The Smartest WhatsApp Integration for Fitness Operators

We're committed to helping your gym thrive in the digital age that’s why our smart Sales and Membership platforms include a powerful WhatsApp for Business integration – the ultimate tool to supercharge your gym's acquisition rates, boost member engagement and rekindle lost connections.

  • Send direct personalized messages
  • Bulk send messages to segmented groups
  • Set up on-brand message templates
  • 24 hour window to free type respond
  • A/B testing

Customization Unleashed:
Smarter Automation for Gym Messaging
That Resonates

Hyper-Personalization At Scale

Leverage the smart insights from Keepme Membership to trigger messages to members at risk of churning, or personalize ancillary offers based on their zero-party preferences - that’s the luxury information they volunteer about their interests and goals.

Automated WhatsApp Messages

Whether you want to nurture fresh leads or activate dormant members, choose from a diverse range of tried and tested options or easily build WhatsApp automations that precisely fit your needs.

Ensure your gym contacts get the right message at the right time, on a platform you know they engage with.

A/B Test Your Messages

Unsure which approach to go with? Still working out what resonates with your audience?

Choose to deploy two variations of the same message template. Run your campaign then leverage the insights for future campaigns.

Next-Generation Messaging For Fitness Operators

WhatsApp Messaging that looks after your audience and your brand.

  • Keep Members & Prospects Engaged

    Keeping your existing members and your potential gym sales engaged is crucial for your club’s bottom line.

    With Keepme’s WhatsApp for Business integration you can effortlessly update your audience on new classes, promotions, and exciting developments at the club. It's your secret weapon for building a strong, connected community.

  • Prevent Spam, Elevate Brand Reputation

    Safeguarded, template-driven approach reduces the risk associated with sending potentially ‘spammy’ messages, enhancing your gym's brand reputation.

    Ensure your sales and marketing teams provide consistently excellent member experiences while representing your fitness brand in the best possible way. No more spamming – just authentic, value-driven interactions.

  • Win Back Past Members with a Personal Touch

    Rekindle relationships with past members who've fallen off the fitness wagon.

    Keepme’s WhatsApp for Business integration allows you to send tailored messages, reminding them of your gym's offerings, exclusive deals, and personalized fitness plans. It's the perfect way to win back their loyalty.

Get Your Exclusive Guide to WhatsApp Best Practices 🎉

Dive into our live Notion-hosted guide where you'll learn how to leverage this powerhouse marketing channel & turn personalized member communications into gold.

Why Fitness Operators Should Leverage WhatsApp

Unlock smarter gym member engagement and increased gym sales with Keepme's WhatsApp for Business integration. Let's dive into the reasons why your club should leverage this powerhouse marketing channel.

    98% Message
    Open Rates

    WhatsApp messages have an open rate of over 98%*, making it one of the most effective channels to reach your gym's audience.

    *Mailchimp, 2023

    Save $$$ on
    Gym Marketing

    WhatsApp for Business offers an incredibly cost-effective marketing solution, which could substantially reduce your SMS and email marketing expenditure.

    Conversion Rates

    Gyms that use WhatsApp for Business could experience a massive upswing in conversions when compared to traditional marketing communication channels.

    Statista, 2023

    Meet Members
    Where They Are

    75%* of adults prefer communicating with businesses in a manner similar to how they chat with friends and family, with 64% of WhatsApp users agreeing that the app fosters a personal connection to businesses.

    *McKinsey & Company, 2023

    Secure and Compliant
    Gym Communications

    WhatsApp for Business partnered with Keepme provides a secure and compliant gym messaging facility. Using end-to-end encryption, messages between your gym and your contacts are private and most importantly, secure.

    Verified Profiles Build
    Trust In Your Brand

    Businesses with verified profiles are more likely to gain the trust of potential customers and members as users are more likely to interact with businesses they perceive as credible and legitimate.

    Nielsen, 2023
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