The Ultimate Content Production Tool for Gym Marketing Teams

In a world where personalization and creativity are paramount, Keepme Creator provides gym marketing teams with a powerful set of 'smart' tools to optimize content production.

  • Brand tone of voice safeguarded
  • Optimize existing content across all channels
  • Craft compelling sales & membership emails
  • Engaging, on-brand social media posts
  • Saves hours of research & content writing
  • No need for freelancers and marketing agency spend
Trusted by 350+ fitness clubs around the world

The First Generative AI Tool Exclusively For Fitness Operators

Keepme Creator is the fitness industry's first-ever generative AI tool exclusively designed for gym operators. This cutting-edge platform leverages Large Language Models (LLMs) to empower gym marketing teams to create captivating social media posts, informative blog articles, dynamic website content, and persuasive email campaigns.

  • Learns your brand tone of voice
  • User-friendly interface
  • Leverages the latest AI technology
  • Made by fitness operators for fitness operators
  • Multi-channel content production
  • Optimised to use the most relevant data libraries to service your creative request

"On testing the new Creator feature in Keepme I have been really impressed. There are so many applications for the entire operation as you can copy to the clipboard and use in any application!"

Jan Vasys - Sr Director, The Atlantic Club
Jan Vasys
Sr Director, The Atlantic Club

Master Multi-Channel Content Production

Craft on-brand, compelling written content for social media, emails, blogs, and more, effortlessly attracting and engaging your gym audience across all channels.

Seamless. Data-driven. Smart Email Marketing.

Experience the ultimate convenience in crafting masterful club sales and membership engagement emails with Keepme Creator.

With just a few clicks and simple prompts, achieve your email objectives effortlessly. Our AI-powered tool leverages millions of data points from across the web to optimize creative output perfectly aligned with your brand's tone of voice.

Optimise Existing Club Content

Keepme Creator offers a powerful solution for optimizing existing content with ease. From enhancing search engine optimization (SEO) to refining the overall tone and language to resonate better with your target audience, the platform ensures your web content is compelling and aligned with your brand's unique voice.

Upgrade your online presence and attract more visitors with the data-driven insights and creative enhancements provided by Keepme Creator.

Get Social With Your Audience

Keepme Creator utilizes data-driven insights to craft compelling copy tailored to resonate with your target audience.

From attention-grabbing headlines to personalized messaging, Keepme Creator ensures that each post maximizes its impact. Say goodbye to the guesswork and time-consuming efforts of social media content creation and hello to a streamlined process that drives more leads and fosters meaningful connections with your gym's online community.

Built-in Marketing Hub

Send your newly created sales and membership emails direct to Keepme Connect, where you can enrich your brand's email templates and create automated, hyper-personalized campaigns at scale.

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"Every sales and marketing professional gets to a point in the day where they say, “if I have to write one more email or text…”. We have all been there staring at a blank screen thinking, I wish someone could help get me started or add a little pixie dust to this message...This tool not only helps with marketing emails and text but the sales team is also working with it to personalize their messages. Well done Keepme team and thank you!"

Meredith DeAngelis - CMO, Village Health Clubs & Spas
Meredith DeAngelis
CMO, Village Health Clubs & Spas

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Brand Tone Of Voice Safeguarded

Keepme Creator's unique feature lies in its ability to learn from your gym's existing digital assets.

By intuitively analyzing your brand's unique tone of voice from your existing content, Keepme Creator enables seamless content generation that truly embodies your brand's identity.

With this remarkable capability, your club's marketing team can ensure consistency and effortlessly produce content that resonates with your target audience, further amplifying your impact.

Next-Gen Email Creation For Gyms

Streamline your club's communication with efficient and highly effective email creation. Embrace next-gen technology for engaging and impactful gym email marketing.

Sales emails that convert

Whether you're looking to offer free trials at a new venue or scale your racquet club sign-ups, by leveraging large language models and your brand's unique tone of voice, Keepme Creator produces promotional emails scientifically optimized to convert.

When you're happy with your content send it directly into Keepme Sales to build automated campaigns or one-off communications that convert.

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Membership emails that engage

Whether you want to drive ancillary sales or inform members of a change to class schedules, generate member communications scientifically optimized for engagement and conversion. By utilizing data from across the internet, our AI produces compelling content that resonates with your audience, fostering more meaningful, profitable interactions with your members.

Copy and paste your email to clipboard, or take it directly into Keepme Membership where you can use it pre-made email templates and build automated campaigns.

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Data driven optimisation (A/B testing)

A/B testing made easy! Unsure which approach resonates with your audience? No problem! Specify the number of variants, and get results in seconds.

How Does Keepme Creator Work?

Keepme Creator utilizes the power of generative AI to craft written content. It learns from a vast pool of data, including your prompts and tone preferences. By understanding how people typically express themselves, it blends this knowledge with your input to deliver distinct and skillfully composed messages in various styles and formats.

"If you have tried some of the AI content tools on the market, you will find the results are never quite right. So, once I heard that Keepme was coming out with their content creator tool, I had very low expectations. But I have been pleasantly surprised by the diversity with this tool! I have played around with the “tone of voice” and it is spot on."

Meredith DeAngelis - CMO, Village Health Clubs & Spas
Meredith DeAngelis
CMO, Village Health Clubs & Spas

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