10 Big Gym Problems
AI + Automation Solves

We've engaged with multi-site site operators across the United States to understand the challenges they face in consistently delivering excellent member experiences and achieving predictable revenue growth.

Dive in to discover how the synergy between our unparalleled AI model and automations hub will pave the way for your brand's growth.

Membership Engagement & Retention

5 Retention Challenges: Proactively Preventing Member Attrition

If members are churning sooner than expected or you’re struggling to engage with your member base then the issue isn't retention, it's insight.

It can feel like the member intel you need to engage, delight, and retain members is a myth, right?

Any of this sound familiar?

Top 5 Pain Points:

  • Churn outpaces our Sales & Marketing teams - they don't see it coming or know how to deal with it
  • No effective member journey to automatically reward and incentivize loyal members
  • Member content is limited to basic club announcements and confirmation emails
  • No way to leverage individual member insights, interests or personal goals
  • Difficulty winning back and re-onboarding lapsed members

How Keepme Membership Helps

    Early Churn Warning
    With 95% Accuracy

    Gain 95% accurate member intelligence with Keepme Score - powered by the latest in AI and Machine Learning technology. Leverage smart insights that pinpoint members who exhibit behaviors indicative of future churn risk. Gain clear insight into high-value members and real-time opportunities to cross-sell and upsell to them. No more charts without action, Keepme provides practical insights and the tools to take action on.

    Automate Member Journeys
    That Reward And Refer

    Build member journeys that trigger when members meet behavioral and activity triggers you set. Activity milestone met? Treat them with a discounted class pack to cross-sell them into something new. Membership duration more than 12 months? Target them with an NPS survey and reward positive responses with guest passes and a special referral offer to share with friends and family.

    Smart Marketing Sequences
    That Win Back Faster

    Win back more lapsed members with a considerate yet steady stream of exclusive incentives and club information across email, SMS, and WhatsApp. Set your desired lapsed duration as a trigger and build automated marketing sequences with personalized content based on their interests, special offers, information about new facilities, revised class scheduling, and more.

    Segment And

    By Member Interests

    Leverage zero-party data (the 'interest' information they volunteer) to craft and deploy truly personalized, automated communications at scale. Further segment your audience with information from first-party activity data and you have a winning recipe for member loyalty. Want to engage your most active members who also have an interest in {Reformer Pilates}, with early access to a brand NEW class-pack offer? Easy.

    Gym Content Production
    At Your Finger Tips

    Easily craft engaging, well-written, on-brand content for your website, emails, and social channels with our AI-assisted content creator. Write helpful guides and advice articles in your brand tone-of-voice, designed to keep your club at the top of your member's minds. Nurture a reputation for regularly providing high-value content that supports their wellness journey and lifestyle choices.

    Member Newsletters
    That Build Community

    Delight, engage, and build community among your members with beautifully designed newsletters that make them feel part of your journey. Effortlessly create on-brand blasts with our intuitive drag-and-drop email builder. Designed for accessibility, anyone can design and craft engaging campaigns, ensuring your club shines through every email.

Keepme Score

Our secret to unrivalled accuracy lies in a clever technique called Random Forest.

Imagine a vast forest filled with 'decision trees.' These trees pose questions at every turn, guiding member data through unique paths, ultimately sorting them into "stay" or "leave" categories.

Using the Keepme Score™ to Retain
Your Members

Sumeet delves into the Keepme Score™, our groundbreaking tool leveraging AI and machine learning to revolutionize membership retention strategies.

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Membership Sales

5 Sales Challenges: Managing Leads And Increasing Conversion Rates

Ensuring timely lead follow-up and identifying which leads deserve the most attention is no easy task and it's a problem many operators tear their hair out troubleshooting. Partner that with under-resourced teams and it's a mountain you can't climb without technology on your side.

Do these challenges resonate with you?

Top 5 Pain Points:

  • No coherent sales process to manage every inquiry
  • Lead follow-up process is inefficient - leads get overlooked
  • Ad hoc prospect engagements don't convert
  • Identifying the leads most likely to convert is a guessing game
  • Sales reporting is too basic - no opportunity to be strategic

How Keepme Sales Helps

    Timely Lead Assignments
    And Workflows Made Simple

    Easily build structured sales processes, providing your revenue-focused team with precise plays for each stage. Leverage a range of triggers to auto-assign leads to the right rep at the right time, auto-enrol into communication sequences or a combination of both.

    No Lead Left Behind
    With Automated Follow-Up

    Whether you're struggling with a small sales team or no sales team at all, build automated lead follow-up communications across email, SMS, and Whatsapp to ensure each potential member inquiry is acknowledged promptly and the appropriate invitation or offer is extended

    Up to 60% More Sales
    With Smart Lead Scoring

    Through our unique lead scoring system your sales team will know which leads are most likely to convert, saving time and resources being wasted on prospects with no real intention. We seamlessly categorize and classify leads based on behavior, empowering your team to convert more.

    Make Data Driven Decisions
    with Smart Forecasts

    Gain critical insight into your sales team's effectiveness with intelligent revenue forecasts based on leads, sales, and conversions. Anticipate future trends and empower your team to make more strategic decisions.

