NPS To Smart Insights Made Simple.

Effortlessly build Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey pages via Keepme's intuitive form creation feature and invite your audience where you know they'll engage.

Whether your goal is to gauge member satisfaction or fine-tune your club's services, setting up is a breeze with the smartest NPS feature in your back pocket. Simply navigate to the Forms section in your Keepme dashboard and in just a few clicks you're ready to deploy.

Multi-Channel as Standard

Engage Your Audience Where They Are

Whether it's through on-brand emails or direct messaging platforms, our survey invite options ensure you meet your audience where they are most comfortable, enhancing response rates and enriching your data collection process.

  • On-brand emails
  • WhatsApp
  • SMS
Optimising Your Data

AI & Behavioral
Triggered Surveys

Seamlessly engage with the right members at the right time.

Tailor your surveys to perfection by setting triggers based on your member's Keepme Score™, activity milestones and more.

With access to a treasure trove of first-party and zero-party data points, you have the power to personalize your NPS surveys like never before. Whether it's after a successful course of personal training, a membership renewal, or any other key interaction, with Keepme's NPS, your surveys become not just a measurement tool, but a dynamic and responsive part of your member retention strategy.

  • Boost Your Response Rates Dynamically

    Surveys going unanswered?
    Want to maximize your responses?

    Build strategic automations that resend your survey invitation to non-responders after a predetermined period of time or even via an alternative delivery method. Intelligently re-engage with your audience and watch those response rates soar!

  • Tailored Post-Survey Interactions

    Build dynamic automations that ensure every survey participant receives the recognition they deserve.

    Celebrate your club's evangelists with special offers and free guest passes while simultaneously addressing detractors' concerns promptly, demonstrating that their feedback is valued and heard.

  • Empower Your Team with Custom Reports

    Tailor survey reporting to suit your team's needs and take control.

    As well as your dedicated NPS dashboard, you have the option to download your reports and schedule them for delivery so you and your team always have one finger on the pulse of your community.

Gym Sales & Member Engagement

We've got it covered: Retention + Acquisition

Whether you're focused on retaining your existing members or attracting new ones, Keepme's NPS feature equips you with the tools you need to make strategic decisions and fuel your growth initiatives.

Effortlessly gauge the satisfaction and loyalty of your current members with tailored surveys that delve into their experiences and value perception, while simultaneously targeting prospective members post-trial or tour to assess their inclination to join, identify potential barriers, and gain valuable insights into their perceptions of your facilities.

smarter insights

NPS Dashboard:
Always up to date

Stay ahead of the game with Keepme's NPS Dashboard, your real-time window into member sentiment and satisfaction.

Whether you want to track NPS at the individual club level or across your entire brand, it's all there in your dashboard. Instantly see the number of promoters, passives, and detractors, empowering you to craft strategies that amplify positivity and win over detractors and passives.

Watch your NPS score evolve over time, identify peak response periods, and target the demographics most receptive to your initiatives. Dive deep into sentiment analysis with keyword scanning, quickly uncovering trends in member feedback and pinpointing areas of strength and improvement. Plus, read individual responses directly on the dashboard for a firsthand understanding of member experiences.

  • Club or Group level NPS
  • Quantify promoters, passives & detractors
  • View Avg. NPS changes over time
  • NPS Score By Age
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Read and Export Responses

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