Smart Gym Software Built To Optimize Health Club Retention

Keepme's purpose-built AI for gyms delivers membership features that unlock the power of your existing club data so you can predict which members will leave with 95% accuracy - optimizing your fitness retention and future revenue growth.

  • Manage every churn threat in one dashboard
  • Identify and engage at-risk members
  • Automate and personalize your member outreach
  • Free your retention team to engage more members
  • Predict your financial position with up to 95% accuracy

Trusted by 450+ fitness clubs around the world

“Within 60 days of setting up Keepme automations our member dormancy dropped by around a quarter - and it's stayed there. That's another 500-600 members each month back and active in our clubs.”

Gareth Bacon - Head of Product, Wellfit
Gareth Bacon
Head of Product, Wellfit

Health Club Attrition Insights You Can Trust

    Average membership increased by 12 months*

    *Willows, Australia case study

    Upgrade revenue doubled in three months*

    *Wellfit, Dubai case study

    Member dormancy rates reduced by 30%*

    *Wellfit, Dubai case study

Imagine if your gym software could tell you how to optimize health club membership retention...

Keepme's AI plugs into your member management system and analyses your data to predict the future of your member base, optimizing health club retention strategies & safeguarding revenue now and in the future.

    Identify risks

    Predict members that are likely to quit so your gym retention team can intervene and boost engagement.

    Automate tasks

    Send personalised gym automations that reduce churn and drive more non-dues revenue.

    Predict the future

    Track your retention team’s activities and project your future customer value and financial performance.
Keepme Score™

Identify risks.
Boost upsells.
Optimize gym revenue
in one place.

Keepme tracks your member behavior and uncovers opportunities to reduce churn and boost upsells.


    Optimize membership retention in one place

    Identify and respond to churn threats as they evolve to protect your club’s revenue. Use historical data and real-time member behavior to identify members that are likely to cancel their subscription.

    Add 35%* extra revenue with data-driven upsells

    Score members and assign them to risk groups that receive segmented outreach. Target your high-engagement members with premium upgrade offers and unlock extra revenue - with minimal effort.

    *Keepme average

    Prevent churn and boost memberships by 12 months*

    Respond to each churn threat with an intelligent suggestion from Keepme. Intervene with an automated message or manual outreach to remind members why they signed up - and offer help.

    *Willows, Australia case study

“I check the retention management dashboard daily; it’s like a living, breathing system that shows me the members we need to invest resources in - those most likely to leave, to stay and to spend.”

Troy Morgan - CEO, Willows Health Group
Troy Morgan
CEO, Willows Health Group

Gym Automations That
Empower Your Team
To Unlock Extra Revenue.

Keepme automates gym member engagement and drives upsell revenue by delivering hyper-personalized messaging that leverage zero and first party member data. Reach the right member at the right time, every time.


    Engage members with personalized messages

    Send template-based outreach to remind members why they joined - and offer assistance. Segment at-risk members based on their score, gym activities, purchases and demographics - then offer targeted intervention.

    Automate outreach and double your upgrade revenue*

    Re-engage your members and sell more premium memberships on autopilot. Browse the automations library and choose presets to save at-risk memberships - and upgrade highly-engaged members.

    *Wellfit, Dubai case study

    Free your retention team to engage more members

    Hand repetitive tasks over to Keepme - so your team can interact with members. Automate your initial outreach and free up more resources for members who will benefit from a conversation or a personal training session.

“We built a Keepme automation that targets user profiles that are likely to upgrade. In just three months we've already added nearly $7,000 USD in upgrade revenue.”

Gareth Bacon - Head of Product, Wellfit
Gareth Bacon
Head of Product, Wellfit

Purpose-Built AI For Gyms That Automates Fitness Retention Success.

Keepme Score™ simplifies health club retention analysis and monitoring your club and team's performance, offering easy-to-use tools and enterprise-grade financial projections without the need for specialized technical knowledge.

Our integrated AI is completely unique, predicting at risk members with 95% accuracy and gives you the smart tool stack you need to take action.

Track performance for your retention activities

Make sure your retention team take advantage of Keepme’s risk scoring and automations. Track member risk scores and your retention team’s completion of their retention activities against their targets in one dashboard.

Predict future retention - with zero spreadsheets

Plan your business growth with retention predictions that offer up to 95% accuracy. Project your churn, customer LTV and financial performance by month or quarter - and into the future - thanks to Keepme’s enterprise-grade data science models.

Scale faster with total member workflow control

Build and manage retention workflows across every franchise - in one dashboard. Create and control workflows, automations and templates at your master franchise to ensure a consistent member experience across every site.

Keepme Connect Included

Develop and deploy hyper-personalised communication and sales strategies that target each prospect segment to drive engagement and win more members. Create, send and track club announcements, SMS and Whatsapp communications in one place.

“When Keepme went live I could instantly stratify our membership base, identify and calculate the value of any members that might leave - and build strategies to improve retention. We reduced cancellation rates in just 30 days.”

Troy Morgan - Troy Morgan, CEO,  Willows Health Group
Troy Morgan
Troy Morgan, CEO, Willows Health Group
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Connect Keepme with any fitness platform API

“What Keepme uniquely offers is the ability to integrate with any fitness industry software platform that has an API.” - Gareth Bacon, Head of Product, Wellfit


Explore Keepme for your gym business

    Deliver a consistent
    experience across your gym franchise

    Manage business-wide branding and retention workflows at your master franchise. Compare performance for every franchise in one dashboard.

    Boost retention, save time
    and increase productivity at your single-site gym

    Optimize your retention processes and free your team to help members. Automate repetitive tasks and free up 16–20 hours per team member each week.

    Manage multiple brands
    across your multi-site fitness business

    Track performance across multiple gym brands in one dashboard. Compare retention strategies to optimize your overall business.

Unlock your member insights with our help

Connect your CRM to Keepme with our help

Unlock your member data. Leave our team to connect Keepme via API - so you can look forward to retention predictions that continually become more accurate.

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Get everyone onboard. Keepme is easy to use. And our customer success team is ready to design and deliver personalized training sessions that are aligned with your business goals.

Solve any issues with dependable support

Get a quick solution. If you discover a bug or technical issue then our 24/6 global support team will be ready to help you.

“Working with Keepme is a great experience. They’re so responsive to our requests for product enhancements - which is brilliant.”

Diane Bolivar - Director of Sales + Marketing, Cedardale Health & Fitness
Diane Bolivar
Director of Sales + Marketing, Cedardale Health & Fitness
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“Nearly 100% of our member payments are collected first-time - thanks to Keepme's automations.”

Gareth Bacon - Head of Product, Wellfit
Gareth Bacon
Head of Product, Wellfit