    Attribute Every Lead
    from Every Source

    Track and manage gym lead sources on one platform. Understand lead origins and high-conversion sources, enabling your sales and marketing operations to continuously optimize campaigns for conversion.

    Nurturing Content
    That Packs A Punch

    Craft engaging content for email, blogs, and social media with our smart content creator, build beautiful newsletters in our built-in marketing hub, and hyper-personalize communication sequences for the leads that need the extra mile.

Custom Sales Processes

Customer Success Manager, Sumeet Mann dives into
how easy it is to build custom sales processes 👉

Keepme Lead Scoring

Through our unique lead quality scoring system, we seamlessly prioritize leads based on behavior, empowering your team with insights into future sales performance.

Sumeet is back to present a whistle stop tour of Keepme's Lead Scoring centre 👉

Ready To Overcome Your Challenges?

If these challenges resonate with your team, we're ready to assist. As operators ourselves, our team understands the fitness industry nuances and the Keepme platform inside out.

Schedule a personalized walkthrough to discover how Keepme was built to address your unique challenges.

bH Live - phenomenal

“Keepme has been nothing short of phenomenal since it came in.”

Darryl Dewar
Group Sales & Customer Experience Manager, BH Live Active
Brent Frueh - Automations favourite feature

"Our favorite feature is the Automations. Every new member receives a series of emails designed to guide them on their journey toward wellness. What used to be a manual process for our Personal Trainers is now automated and the results have been better with much less work."

Brent Frueh
General Manager - Rochester Athletic Club
capterra - Found Gymsales to be to simplistic for our needs

"We have had a very positive experience with Keepme...We found Gymsales to be too simplistic for our needs."

Capterra Review
Caitlin Macumber - Campaigns helps push specific content to leads

“Keepme’s campaigns function is opening up the way that we can, not just engage, but how we can continue to push specific content to help our leads with their journey, as opposed to just making sales.”

Caitlin Macumber
Owner of Plus Fitness Carrara and Southport
capterra -  couldn't come up with any cons

I like that it is very easy to use, and very well put together for a very active site...I honestly couldn't come up with any cons. It's been a wonderful site to work with.

Capterra Review
Diane Bolivar - My sales team tell me they can’t believe what they missed out on

“My sales team tell me they can’t believe what they missed out on before we had Keepme’s gym lead management & automations in place.”

Diane Bolivar
Director of Sales + Marketing, Cedardale Health & Fitness
Gareth Bacon - Within 60 days of setting up Keepme automations our member dormancy dropped by around a quarter

“Within 60 days of setting up Keepme automations our member dormancy dropped by around a quarter - and it's stayed there. That's another 500-600 members each month back and active in our clubs.”

Gareth Bacon
Head of Product, Wellfit
capterra - data-driven decision making

"This level of data-driven decision-making helps us to refine their communication strategies over time and ensure that we are always delivering the right messages to the right members at the right time."

Capterra Review
Gordon martin - Viva - support franchise owners

"We wanted to support our franchise owners in delivering a world-class prospect and member experience. Keepme's smart automations enable us to send personalized, authentic sales and member engagements across each of our three brands."

Gordon Martin
Head of Franchising - Viva Leisure
Jan Vasys - transformed approach to sales

"Keepme’s comprehensive sales functionality allows us to manage and nurture all of our leads in one platform. It’s transformed the way we approach membership sales."

Jan Vasys
Senior Director of Finance, The Atlantic Club
capterra - hyper sense of connection

"The hyper sense of connection we now have with our members is a testament to the Keepme team's dedication to improving our business. Overall, I highly recommend Keepme to anyone looking for a top-notch different fitness management solution."

Capterra Review
Rochester Athletic - We switched from HubSpot

"We switched from HubSpot because Keepme interfaces with our other software tools to give us a more complete picture of our members. The AI that Keepme uses to predict member behavior is another reason we switched as well."

Matt Remick
President, Rochester Athletic Club
capterra - can't imagine how we'd operate without it.

"Keepme is essential to making contact with our prospects and getting them into the gym. We can't close a sale if someone walks in, walks out, and never comes back. Keepme makes it possible to reach out to those people again, and it's also essential to creating memberships as well. Overall great experience, can't imagine how we'd operate without it."

Capterra Review
Troy Morgan - Keepme allows us to learn from interactions between our business and our members

“Keepme's AI and automations allow us to learn from interactions between our business and our members in a truly scaled way - and to continually improve our service offering.”

Troy Morgan
CEO, Willows Health Group
capterra - reach out en masse

I love to keep my prospects organized and easy to reach out to a large group en masse.

Capterra Review
Troy Morgan - When Keepme went live I could instantly stratify

“When Keepme went live I could instantly stratify our membership base, identify and calculate the value of any members that might leave - and build strategies to improve retention. We reduced cancellation rates in just 30 days.”

Troy Morgan
Troy Morgan, CEO, Willows Health Group
Caitlin Macumber - Keepme always open to feedback and innovation

“Keepme are constantly trying to make our usability experience as good as it can be and they're open to feedback and innovation.”

Caitlin Macumber
Owner of Plus Fitness Carrara and Southport
capterra - track and measure impact

Keepme provides real-time insights around the success of communications, allowing us track and measure the impact of our efforts.