Predict your fitness club’s financial future

Keepme Enterprise combines our Sales and Membership products inside one insight-packed platform where you can stratify risk, unlock revenue - and predict your fitness club’s financial future.

  • Score gym leads and target your top opportunities
  • Stratify and engage your at-risk members
  • Automate and personalize your outreach
  • Free your team members to serve more customers
Trusted by 350+ fitness clubs around the world

“Keepme gives us one seamless digital process - and frees our customer experience teams to focus on our members. We have greater customer insights - and no need to download reports, upload triggers, or prepare communications.”

Gareth Bacon - Head of Product, Wellfit
Gareth Bacon
Head of Product, Wellfit

Keepme delivers proven business benefits

    Conversion rates boosted by 60%

    *Keepme Sales average

    Up to 95% accurate membership predictions

    Keepme machine learning

    16-20 hours saved per person each month*

    *Keepme Sales average

Imagine if your Gym CRM could tell you how to improve revenue

Keepme Enterprise plugs into your member management system and analyses your data to predict the future of your gym’s finances.

    Score opportunities

    Stratify gym leads and churn risks so your teams can act strategically and secure more revenue.

    Automate tasks

    Send personalized message sequences that boost revenue and free your team to serve customers.

    Predict the future

    Track your team’s performance and project your gym’s future financial position with up to 95% accuracy.

Just ask our customers about their results

Upgrade revenue doubled in three months

*Wellfit, Dubai case study

Average membership increased by 12 months*

*Willows, Australia case study

Member dormancy rates reduced by 30%

*Wellfit, Dubai case study


Prevent churn. Boost sales. Manage gym revenue in one place.

Keepme Enterprise unlocks your member data and highlights opportunities to win more members and reduce churn.


    Manage sales and churn in one intuitive platform

    Take control of your entire customer lifecycle in a platform that’s easy to use.

    Manage every gym lead, churn threat and upsell opportunity with a data-driven approach and fast, fluid responses.

    Secure more revenue with member intelligence

    Score gym leads and churn threats to use your team’s resources more effectively.

    Target each opportunity and risk group with personalized outreach to win more subscriptions and re-engage at-risk members.


    Make better decisions with smart suggestions

    Give your team a clear view of their top opportunities - with one-click next steps.

    Neutralise churn threats and move leads through your funnel with automated messages and targeted manual outreach.

“Fitness businesses sit on mountains of data that is largely unused. Keepme uses this data to create real insights for the business - and a hyper-personalised experience for each member.”

Troy Morgan - CEO, Willows Health Group
Troy Morgan
CEO, Willows Health Group

Automate tasks. Free your team. Grow your business.

Keepme Enterprise can automate and personalize sales outreach, member retention - and even membership upgrades.


    Boost engagement with personalized messages

    Enhance sales and retention with personalized outreach across each member journey.

    Segment prospects and members based on their scores, activities and interactions - and engage them with templated messages.

    Automate outreach to grow your gym business

    Build a machine that boosts engagement and revenue throughout your business.

    Browse the automations library and choose presets that nurture prospects, engage members and drive upsells with templated messages.

    Free your team to focus on member experience

    Hand repetitive tasks over to Keepme - so your team can interact with members.

    Automate outreach tasks and free your sales and retention teams so they can nurture prospects and members.

“Keepme helped us to flip our gym automations. If a member hasn't visited for 14 days then instead of sending them an email we'll trigger a request for our member experience team to reach out.”

Gareth Bacon - Head of Product, Wellfit
Gareth Bacon
Head of Product, Wellfit

Take control of your revenue. Predict the future of your gym enterprise.

Keepme tracks your team's performance and packs enterprise-grade financial projections into a platform that anyone can use.

Track performance across every site

Make sure your teams take advantage of Keepme’s analytics and automations.

Track your sales and retention teams against their targets in one dashboard. Compare your sites to identify top performers - and locations that need help.

Predict future growth - with zero spreadsheets

Plan your business with sales and retention predictions that offer up to 95% accuracy.

Project your sales funnel and member retention by month or quarter - and into the future - thanks to Keepme’s enterprise-grade data science models.

Scale faster with total business workflow control

Manage sales and retention workflows across every franchise - in one dashboard.

Create and control workflows, automations and templates at your master franchise to ensure a consistent customer experience across every site.

“Keepme allows us to learn from interactions between our business and our members in a truly scaled way - and to continually improve our service offering.”

Troy Morgan - CEO, Willows Health Group
Troy Morgan
CEO, Willows Health Group

Are you ready to scale your gym business?

Book a free 15-minute demo to find out how gyms like yours have used Keepme to scale faster and save 16-20 hours per team member each week.

Connect Keepme with any fitness platform API

“What Keepme uniquely offers is the ability to integrate with any fitness industry software platform that has an API.” - Gareth Bacon, Head of Product, Wellfit


Explore Keepme for your gym business

    Deliver a consistent experience across your gym franchise

    Manage business-wide sales and retention workflows at your master franchise. Compare performance for every franchise in one dashboard.

    Boost retention, save time and increase productivity at your single-site gym

    Optimize your sales processes and protect your site from churn. Automate repetitive tasks and free up 16-20 hours per team member each week.

    Manage multiple brands across your multi-site fitness business

    Track performance across multiple gym brands in one dashboard. Compare sales and retention strategies to optimize your overall business.

Unlock your member insights with our help

Connect your CRM to Keepme with our help

Unlock your member data. Leave our team to connect Keepme via API - so you can look forward to sales and churn predictions that continually become more accurate.

Explore Keepme with personalized training

Get everyone onboard. Keepme is easy to use. And our customer success team is ready to design and deliver personalized training sessions that are aligned with your business goals.

Solve any issues with dependable support

Get a quick solution. If you discover a bug or technical issue, our 24/6 global support team will be ready to help you.

“Working with Keepme is a great experience. They’re so responsive to our requests for product enhancements - which is brilliant.”

Diane Bolivar - Director of Sales + Marketing, Cedardale Health & Fitness
Diane Bolivar
Director of Sales + Marketing, Cedardale Health & Fitness

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“Thanks to Keepme I can take actions with confidence - as they’re based on fact, not gut instinct.”

Troy Morgan - CEO, Willows Health Group
Troy Morgan
CEO, Willows Health Group