Catch the Keepme Team @ ukactives SPG Event & Active Uprising!

A number of the Keepme team will be present at ukactive SPG event & Active Uprising event this week, with CEO Ian Mullane delivering a talk on Demystifying AI!
Amy McDermott
Amy McDermott
Catch the Keepme Team @ ukactives SPG Event & Active Uprising!

The Keepme Crew are gearing up for ukactive’s SPG event on 31st January, and the Active Uprising event on 1st February. CEO, Ian Mullane will be delivering talks at both events with his session ‘Demystifing AI’ at the Active Uprising event set to provide illuminating insights that any operators in the fitness industry will not want to miss. 

Ian Mullane - CEO, Steffie Bryant - Chief of Staff, Jon Dickson - Director of sales (EMEA) and Amy McDermott - Events & PR Manager make up the Keepme contingent who will be present at both events and ready to answer any questions you might have around AI and how we’re putting it to good use in the platform to help leisure operators drive up revenue. 

On the upcoming events, Amy stated - “The Active Uprising event is a great opportunity to get leaders and professionals together early in the year to network and share plans and predictions for what's to come. I am really looking forward to having the chance to connect in person with some of the people I speak with throughout the year, hopefully meeting some new faces and getting some interesting insights from industry leaders along the way.” 

AI for gyms - meet the Keepme team.

Keepme CEO, Ian Mullane has been a dedicated member of ukactive's Digital Futures program for years, inline with his commitment to advancing education and accessibility surrounding technology to the UK Leisure Sector. Ian remarked, "As vocal advocates for innovation within the fitness industry, Keepme is honored to contribute to the Active Uprising event by sharing insights on the transformative potential of AI. The Public Leisure Sector plays a pivotal role in promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle among people here in the UK, and there is no denying that embracing AI can unlock significant gains for operators."

In his session, Ian will not only explore the transformative potential of AI but also delve into its implications for the workforce, sharing predictions on the trajectory of this new technology in the fitness industry in 2024. As a GymNation Board member and part of ukactive's Digital Futures Council, Ian uniquely understands the challenges faced by the fitness sector and will shed light on how technology can be a game-changer.

At Keepme, we have recently formalized our partnership with Gladstone software. With a number of UK Leisure operators using Gladstone as their MMS, they now have the ability to add Keepme’s AI driven, smart insights to their offering, allowing them join a number of other UK Leisure operators such as BH Live, and Dragonfly in controlling their sales pipeline, predicting member churn and enhancing member experiences through hyper-personalization. Being able to facilitate this development aligns with Keepme’s vision of fostering innovation, and we are excited to make this known at the upcoming events.

Active Uprising serves to inspire operators within the public leisure sector, bringing industry leaders together for thought-provoking sessions. Keepme is excited to be a part of this event, leading the charge on AI education and its practical applications.

If you are unable to make these events, but are interested in exploring how these technologies can help optimize your fitness operations, get in touch via our contact form or, grab 15 minutes with Jon to discuss find out Keepme is a good fit for you.