Keepme CEO, Ian Mullane Sits Down with PerformX Ahead of Masterclass Session

Keepme CEO, Ian Mullane sits down with PerformX's Head of Marketing - Giles Denning, ahead of his upcoming Masterclass at PerformX Live later this month to discuss all things AI.
Amy McDermott
Amy McDermott
Keepme CEO, Ian Mullane Sits Down with PerformX Ahead of Masterclass Session

It's one of the hottest topics in pretty much every industry at the minute, but there aren't many professionals in the fitness industry who identified as far back as 2018, that AI was something we needed to be paying attention to in a big way.

Life is a journey - not a destination

In this pre-masterclass talk, Ian and Giles discuss Keepme's inception, and how like many of Ian's other entrepreneurial ventures it began as him trying to solve one of his own problems. Giles brands Ian a 'serial entrepreneur' but as Ian explains, he has learned that what he enjoys about his career journey is just that, the journey - not the destination.

The importance of continuous learning

The pair dive into the importance of continuous learning with Giles impressed that Ian reads 2-3 hours a day, and aims to finish 80 books per year.

Watch the full conversation below to hear Ian explain why his first port of call when learning about a new topic is always a book and never the news! Although, spoiler alert regarding books on AI - the technology is evolving too quickly for literature to keep up. Another reason you should attend Ian's PerformX talk if you want all the most up to date information!

AI Assist → AI Action

They take a dip into the world of AI as it is now, and how it is likely to evolve thoughout the rest of 2024. Ian explains that right now, we have access to 'Assistive AI' through Large Language Models (LLMS) and this is likely to evolve into a type of technology that is able not only to assist us in manual, monotonous tasks - but also able to take action and make decisions autonomously on our behalf, and complete the task for us. This is possible through the uprise of Large Action Models (LAMS).

This is nothing to be scared of! In fact, Ian goes into detail on how these technological advances stand to only enhance the offering that fitness professionals provide currently. You don't need to understand how all of these evolving models work, you just need to know how to apply them to elevate your own offering.

"There is an inevitability about what is going to happen here, and any delusion that this is going back into the box is just ridiculous" - Ian Mullane

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