The Next Generation in Fitness CRM

It's an exciting time at Keepme as we prepare to launch Keepme V3, the most powerful AI-integrated CRM in the fitness industry. In addition to new features and an improved UI, users will also have access to Keeme Creator, an AI-powered content creator.
July 19th, 2023
The Next Generation in Fitness CRM

We’re excited to announce that Keepme V3 is just weeks away from release. We’ve been listening to all the feedback from fitness operators from around the world and made a lot of performance improvements and refinements in the user interface.

Considerable time and effort have been invested by our talented team of developers to produce a version of the platform that not just looks better but is more intuitive to use. And it’s much faster. Every page in Keepme V3 loads in under three seconds.

It doesn’t stop at design and UI improvements. Keepme V3 boasts a host of new features that will make it even easier for operators to engage with their members, drive revenue and boost retention.

Among the new features are a comprehensive form manager and an engagement history layout to make it easier to communicate with your members.

An all-new leads upload function makes it easier for operators to upload data collected from other sources. All users need to do is download the template, format their data and let Keepme take care of the rest. 

Operators will also be able to merge leads so no more duplicated records or workload. 

The automation functionality has been enhanced to allow users to reorder actions within automations to adjust outcomes. Additionally, automations can be duplicated by action group, significantly reducing the time required to build out automations.

This is just a small taste of what to expect from Keepme V3 and solidifies its place as the leading CRM and membership engagement platform for the fitness industry. To learn more about how Keepme can transform your membership engagement strategy, get in touch to request a demo.

Keepme Creator

Launching alongside Keepme V3, Keepme Creator is a new module to add to your membership engagement toolbox. A fully featured LLM-based content creator suite, Creator uses large language models and generative AI to create anything from emails to blog articles.

The tool will allow operators to communicate with their audience more effectively, creating campaigns in minutes rather than hours. Creator will be able to mimic your tone of voice and, using, member data, make communications and offers personalised and relevant to the recipient. 

Split testing is built in as standard allowing you to iterate and improve your campaigns to maximise outcomes quickly.

Creator represents a big step forward for Keepme and a giant leap forward for operators who want to create a meaningful experience for their members.

To see Keepme Creator in action, request a demo today!

Ahead of the release of the most powerful CRM in the fitness industry, we’ve launched a brand-new website. With a fresh look, improved navigation, a better user experience and fast load times, it’s a giant leap forward and reflects both the maturing business and the Keepme platform. 

Users visiting the site will be able to learn how the Keepme platform helps operators in the fitness industry engage with their prospects and members. Check it out here.

Keep an eye on the site as we’ll be launching lots of new content and updated pages featuring Keepme V3 and Keepme Creator.

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Keepme Keeps Growing

In addition to a powerful new platform, a generative AI customer engagement tool and a new website, Keepme has some new team members. Keepme’s global team of customer engagement and AI experts continues to grow and with them, our ability to deliver an industry-leading service and solution grows with it.

We’re proud to introduce our newest members of the team:

We’re always on the lookout for talented people to join our team so if you want to be part of our journey, contact us today.