'How Do I Get Gym Sales?': Optimizing Your Gym's Sales Process

How to get more gym sales is a question we hear all the time. We're here to offer an in-depth answer to that very question.
Hilary McGuckin
Hilary McGuckin
April 15th, 2024
'How Do I Get Gym Sales?': Optimizing Your Gym's Sales Process

TL;DR: Boost gym sales by automating lead capture, employing strategic re-engagement tactics, and tailoring communication based on lead scoring. Efficient use of CRM and smart analytics helps refine marketing strategies and lower acquisition costs, while personalized offers and a data-driven sales playbook enhance member conversion and retention.

The harsh reality is that achieving outstanding gym sales figures is less about the charm or skill of your sales team, and more about the precision of your sales process. People are impatient and demand instant gratification - your gym prospects are no exception. So if your sales process isn't hitting the mark, your lead conversion rate certainly never will. So what's the answer to getting more of those all important gym sales?

The real key to success lies in a disciplined approach to your club's sales. One where your tech stack and your strategy play pivotal roles in boosting operations - creating the ideal foundation for more reliable, frequent gym sales. This article delves into the essence of optimizing your gym's sales process, focusing on a methodology that combines the potential of digital tools with a structured strategy to drive significant improvement in membership signups.

Embracing Automation for Lead Capture

The significance of capturing every lead automatically

Capturing every lead is crucial in your gym sales process. The mantra, if you will, is clear: miss a lead, miss an opportunity. We don't need to tell you that each and every interaction holds the potential for a new membership, or what that means for your monthly recurring revenue. Catching and interacting with every lead is where so many gyms fall short. We get it! There's so much to do and never enough time in the day or man power to action it....or is there?

The solution lies not in expanding manpower but in harnessing technology to ensure no lead goes uncaptured.

Automated lead capture systems are game-changers in this respect. They provide a robust framework that seamlessly captures information across all touchpoints. Whether a potential member walks into your gym, sends an email, or explores your services online, automation ensures their details are securely and promptly recorded. This approach eliminates the risk of human error and oversight, offering a fail-safe mechanism to keep your lead pipeline full and flowing.

Tools and strategies for efficient lead capture

To maximize gym sales, employing the right tools and strategies for lead capture is essential. From customized forms on your website to integration with social media platforms, technology can funnel leads directly into your sales process.

Let's take a quick look at digital tools and tactics that streamline lead capture, making it a cornerstone of your gym's sales strategy.

  • CRM Integration: Centralize all potential gym sales information by integrating your website, email, and social media lead capture sources with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This allows for a unified database that is easily accessible and manageable, paving the way for personalized follow-ups ...👉 shameless plug, but that's exactly what Keepme's sales features do.

  • Online Forms and Landing Pages: Utilize smart forms on your website and targeted landing pages to capture lead information. These tools can be designed to collect specific data, offering insights into what prospects are looking for and how best to engage them.

  • Chatbots and AI: Implement chatbots on your website to interact with visitors in real-time. These bots can answer common queries, guide users through your offerings, and capture contact details for further follow-up, all without needing human intervention. If you need an example, we're using one right now that does just that!

  • Social Media Integration: Tap into the power of social media by using tools that integrate with platforms like Facebook and Instagram, allowing you to capture leads directly from these channels. For instance, Facebook Ads Manager can be a potent tool for gyms, offering an easy way for prospects to express interest right within the platform.

  • Implement Whatsapp: Campaign Monitor reports only 20% of emails are ever opened compared to 99% of WhatsApp messages so create a call to action on your website and place decals on your venue's windows encouraging passers by and interested parties to sign up to your gym's WhatsApp marketing to receive exclusive joining offers and free trials. Then when you come to market to that database, you'll have a very receptive audience!

Automating Gym Lead Capture: A Strategy for Growth

The decision to integrate automation into your gym's lead capture and management processes marks a pivotal shift from operational efficiency to strategic expansion. Your gym automation transformation will not only streamline workflows but done right, it will throw open the doors to enhanced member engagement and more conversion opportunities. When every prospect is meticulously recorded and funnelled into a dedicated follow-up sequence, whether they've come from social media or completed a form, the probability of converting casual enquiries into committed members skyrockets.

