How Keepme Can Grow Your Fitness Business with WhatsApp

In the age where every individual's smartphone is an extension of their persona, fitness operators need to meet members where they are, and more often than not, that's on their device. Here we look at how fitness operators have the opportunity to harness the power of WhatsApp, combined with the smart insights from Keepme, to supercharge their gym's growth strategy.
February 2nd, 2024
How Keepme Can Grow Your Fitness Business with WhatsApp

Keepme's WhatsApp integration means that gyms can engage with members in a space they frequently visit, with messages that feel like they're from a friend rather than a faceless corporation. This not only improves member experience but also aligns perfectly with the modern consumer's expectations for personalized and convenient communication.

Personalization at Scale with Keepme's WhatsApp Integration

Keepme's robust WhatsApp integration has been a game-changer for a while, providing a powerful suite of personalization tools that have transformed how our customers engage with both members and prospects. Our cutting-edge, proprietary AI model stands out in the industry with its ability to deliver smart insights and predictions about your membership base with a staggering 95% accuracy. This precision enables fitness operators to send the right message at the most opportune moment, creating a level of engagement that's truly unmatched.

Keepme - The Smartest WhatsApp integration for fitness operators

This high degree of accuracy in understanding member behavior and predicting their needs means that Keepme is ideally positioned to help gym teams craft hyper-personalized communication that aligns perfectly with each member's specific point in their customer journey. Whether it's acknowledging a member's progress, offering support when their motivation appears to be waning, or seizing the perfect moment to encourage a prospect to join, Keepme's AI ensures that these communications are both timely, relevant and thus more likely to convert. 

The beauty of this integration lies in its ability to streamline what was once a labor-intensive process. Customizing member interactions to this extent used to require hours of manual data analysis and segmentation. Now, thanks to the power of AI, such tasks are automated, allowing gym operators to focus on what they do best — creating a vibrant community and providing excellent service to their members.

Optimizing Member Retention with AI

With Keepme's AI capabilities, gyms can anticipate when a member might be at risk of churning. Utilizing WhatsApp and your member’s unique Keepme Score™ for targeted communication means gyms can reach out with personalized interventions right when the member needs it most. Whether it's a check-in after a missed class or a motivational message following a personal record, AI-driven automations ensure that the timing and content are optimized for maximum impact.

Keepme's integration with WhatsApp taps into the vast potential of zero-party and first-party data, allowing gyms to send communications that resonate on a personal level. This data-driven approach means that every message sent, from membership offers to class reminders, is based on the member's preferences, behaviors, and feedback.

Keepme - WhatsApp for Gyms

Automations That Deliver: Keepme's WhatsApp automations don't just stop at sending messages. They can strategically deliver content that members find valuable, from wellness guides to workout tips tailored to their interests. For instance, after a member expresses interest in yoga, Keepme can trigger a series of WhatsApp messages with offers for yoga classes, accessories, or even a beginner's guide to yoga, fostering a deeper connection with the member's interests and needs.

Upgraded Acquisition With Personalized Offers

The journey doesn't end with member retention - it's an ongoing process of nurturing and expanding the community. In this continuous cycle, WhatsApp is a powerful tool for nurturing your gym prospects into loyal members. 

For instance, individuals who have recently booked and engaged with a gym trial or tours are prime candidates for follow-up communication. Utilizing WhatsApp for this purpose, Keepme enables fitness operators to send highly tailored offers and messages that resonate on a personal level.

Maximizing the efficacy of WhatsApp in member conversion involves several key strategies:

Crafting Compelling Offers: Design offers that are not only appealing but also relevant to the interests expressed by prospects during their trial or tour. This could include personalized discounts, exclusive access to certain gym classes, or even a complimentary session with a personal trainer.

Timing Is Everything: Send these personalized messages at optimal times when the prospect is most likely to be reflective of their gym experience. For example, a message sent shortly after a trial session, while the experience is still fresh in their mind, can be particularly effective.

Engage in a Conversation: Rather than sending a one-way message, invite dialogue. Ask prospects what they liked about their trial, what they're looking to achieve with their fitness goals, and how your gym can help meet those needs. This approach fosters a two-way relationship, making the prospect feel heard and valued.

Leverage Multimedia: WhatsApp allows for the sending of not just text but also images, videos, and voice notes. A short video tour of the gym or a voice note from a personal trainer can make the experience more engaging and help the prospect visualize themselves as part of your gym community.

Follow-Up Strategically: If a prospect doesn't respond immediately, don't give up. Keepme automations make it easy to schedule strategic follow-ups, providing gentle reminders without being intrusive. 

Engagements That Feed Back

WhatsApp, as a communication medium, boasts high open rates, surpassing those of traditional channels like email. This positions it as an ideal platform for delivering Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys at critical junctures in the membership lifecycle. 

Whether you aim to celebrate members' activity milestones and discern the factors contributing to their achievements, or you seek to collect crucial feedback from recent gym tours and trials to gauge the impact of your facility and services on prospects, the immediate and personal nature of WhatsApp ensures a higher likelihood of response from your community, providing valuable insights that can shape your retention and engagement strategies.

Keepme - WhatsApp & NPS for gym sales and retention

WhatsApp's personal touch, combined with Keepme's intelligent insights, creates a powerful duo for fitness businesses looking to grow. By adopting these approaches to personalized communication, gyms can optimize every stage of the member journey, from acquisition and engagement to retention. Start leveraging these technologies today and transform the way you connect with your members, one message at a time.

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