Everything you need to increase gym membership sales

Keepme’s AI identifies your ideal members, so you can target your marketing efforts to leads who will not only convert but also provide the highest lifetime value. Run digital marketing campaigns that deliver stunning results.

Keepme Sales enables your gym sales team to track, manage, and engage with leads without ever leaving the platform. Whether you want to send emails, SMSes, or even book tours and trials, Keepme Sales helps you do it with ease.

Increase your gym’s membership sales by setting up structured and automated sales processes in Keepme Sales. No lead will ever leave your funnel without receiving the perfect engagement.

Keepme Sales provides detailed and flexible reporting on your gym sales performance at the touch of a button. The days of struggling to export sales reports are officially over.

Get a detailed picture of your sales team’s activity and effectiveness with Keepme Sales. You’ll see who your top performers are, and identify areas for improvement, at a glance.

Keepme Sales is built to integrate with your existing club management system and thousands of other tools. Unlock the power of your data.




Don't take it from us

“Our leads have gone through the roof, and because they’re personalized leads we’re finding the types of members who should be coming to our business. Since we’ve got that system going I don’t think our conversion rates have fallen below 60%.”

Troy Morgan

Managing Director
Willows Health & Lifestyle Centre

“As a sales person I like the ability to text, email or call all from the same system. The ability to utilize texting, which was missing from our previous software, is an added benefit that I now use with all prospects.”

Nancy Calabro

Membership Advisor
Cedardale Health & Fitness