gym communities.

One Source of Truth - Consolidating Data in Fitness for Better Engagement

Learn more about the power of unified data for engaging gym leads and members. Dig in to hear how data consolidation enhances personalized interactions, transforming prospects into lifelong customers.

Discover the pivotal role of AI in crafting tailored engagement strategies that cultivate enduring relationships in the fitness industry.

How to Calculate Your Membership Retention Rate

In the competitive fitness industry, retaining members is crucial. Acquiring new members is costly, making retention more profitable.

The piece delves into calculating Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Membership Retention Rates. It emphasizes the importance of retained members, offering tips to boost retention, and highlights AI's role in predicting and improving retention.

👉 Industry calculators inside!

Automation: The Missing link for Fitness Operators?

The article points out the prevailing disparity between industry discussions on improving club performance and the lack of implementation in actual practice, especially regarding marketing automation.

We argue that human resources are often misallocated to tasks that could be efficiently handled by technology, emphasizing the need to shift focus towards automated processes, drawing parallels to industries like banking, which evolved due to automation.

How Fitness Operators Are Using AI to Identify, Attract and Convert High Value Members in 2023

This article delves into how AI is transforming the fitness industry by identifying, attracting, and converting high-value, committed gym members. We highlight the importance of retention in the post-COVID recovery period, especially amidst challenges like rising energy costs and financial strain.

The focus is on strategies where AI plays a pivotal role in recognizing and engaging high-adherence members, contributing to increased revenue and better long-term relationships.

And finally...

And last but not least, we couldn't let our Best Practice Guide to Building Meaningful Reports go unmentioned! It hasn't been live long enough to rank in 2023's top 10 pieces of Keepme content but something tell us it will be right up there very soon!

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