Keepme Academy is Live - January 8th!

Accessible exclusively to customers via the Keepme platform, Keepme Academy is designed to be a self-paced learning hub. It has been engineered to empower users, providing them the autonomy to navigate their individual educational path, deepening their understanding and mastery of the Keepme platform at their own pace.
Amy McDermott
Amy McDermott
Keepme Academy is Live - January 8th!

We are starting 2024 with a bang here at Keepme, as 8th January marks the official launch of Keepme Academy! 

Keepme Academy was conceived from ongoing conversations with you, our customers. We heard alot about a strong desire for a repository of knowledge accessible within the platform. You spoke and we listened! 

You told us you wanted a space where you could delve into product guidance at your convenience, navigating through content at your own pace. In response to this invaluable feedback, we got to work to develop a platform that we think will exceed expectations. The Academy will provide extensive resources and tailor-made learning paths that aim to offer an enriching and personalized experience. 

The best bit? The more you engage with the Academy the more you’ll unlock revenue potential for your clubs and fitness centers. 

“I am thrilled to be able to announce the launch of Keepme Academy to our valued customers. Keepme Academy provides a learning experience that will allow our customers to unlock new levels of success. We’ve worked tirelessly to create a platform that offers comprehensive resources and personalized learning pathways. We’ve put the yards in to ensure the learning platform would be designed not only to elevate our customer’s understanding and mastery of Keepme, but also to set the stage for them to see a huge year of revenue growth ahead.” - Director of Customer Success and Operations at Keepme, Michelle Thavasi

What is available within The Academy?

Pre-Designed Learning Pathways & a mix of learning materials 

Are you a visual learner? Or maybe you’d rather read and absorb text? 

However you prefer to consume information, we have you covered. Explore micro-learning via ‘how-to' videos and practice guides, interactive modules, downloadable PDFs, and engaging quizzes.   

The pre-designed learning pathways are strategically curated experiences designed by Keepme’s Customer Education and Product Experts, tailored to ensure you achieve optimised  learning and achieve your business objectives. Each one  is made from a mix of engaging learning materials and exercises, carefully crafted to ensure optimal product adoption that ultimately will contribute to improved fitness operations, and thus increased revenue potential.

Access to an on-demand industry knowledge bank

Featuring an integrated connection to on-demand content, Keepme Academy also links users to a comprehensive knowledge bank of webinars, best-practice guides, practical blogs, and podcasts. Whether it’s a best practice guide on how to utilize your WhatsApp integration, or a blog on industry trends set to take hold in 2024 - we wanted to provide a space that ensures customers are armed with the knowledge and understanding of the latest trends in technology and fitness operations to keep them one step ahead of the competition. 

"At Keepme, our commitment to our customers and the fitness industry extends beyond providing exceptional software solutions. We have an unwavering dedication to delivering high-quality educational content that evolves with the needs of our users. Our customers are at the forefront of innovation, and their feedback is our compass for improvement. We actively listen and respond, as seen in our recent updates like Keepme Creator and the upcoming Keepme Scheduler. Keepme Academy is a testament to this commitment, but rest assured, it's not the final chapter. We're continually pushing boundaries to drive our customers forward, ensuring their success in member and prospect engagement at their clubs." - Sumeet Mann, Customer Success Manager at Keepme

Official Keepme Accreditation 

As users progress through Academy learning paths, they will earn downloadable certificates and official Keepme Accreditation, which can be shared as recognition of users commitment to continuous learning and pursuit of excellence. Beyond allowing your team members to maximize the potential of Keepme for your club or fitness center, the Academy Accreditation will also showcase to members, your team's commitment to ensuring they remain engaged and happy at your facility. 


Accessing Keepme Academy is seamless. Go directly through the Keepme platform, eliminating the need for a separate login! Prefer to learn when you are on the move? Not a problem, accessible from any network-enabled device, Keepme Academy serves as your responsive, virtual learning hub, available anytime, anywhere. As long as your device has an internet connection and access to a web browser, then let the learning journey begin! 

Overall goal

Pure and simple, we want to help our customers maximize their use of the Keepme platform, leading to optimized platform adoption and anticipated revenue growth.

Keepme Academy is live as of today. If you are interested in learning more about The Academy, or the Keepme platform as a whole - book your demo.