5 Big Problems Your Sales Process or Gym Sales Platform Has

For a long time, gym sales solutions have not been servicing fitness operators like you correctly. They have not evolved or innovated as your challenges to sell gym memberships have.

Times have changed. Introducing Keepme Sales: transforming your conversion rates and removing manual work from your sales process.


Challenge: You are using spreadsheets or outdated gym sales platforms

Solution: Timely lead follow-ups, the ability to identify which leads deserve the most attention, and keeping a single source of truth on a lead’s profile are critical.

Top 5 blockers:

  • Manual follow-up - Little to no automated sales communications
  • No automated reporting - Manual data pulling
  • Leaky pipeline with slow response time - Leads missed or slow follow-ups
  • Blind selling - No smart lead intelligence for your sales reps
  • No lead scoring - No way of knowing a hot lead from a time-waster

    Real time Sales Engagements
    With Automated Follow-Up

    Facing seasonal surges or tight sales schedules? Automate lead follow-ups across email, SMS, and Whatsapp, guaranteeing timely responses and delivering the perfect offer or invitation.

    No Lead Missed
    Seamless Lead Capture

    No matter where your leads come from, they are captured in real-time and assigned automatically to the relevant sales manager. So you know the Lead Generation activities that are converting and your pipeline is never leaky.

    Up to 60% More Sales
    With Smart Lead Scoring

    Not all leads are created equal. Using our distinctive lead scoring system, pinpoint leads most likely to convert at brand and venue level. Let our smart algorithms accurately categorize and score leads, empowering your team to achieve higher conversion rates. Faster.

    Knowing your Leads
    360 Reporting and Tracking

    Who are your leads? Where did they come from? Have they been to the club before? Which channels are they using? Why do they want to join? Are they an ex-member? With our automated lead and member records, all these answers are in one place, without note-taking required. So you know exactly who your leads are and how to sell to them.

    Manage your Teams Properly
    Automated Performance Reports

    Knowing how your club is performing is valuable, but knowing who is driving that performance is the key. Identify your rock star reps to incentivize and spot the reps that need a helping hand. With Custom KPI settings, automated daily reports, and clear personal conversion metrics, you can manage your people to produce the best results.

    Nurturing Content
    That Packs A Punch

    Craft engaging content for email, blogs, and social media with our smart content creator, build beautiful newsletters in our built-in marketing hub, and hyper-personalize communication sequences for the leads that need the extra mile.
Case Study

Willows Health & Lifestyle Centre

Willows Health and Lifestyle Center is a community-focused fitness center in Queensland, Australia, and is living proof of the impact Keepme can have on its sales revenue and membership retention.

    $35K AUD

    Additional revenue generated in just 3 weeks

    8% ⬆️

    Improvement in sales conversion rates

    70-80% ⬆️

    Increase in visit rates

Challenge: No ‘one source of truth’ - Your data is spread across multiple platforms

Solution: Once your prospect makes a decision to join (or not), what happens with that information? Nothing, it all disappears. During your sales cycle, you should be able to access this vital information about your gym prospects at the drop of a hat.

Top 5 Insights

  • Which channels they engage best on
  • Which part of your offering is driving them to join
  • Which sales manager got them over the line
  • Where they found you
  • Any hesitations they have on price, your offering and membership structure

When it comes to tracking your lead data, your current process is limited. Even if you are manually recording your sales process, all of those incredible insights never get communicated to your member experience teams or carried across into a contact record.

Keepme is different. Constantly learning, tracking, and recording, automatically into one source of truth (or member record) so you don’t have to. So when a lead becomes a member and the time comes to cross-sell, upgrade their package, or their renewal is due, you’ll know where they came from, what makes them tick, as well as the right team member and communication method to convert them.


Challenge: Lost-leads are forgotten

Members who didn't sign up today may sign up in the future. With Keepme's win-back capabilities and prospect nurturing, no lead ever goes dark.

Deliver automated, highly personalized nurture sequences and win-back flows to convert leads at a later date and attract ex-members back to your club.

Top 5 blockers:

  • Manual follow-ups utilizing limited prospect-insight
  • No automated reporting - Manual data pulling
  • No multi-channel approach to capitalize on the in-club experience
  • Blind selling - No smart lead intelligence for your sales reps
  • Sales reps lack capacity to chase every lead.

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Challenge: Cannot manage sales process across multiple venues

Solution: How can you improve or refine your sales process with no venue specifics in your reports? United processes, comparative reporting, and real-time business intelligence is the key.

Top 5 blockers:

  • No site specific selling - Different sales processes in every venue
  • Lead follow-up processes are inefficient and ineffective
  • Generic and sporadic communications - Ad hoc prospect engagements don't convert
  • Identifying the leads most likely to convert is a guessing game
  • Weak reporting - Individual club reporting doesn't give the bigger brand picture

Challenge: Managing Your Sales Team’s Performance

Solution: You need to drill down into each rep's individual performance to properly incentivize your rockstars and spot the team members who need extra support.

Top 5 blockers:

  • Collective reporting - No segmented reporting per sales rep
  • No individual conversion metrics - Can’t easily evaluate individual performance
  • Reports aren’t in real-time - No daily reports or a live dashboard
  • Group goals dominate - No way to set individual KPIs
  • Bigger picture - No way of knowing how each team member is contributing to wider targets

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