Remember we started this article by pointing out the obvious? How each and every one of us as consumers has a short attention span that demands instant gratification? Long story short - timing really is everything and you simply can't respond at the pace required if you're doing it manually.

Gym automation partnered with smart lead scoring is precision relationship that ensures that your gym's sales efforts are concentrated on leads with the highest potential, optimizing both time and resources.

Focusing on High-Value Engagements

Automation liberates your sales team from the monotony of manual data entry and the risk of human error, allowing them to dedicate more time to what they do best: engaging with prospects and closing sales. Through automated systems, leads can be quickly classified according to their potential value, ensuring that your team prioritizes interactions that are most likely to result in new memberships. This targeted approach not only increases the efficiency of your gym team's membership sales process but also enhances the experience of potential members, making them feel seen, valued and understood from their first point of contact.

Leveraging Analytics for Insightful Decision Making

But gym automation doesn't end with efficiency - it offers a treasure trove of data that can fuel strategic decision making. Advanced analytics and reporting functionalities provide an in-depth look at which lead sources are performing best, how prospects are engaging with your content, and where there are bottlenecks in the conversion process.

If we're honest, this is where many existing fitness sales software fall short - not enough analytics and subpar reporting. In fact, what we've learned though extensive market consultation and direct from our customers, is that many fitness operators don't know what their gym sales solution isn't telling them, coming to accept basic data as 'as good as it gets' and never seeing the return on their investment.

The truth is, this wealth of information is instrumental in refining your marketing and sales tactics and without it, you can't learn, pivot or iterate on what's working...or scrap what's not. Meaning more hard earned $$$ spent on promotions that go nowhere. By understanding the nuances of your gym's lead generation and management processes, you can make informed adjustments that resonate with your target audience, enhance your gym's market position, and secure a competitive edge.

Continuous Optimization for Sustainable Growth

In a landscape as dynamic as the fitness industry, the ability to adapt and evolve is crucial for long-term success. Automation equips gym owners and managers with the agility needed to respond to changing market trends and customer preferences. By continuously analyzing performance data, gyms can iterate on their strategies, tailoring their offerings and communications to meet the evolving needs of their audience. This ongoing optimization process ensures that your gym not only attracts new members but also retains them, fostering a loyal community and driving sustainable growth.

Crafting a Seamless Membership Sales Playbook

The Need for a Clear, Step-by-Step Sales Playbook

The clarity and efficiency of your gym's sales process can make or break your success in converting prospects into loyal, fee-paying members. A meticulously crafted sales playbook stands at the heart of this process, serving as a comprehensive guide for your sales team. This playbook should detail every conceivable step from the moment a potential member shows interest to the point where they sign up, and beyond. The objective is to create a roadmap so intuitive and detailed that it leaves no room for ambiguity or error, ensuring a smooth journey for both your sales team and your prospects.

Creating such a playbook requires a deep understanding of your gym's unique value proposition, the typical journey of your customers, and the specific touchpoints that can influence their decision-making. It involves outlining the most effective communication strategies, the timing of follow-ups, the handling of objections, and the finalization of the sale. This document should not be static; it must evolve based on ongoing learnings and feedback, ensuring it remains relevant and effective in guiding your team to success.

Incorporating Data and Feedback to Refine the Playbook

A dynamic, data-driven approach is essential for the continuous improvement of your membership sales playbook. Every interaction with a gym prospect generates valuable data: what caught their interest, what concerns or lifestyle goals they had, what ultimately led them to join or not. Collecting, analyzing, and acting upon this zero-party data ensures that your sales strategies remain aligned with the real needs and preferences of your gym's target audience. Furthermore, feedback from both your successful and unsuccessful gym sales tactics provides critical insights into the effectiveness of each step in your playbook.

