Keepme CEO, Ian Mullane Appointed as Board member of GymNation

GymNation have appointed Keepme CEO Ian Mullane as a board member, effective immediately. GymNation, formed in 2017, is one of the fastest growing gyms chains in the GCC and plans to have 25 facilities in operation by the end of 2024.
Amy McDermott
Amy McDermott
Keepme CEO, Ian Mullane Appointed as Board member of GymNation

The History of the Partnership

Gymnation was formed on the understanding that UAE residents needed a low cost, non-intimidating exercise option. This understanding was quickly evidenced when Founders, Loren Holland and Frank Afeaki had over 3,000 sign ups before officially opening their first facility back in 2018.

Six years ago, just a few weeks after that initial opening of the very first GymNation site, GymNation CEO, Loren met Ian in Dubai. Both hailing from Northern England, and both starting new business ventures - a bond was formed immediately through their shared belief that AI and Machine Learning were about to become an essential part of any successful business strategy. 

“We were two northern lads sitting in Dubai six years ago at the founding of our respective businesses. So much has happened since then, and it's been inspiring to watch GymNation’s journey. Now, to have an opportunity to play a part in the future success of the company is an honor I could not pass up.”

Ian Mullane - CEO, Keepme
Ian Mullane
CEO, Keepme

A Timely Appointment

The role of GymNation Board Member requires an individual who understands the dynamics of the region and has a proven track record of integrating new technologies within the fitness sector. Ian's creation of Keepme underscores his ability to harness emerging technologies for improved efficiency in the fitness industry.

"We are incredibly pleased to welcome Ian to the GymNation Board of Directors. His vast experience as both an operator and supplier provide him with a granular view of the challenges faced in our sector and how they can be overcome using technology. Ian’s insight and guidance will be instrumental in our mission to make GymNation not just the best fitness operator within the GCC but the global leader in the adoption and utilization of technology and data within the industry."

Loren Holland - CEO, GymNation
Loren Holland
CEO, GymNation

Ian's appointment strategically coincides with GymNation's recent management buyout of JD Gyms and the addition of James Wigglesworth to the board as a non-executive director.

A Look to the Future

GymNation is rapidly solidifying its position as a leading fitness provider in the GCC region. By the close of 2024, it is set to operate 25 gyms across the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, with plans for further expansion in subsequent years. This swift expansion aligns with GymNation's vision of becoming ‘The Region’s Movement Partner’ for the GCC and supporting Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 initiative, aimed at economic diversification and improving quality of life.

"Ian's track record in implementing AI for business efficiency and member satisfaction will be a significant boost to our plans of continuing to innovate and lead in our field. I look forward to working closely with Ian, building on his expertise to further integrate cutting-edge technology into our operations"

Karl Foster - Chief Technical Officer, GymNation
Karl Foster
Chief Technical Officer, GymNation

The addition of Ian to the board, highlights GymNation’s commitment to innovation and to providing their members with the best experience possible. This year already it has introduced an on-site AI Assistant, ‘Albus’ and more recently their AI-powered member assistant, ‘Jenny’ available to members around the clock via their app. With Ian on board, what’s next? Watch this space!