Smart Leisure Leadership: Keepme's Impact on Council Operations

We recognize the distinct challenges that Councils face in the realm of public leisure operations. Keepme's smart insights and powerful automations were meticulously designed to address the unique needs of Council facilities, helping you to thrive and better serve your
local community.

Challenges We Help You Overcome:

  • Changing Demographics + Community Engagement

  • Budget Constraints + Economic Sustainability

  • Aging Infrastructure + Tech Integrations

  • Resource Allocation

  • Workforce Management

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Changing Demographics & Community Engagement

Adapt to the evolving needs of your community with our flexible suite of communication tools.

Build tailored automations that speak to diverse age groups, abilities, and interests on the channels you know they engage with best.

Foster inclusivity and participation across email, SMS and WhatsApp.

Enhance community relations with Keepme Connect. Included in every Council subscription, our engagement toolkit simplifies gathering feedback, updating members on facility improvements, and promoting additional services.

Empower your teams with our user-friendly email designer or a selection of branded templates. Utilize hyper-personalization through email, SMS, and WhatsApp to cultivate a strong sense of community ownership and pride in your facility.

Use hyper-personalisation across email, SMS and WhatsApp to foster a real sense of ownership and pride in your facility.

Council Budget Constraints

Council budgets fluctuate and can be uncertain at best, making it essential to optimise the value of every available resource, as well as understanding the ROI of every penny spent.

With detailed lead tracking and conversion forecasting, you can make data-driven decisions that secure new members and optimise campaign spending.

PLUS with conversion rates up to 60% higher than the industry average and retention strategies on auto-pilot, the return on investment is a no-brainer.

Economic Sustainability

Achieve economic sustainability by optimizing your council facility’s revenue streams.

Our smart insights help you identify opportunities for income generation, from membership upgrades to cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Aging Infrastructure & Technology Integration

Investing in infrastructure is a significant commitment, and considering lengthy procurement processes, it's crucial any new additions work with your stack and deliver tangible benefits.

Keepme brings all your different data sources together into
‘one source of truth’

Bringing your data under one roof allows us to leverage the latest in smart technologies to provide powerful,
real-time business intelligence, and give you all the
tools you need to take action.

Keepme seamlessly connects with most Membership Management Systems and CRMs to deliver capabilities designed to enhance your customer experience, and in so doing, increase member engagement. Leading to better retention and optimised lead conversion rates.

Resource Allocation & Workforce Management

The never-ending cycle of retaining members and attracting new ones is a costly one, and one where the temptation is to hire more personnel when budgets won't allow. At Keepme we know from experience, more resources does not equal more success...but smart task allocation does.

With Keepme you can build and automate sales processes that ensure your teams never miss an enquiry or an opportunity to engage.

Make sure the right leads reach the right people at the right time, PLUS real-time insights into class attendance, advanced warning of churn risks and a powerful suite of custom automations that deploy based on triggers you set.

  • Build efficient sales processes to manage every enquiry from every source
  • Focus attention on the hottest leads with Lead Scoring
  • Zone in on churn risk members with Keepme Score
  • Automate communications based on set behavioural or milestone triggers

Easily establish targets for your teams, with the flexibility to set monthly goals up to six months in advance. Targets can be tailored by venues or for individual staff members.

Membership targets encompass new sign-ups, cancellations, active members, class participation, and bookings., while Sales targets include monthly sales, leads, conversion rates for leads and tours. Performance is conveniently displayed on the dashboards including a staff leaderboard.

Generate Membership & Sales performance PDFs or schedule automatic email report delivery. Templates allow you to pull performance reports, filtered by venue and staff member, with custom date ranges.

Join the growing number of Public Leisure Operators who have transformed their operations with Keepme.