To refine your playbook, consider incorporating tools and technologies that can capture and analyze customer interactions and feedback in real time. This could include CRM software, customer surveys, and analytics platforms that track engagement and conversion metrics. By systematically reviewing this data, you can identify patterns and trends that reveal what's working and what's not. This might lead to adjusting your approach to initial contact, refining your follow-up strategies, or even reevaluating the training and resources provided to your sales team.

Continuous Evolution for Maximum Impact

The ultimate goal of your membership sales playbook is to ensure a seamless, efficient, and highly personalized sales process that resonates with your prospects. As your gym grows and the market changes, your playbook should adapt to reflect new learnings, incorporate innovative sales techniques, and address emerging challenges. Regularly scheduled reviews of the playbook with your club's sales team, coupled with ongoing training and development, will ensure that everyone is equipped with the knowledge and skills to execute it effectively.

Moreover, encourage a culture of feedback and continuous improvement within your team. Sales representatives should feel empowered to contribute their insights and suggestions based on their day-to-day experiences. This collaborative approach not only enhances the playbook but also fosters a sense of ownership and engagement among team members, driving them to achieve and exceed their sales targets.

Differentiating Your Gym Sales Leads

Understanding the value of lead scoring

Not all of your gym's leads are created equal, and recognizing this is key to maximizing your membership sales. Lead scoring helps prioritize prospects based on their likelihood to convert and their potential value to the gym. But what does likelihood to convert look like? It's different for every CRM and lead scoring software out there but here's a quick look:

Take Hubspot's predictive lead scoring for example. It scores prospects based on how 'influenced' they have been by your organisation and thus how positively they have interacted with your website, your downloadable guides, the videos you host and the emails you have sent them. The more time served + engagement with your assets = higher likelihood to convert in the next 90 days - expressed as percentage.

Keepme's smart lead scoring uses a marriage between machine learning, time-decay modelling and positive interactions with your sales communications, categorising your leads as strong, medium, and weak prospects, with a such a degree of accuracy that our customers report an average conversion rate increase of 60%.

Tailoring approach based on lead priority

With a clear understanding of lead scoring, gyms can tailor their approach to different segments, enhancing the effectiveness of their gym sales strategy. Whether it's personal outreach for high-priority leads or automated marketing for lower-priority prospects, the playbooks or custom sales processes you build to triage and engage your prospects based on their score, are all but guaranteed to make a marked improvement in your member acquisition rate.

Streamlining Lead Allocation with Technology

The role of gym sales software in lead allocation

We mentioned custom sales processes above - let us elaborate.

Efficient lead allocation is essential for a well-oiled, fruitful gym sales process. Automating emails or text messages regardless of where the lead came from, the demographics of the person who enquired, or the preferences they submitted in the lad capture form, is one thing ... but tailoring your approach based on past performance and experience of your sales team is key!

For example, you could funnel all leads from the over 50 age category to that member of your team (of a similar age bracket) who has an empathetic knack for selling your club's USP and converting prospects on the spot during their tour. Or sending all instagram leads (of a particular generation) to your head PT who doubles as a sales exec and is well known on the 'gram for the competitions he regularly attends and wins. See where we're going with this? Your teams' strengths and your prospects demographic patterns and preferences by lead source can be mapped and leveraged. You simply need to figure them out ... that's the hard part over. Then it's over to the technology!

Sales software can automatically distribute the right gym leads to the right team members based on parameters you build, ensuring prompt follow-up on the appropriate channel - maximizing your chances of conversion.

Analyzing and Optimizing Lead Sources to Lower Acquisition Costs

Identifying High-Performing Lead Sources

For any gym looking to optimize its marketing budget and maximize sales, the key lies in understanding which lead sources yield the highest value. With numerous channels at your disposal, from social media campaigns to referral programs, the challenge is to pinpoint where your most engaged and conversion-ready prospects are coming from. Simplifying this task begins with centralizing your gym's lead data into one centre of truth. By aggregating information across platforms into a single dashboard or CRM system, you gain a holistic view of your health club's lead generation efforts, enabling clear, actionable insights you can deal with there and then, instead of wasting hours if not days, gathering the data and then trying to make sense of it.

