Keepme Membership

Keepme analyzes hundreds of thousands of data points to create a 360 degree view of your membership, empowering you to evaluate, predict, and improve your retention and maximize your customers' LTV.

Membership Dashboard

Take control of your membership


Based on Keepme's own insights, our platform develops unique responsive automation recommendations to drive retention, increase non-dues revenue, and win back ex-members.

Membership Actions

Keepme's performance dashboard equips your team with real-time full membership visibility into the impact and effectiveness of your strategy, giving you the critical feedback you need to mature your approach.

Membership Performance
Health Score

The Health Score accounts for every data point down to the individual member level, providing an incredibly accurate measure of the overall health of your membership.

Membership Score

Understand your members


Go beyond click-through and conversion rate to get a three dimensional evaluation of your retention campaign performance, ensuring you get the maximum ROI and optimizing your efforts. 

Membership Campaigns
Risk Profiling

Keepme segments your members based on risk profile, enabling retention teams to tailor their effort, avoiding sleeping dogs and focusing on high yield clients.


Utilizing Keepme's automation system, you can elevate your NPS to not just collect surveys, but act on those responses by creating long chain communication chains that leverage your promoters to drive revenue and convert your passives and detractors.


Evaluate your strategy


Keepme not only provides live reporting, we also provide scenario based forecasting to reveal how changes in strategy will impact your bottom line.


Whether it's email campaigns, member onboarding initiatives, or new membership plans, Keepme's dashboard and reporting tools provide you a complete picture of your retention performance.  

Email Campaigns

From annual attrition to net monthly movement, Keepme allows managers to establish and monitor custom KPIs to drive your retention teams toward their targets. 


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