Keepme Sales

Leverage the power of AI to drive stronger pipelines, shorten the sales cycle, improve forecast accuracy and accelerate your revenue

Sales Dashboard

Accelerating Your Revenue


Keepme integrates with all of your lead generating sources to ensure every opportunity is captured into the system, maximizing the ROI on crucial marketing spend.

Lead Routing

Whether it's next man up or department specific, Keepme automatically routes leads to the appropriate sales rep to ensure immediate action and maximize the utility of your team.


Keepme provides real time sales reporting and AI enhanced forecasting to help you instantly see pipeline coverage for any vertical and determine exactly how much pipeline you need to hit your goals.


Empowering your sales team

Lead Scoring

Keepme evaluates every lead against your historical sales data and ICP, creating accurate lead scoring so your team can prioritize their efforts on the most valuable opportunities.

Lead Scoring
Lead Management

Keepme's sales interface provides reps with clear visibility into each lead, allowing them to view, update, and manage each prospect from a single location.

Lead Management
Lead Tracking

Sales reps can see their progress in real time, allowing them to adjust their activity to ensure they not only meet but exceed their targets.

Sales Record

Keeping your team on track

Lead Record

Keepme's single record system syncs with your MMS/CRM providers to create full transparency into your team's efforts, ensuring you know exactly what's happening at every level.

Single Record

Keepme's management platform allows managers to select or customize specific KPIs. Critically, Keepme will continually calibrate your KPIs to ensure they are aligned with your goals.


Playbooks ensure your sales team always knows what to do next. Keepme provides managers with scenario-based outreach plays to keep your sales team on track to close each opportunity.


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