This centralization not only streamlines the analytical process but also allows for a more nuanced understanding of each channel's performance. You can see at a glance which sources are driving traffic, generating interest, and, most importantly, converting prospects into members. This bird's-eye view is crucial for making informed decisions about where to allocate your marketing spend and resources.

Fine-Tuning Strategies for Optimal ROI

Once you have a clear picture of your lead generation landscape, the next step is to delve into the specifics of cost per lead (CPL) and conversion rates. These metrics are instrumental in assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of your various lead sources. By comparing the CPL and conversion rates in real time, you can identify which channels are not only attracting prospects but doing so in a cost-effective manner. This analysis enables a strategic allocation of your marketing budget, focusing on high-yield, low-cost channels that promise a better ROI.

Moreover, optimizing your lead sources isn't a set-it-and-forget-it task; it requires continuous monitoring and adjustment. As the market evolves and new trends emerge, so too will the effectiveness of different lead sources. Regularly revisiting your analytics will ensure that your gym's membership sales strategy remains aligned with current market conditions and consumer behaviors.

Reducing Acquisition Costs Through Strategic Optimization

The ultimate goal of analyzing and optimizing your lead sources is to reduce the overall cost of acquiring new gym members. By investing in channels that offer the lowest CPL and highest conversion rates, you're not just saving money, you're also improving the efficiency of your sales funnel. This strategic optimization means that your marketing dollars are spent in the most impactful way, directly contributing to your gym's growth and profitability.

In addition, understanding your lead sources enables more targeted marketing efforts. Tailoring your messages and offers to the specific audiences prevalent in each channel increases the relevance and appeal of your marketing, further enhancing conversion rates and reducing acquisition costs.

By fostering a data-driven culture within your sales and marketing teams, you can ensure that every decision made is informed by solid evidence, maximizing the impact of your lead generation strategies. In the end, optimizing your lead sources not only lowers acquisition costs but also sets the stage for sustainable growth and success in the competitive fitness industry.

Leveraging NPS for Referral Leads

Utilizing Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys effectively can turn member satisfaction into a pivotal growth lever for your gym. These surveys do more than measure satisfaction; they identify your gym's promoters: those members most likely to refer friends and family. But the true magic happens when you actively leverage these high NPS scores to drive your gym's sales through strategic referral programs.

Turning Promoters into Advocates

Members with high NPS scores are your gym's unofficial ambassadors. They've already shown a high level of satisfaction with your services, making them the perfect candidates to help spread the word. To capitalize on this, consider creating exclusive referral offers that are too good to pass up. These could range from membership discounts for both the referrer and the referee, access to exclusive classes, or even branded merchandise that members would love to flaunt. The goal is to provide incentives that not only reward your promoters but also resonate with the values and interests of their networks.

Crafting Compelling Referral Offers

The key to crafting compelling referral offers lies in understanding what motivates your members. Is it the competitive spirit of a challenge, the exclusivity of a VIP event, or the tangible reward of free merchandise or services? Once you've identified these motivators, tailor your referral programs to align with them. For example, a "Refer a Friend, Train for Free" month can create a buzz, encouraging members to bring in new faces in exchange for complimentary training sessions.

Implementing a tiered referral system can also add an element of gamification to the process, where members unlock higher rewards as they refer more people. This not only encourages multiple referrals but also makes the process more engaging for your members.

Furthermore, showcasing success stories and testimonials from your promoters can amplify the impact of your referral program. When potential members see real stories of transformation and satisfaction, their trust in your gym increases, making them more likely to join.

Keepme's NPS surveys

Harnessing the power of Net Promoter Score (NPS) with Keepme's innovative tools transforms member satisfaction into a strategic asset for gym sales. Keepme simplifies the creation and distribution of gym NPS surveys, ensuring that you connect with members through their preferred channels—whether that's email, WhatsApp, or SMS. This multi-channel approach not only enhances response rates but also deepens your understanding of member sentiment, empowering your gym to act on real-time insights.

