About Us

Stop Losing Memberships — This AI-Powered Tool Can Help

We exist to help health and fitness businesses retain more members. Regardless of whether our customers are big box or boutique, pay as you go or contractual, we equip them with the ability to improve member retention. We choose this mission because it is the biggest challenge in the industry and it's not going away. Penetration rates are slowing, competition is increasing, and the fixed cost basis of the industry's financials make retention improvement imperative for it to prosper.

Improvements in member retention not only power financial performance but also drive improved member experience which results in better adherence by members and therefore better outcomes for the populations we serve.

We achieve this by helping our customers drive actionable signals from their business data. Under the hood, we use cutting-edge AI to show the areas of the business and which members would benefit from increased focus. Every time ensuring we deliver these insights in a consistent, transparent way that can be understood by everyone.

We understand that knowing is not doing and we equip our customers with the tools to take action. Our platform helps customers target accurately, providing the opportunity to engage at the right time, in the right way consistently. Personalisation is, therefore, possible at a scale never before achieved.

World class member retention isn't delivered through tech solutions. It involves expert knowledge of workflows and best practices plus a willingness to embrace other disciplines such as Behavioural Science. Our team wishes to be considered thought leaders and prides itself on being aware of the latest developments and ideas whether in the academic or commercial world. This ensures we are constantly refining and enhancing our product offerings and delivering our expertise to the industry we choose to serve.