API Connections

Unlock the data in your fitness club's CRM and booking tools

Keepme connects to your existing fitness club applications and enhances your sales and retention strategies with cutting-edge insights.

ABC Ignite (Previously Datatrak)
The IGNITE suite brings together member management, billing, and reporting.
Club Automation
Club automation software streamlines operations, membership management, and communication for fitness clubs.
Software solutions for not-for-profit member-based organizations.
Fisikal makes health club management software and product education solutions for the fitness industry.
A cloud-native leisure operator suite of applications for booking, courses and payment collection.
Glofox gym & studio management system is part of ABC Fitness, providing club management solutions worldwide.
HubSpot is an industry agnostic platform that offers marketing, sales, and customer service tools.
Jonas Fitness
Innovative fitness management software for gyms, enabling seamless operations and member engagement.
Legend by Xplor
Legend by Xplor provides membership payments and value-added services – all powered by one platform, focusing on helping you run your leisure facilities easily and effectively.
Medallia provides customer experience management solutions to help businesses gather and analyze customer feedback.
Customer Engagement Platform
Perfect Gym
A software platform designed for fitness and wellness businesses, providing management solutions for membership, scheduling, payments, and client engagement.
An industry agnostic, cloud-based CRM that helps businesses manage sales, marketing and customer service.
Sentinel by Scope Software
Sentinel Fitness is a modern software solution designed for managing fitness and wellness centers offering dependable, user-friendly features and compatible across all devices.
Xplor Gym and Legend are member management softwares built specifically for fitness businesses of all shapes and sizes.
A web-based automation tool that allows users to connect various apps and automate workflows between them without coding.

"What Keepme uniquely offers is the ability to integrate with any fitness industry software platform that has an API."

Gareth Bacon - Wellfit
Gareth Bacon

Keepme's AI gym software functions as a predictive tool for your business, delivering highly accurate forecasts in various areas. Utilizing your data, we provide you with, including but not limited to, the following insights: Projected member retention for the next six months. Identification of specific members likely to discontinue their membership within six months. Sales forecast for the upcoming quarter. Membership projection by year-end. Identification of classes with the highest impact on gym membership retention. Assessment of leads with the highest likelihood of conversion.

Learn more about our Data Requirements here.

Keepme connects to all membership management systems, CRMs and booking apps that have an API.

We strongly advise every operator to insist on an API for every piece of gym software they integrate into their operations – and why we also recommend an audit of your current tools’ data capabilities.

No API? Ask the provider when this will be available. Ask specifically: “When is an API scheduled on the roadmap for delivery?”

You can learn more about how Keepme processes your data by visiting our data processing page.

Thanks to API technology Keepme can access and leverage your existing club membership data that our AI and machine learning technology uses to generate highly accurate predictions.

This information is then sent back to the club membership software, updating member records. This valuable API feature enables a two-way flow, keeping all data sources up-to-date, continuously enhancing insights through new combinations of data.


In general if your data silo has an API we can connect to it!

We're happy to discuss any systems you're using, simply contact us and we'll make sure the right data points exist for you to get the most value out of Keepme.

Yes! Keepme has a connection to key Whatsapp and SMS service providers allowing you to utilize these communication tools in your membership and sales automations.

Can't see your App?

If your data platform has an API we can connect to it.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.