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The Smarts Behind AI Predictions & Lead Scoring

For the month of May, the Marketing Team took the reigns and hosted our monthly-open house session.

In the recording they cover:

  • An intro to the Keepme platform

  • An overview of our sales dashboard with a particular focus on lead source tracking

  • Examples of some automations and how they can be applied to target specific lead segments with a tailored approach

  • An explanation of the 'random forest' model and how it is applied within the platform

  • How the Keepme Score™ is calculated and why it is important

  • A look at the membership dashboard

  • Q&A

    How does an Open House Session differ from a traditional 'Demo'? 🤔

    😊 No-Pressure Setting - with a focus on education and platform exploration and a cameras off approach, all you have to do is sit back and get a platform overview with no 'sales conversation' to worry about.

    🧐 In-Depth Platform Overview - Learn about how our AI Powered, smart technology actually works, and more importantly - how it might be applied at your facility!

    🕓 Multi time-zone friendly sessions. With the sessions being delivered twice in the same day, we hope you can attend one that suits you!

    🙌 Why We Host These Sessions

    Our commitment to your success drives us to provide these sessions regularly. We believe in empowering you with the right knowledge and insights at the right time, ensuring you have all the information needed to take the next step - your one-to-one session.