Keepme V3 Launch Webinars - Join a session from 7th to 23rd August '23

Get ready for Keepme V3, the most powerful AI-integrated CRM in the fitness industry, by joining one of our exclusive webinars. During these webinars, we will be delving into the latest platform enhancements and new features. Additionally, you will get a closer look at the fitness industry's first dedicated generative AI tool, Keepme Creator!
Keepme V3 Launch Webinars - Join a session from 7th to 23rd August '23

In an era where technology continues to shape the way businesses operate, Keepme continues to take the lead by introducing its latest version of our groundbreaking CRM solution, Keepme V3. Designed exclusively for the fitness industry, Keepme V3 combines cutting-edge artificial intelligence with comprehensive automation and personalization capabilities, offering fitness businesses an unprecedented advantage in managing their sales and marketing operations.

To unveil the new features of Keepme V3, we are inviting fitness industry professionals to join a session in our webinar series to get up to speed on the latest product enhancements and additions.

Here are some highlights of what attendees can expect to learn:

Customize Forms to Elevate Lead Generation Efforts:

Keepme V3 comes equipped with an advanced form manager that empowers fitness businesses to take their lead generation efforts to new heights. Attendees of the webinar will discover an array of extensive customization options, including layout customization, branding, date picker, signature fields, conditional fields, surveys, and even website embedding. With these features at their disposal, fitness businesses can seamlessly capture crucial customer data and optimize their lead generation process.

Simplify Communication Channels with the Engagement History Feature:

Gone are the days of managing multiple communication channels separately. Keepme V3 streamlines the entire communication process through its intuitive Engagement History feature. During the webinar, attendees will witness how the platform consolidates various communication channels, such as email, SMS, WhatsApp, and calls, into one easy-to-use layout. This enhancement enables businesses to deliver a truly personalized experience and efficiently manage all interactions with their customers.

Maximize Efficiency with AI-Integrated Automation:

The power of artificial intelligence comes to life with Keepme V3's automation capabilities. Attendees will be introduced to a world of efficiency as they learn how to set up rules and actions that nurture leads and drive engagement. Repetitive tasks that consume valuable time can be automated, allowing fitness businesses to focus on what truly matters - their customers.

"We are thrilled to present Keepme V3 to the fitness industry," says Hilary McGuckin, Director of Marketing at Keepme. "This latest release represents our commitment to customer feedback and market intelligence, ensuring we are always taking significant steps forward in helping fitness businesses establish stronger connections with their customers while also optimizing their operations. The webinar series is a great opportunity for operators to see what can really be achieved when you marry AI with marketing automation."

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to be at the forefront of CRM innovation in the fitness industry. These webinar will be held throughout August in a time zone near you!

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