Keepme's AI-driven, behaviorally triggered surveys enable personalized engagement, ensuring you reach members when they are most receptive. Whether it's following a personal training session or a membership renewal, Keepme's smart NPS features allow for targeted interactions that feel both timely and relevant to your members. This level of personalization not only improves response rates but also boosts the quality of feedback received, offering clearer insights into your members' experiences and satisfaction levels.

By leveraging these insights, gyms can craft tailored referral offers that resonate with their happiest members, encouraging them to become vocal advocates for the brand. Dynamic automations further enhance this process by acknowledging every survey response, whether by celebrating promoters with special offers or promptly addressing the concerns of detractors. This proactive approach to member feedback demonstrates a genuine commitment to member satisfaction, reinforcing trust and loyalty.

Ultimately, Keepme's NPS solution equips gyms with the tools necessary to convert positive member experiences into powerful referral leads, simultaneously enhancing member retention and attracting new prospects. With Keepme, gyms can navigate the complexities of member engagement and sales with confidence, backed by data-driven insights and a comprehensive understanding of member sentiment.

Revisiting Unconverted Leads with a Strategic Approach

Understanding the lifecycle of gym sales leads and the importance of strategic re-engagement is crucial in crafting a comprehensive gym demand generation strategy. Recognizing that not every lead will convert on the first, second, or even third interaction opens the door to developing a nuanced approach to re-engagement that maximizes the potential of every lead in your funnel.

Lifecycle of Gym Sales Leads

The journey of a gym sales lead is rarely linear. So we might be contradicting ourselves here, but bear with us.

We said how people want instant gratification, so your job is to strike while the iron is hot and convert them when they are, well ... hot.

But then, there's the slow burners.

The ones who can't make a decision. That decision might be when to join or who to join with, or a combination of the two. The club that does the best job at nurturing the slow burner wins the deal.

Prospects may express initial interest only to become sidetracked by life events, alternative options, or simply the decision-making process. Acknowledging this, a robust demand generation strategy includes mechanisms for nurturing these gym leads over time, through various stages of consideration. By mapping out the lifecycle of your leads, you can identify key moments when a lead might be more receptive to re-engagement, such as after a major local event, at the beginning of a new year, or following the announcement of new gym facilities or classes.

Strategic Re-Engagement Tactics

Effective re-engagement begins with understanding why a lead didn't convert initially. Was it timing, price, or perhaps a lack of understanding of what your gym offers? Armed with this knowledge, you can tailor your communications to address these specific concerns and interests. For example, if price was an issue, reaching out with a special offer or highlighting value-added services could reignite their interest. If the lead was unsure about committing, an invitation to a free trial or guest pass might be the nudge they need.

Timing Communications for Maximum Impact

Timing your re-engagement efforts can significantly enhance their effectiveness. Utilizing a CRM or member engagement platform like Keepme, you can automate communications to ensure they're sent at the optimal moment. For instance, sending motivational fitness content at the beginning of the week when motivation is high, or timing special offers to coincide with paydays and the end of the month, can increase the likelihood of re-engagement.

Moreover, integrating a demand generation strategy with your re-engagement efforts means not just waiting for the right time but creating the right time. This involves crafting a narrative around your gym that keeps leads engaged, even if they're not yet ready to convert. Sharing success stories, fitness tips, and community events can keep your gym top of mind, building a relationship over time that ultimately converts leads into members.

Integrating re-engagement tactics into your broader demand generation strategy ensures that no lead is wasted. By nurturing a continuous relationship with unconverted leads through targeted, timely, and relevant communications, you can build a reservoir of potential members ready to be tapped. This approach not only increases the efficiency of your lead management but also contributes to a healthier sales pipeline, reducing acquisition costs and enhancing the overall effectiveness of your gym's marketing efforts.

So there you have it! We hope this article has given you some serious food for thought around how to get more gym sales. Any questions - get in touch!

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