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EMEA Open-House Session - On-Demand recording

EMEA Open-House Session - 26th April 2024

Dive into this recording of our Open-House Session, which was hosted live by Jon Dickson on April 26th.

In the recording you and expect to see:

  • An overview of what Keepme is and why it was created

  • A look at the sales dashboard & how lead scoring works

  • An example of setting up an automated communication sequence

  • A demo of 'Creator' the fitness industry's first content generator

  • A look at new platform feature 'Scheduler' - an integrated calendar which allows leads to schedule tours and trials

  • A peak inside Keepme Academy, our on-demand, self-paced learning area

🙌 Why We Host These Sessions

Our commitment to your success drives us to provide these sessions regularly. We believe in empowering you with the right knowledge and insights at the right time, ensuring you have all the information needed to take the next step - your one-to-one session.

Ready for your personalized demo?

Now that you have had an overview of the platform, are you ready for a demo tailored to the specific needs of your facility?