Unlocking the Power of AI: Gladstone X Keepme Webinar 17th April - Register Now

Discover how AI can revolutionize your leisure facility operations in a webinar hosted by Jon Dickson, Keepme's Director of Sales for EMEA, in partnership with Gladstone Software. Learn practical strategies to leverage AI advancements and thrive in the competitive landscape.
Amy McDermott
Amy McDermott
Unlocking the Power of AI: Gladstone X Keepme  Webinar 17th April - Register Now

The term 'AI' often conjures images of futuristic technology beyond comprehension. But we’re here to show you that AI can be harnessed today to revolutionize your leisure facility's operations.

Jon Dickson, Keepme's Director of Sales for EMEA, is set to simplify AI in an upcoming webinar tailored specifically for UK leisure operators in partnership with Gladstone Software.

Scheduled for 17th April at 11am, Jon will provide practical, actionable advice on how leisure operators can leverage advancements in AI starting today.

“Implementations with UK leisure operators of every type over the last eighteen months has taught us so much about the challenges stretched teams are facing’” says Dickson. “Our goal is to equip operators with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. The reality is that you do not need to understand all the ins and outs of how a Machine Learning model works - you just need to understand how it can be applied within your facility to help improve operational efficiency, the member journey and revenue exponentially. This webinar will give plenty of insight and help operators see how it could work for them.”

The webinar will spotlight the tangible benefits of technology available today:

  • Predictive Member Retention: AI algorithms can identify members at risk of leaving, allowing operators to intervene proactively and prevent churn.

  • Streamlined Lead Processing: Say goodbye to manual lead processing with systems that automatically qualify and prioritize leads, saving your team time and resources.

  • Focus on the Human Experience: How to leverage AI for manual tasks, and free up your team to deliver the all important ‘human element’ of Leisure service

  • Enhanced Member Experience: Automated, personalized communications based on member data can enhance engagement and satisfaction among your community, resulting in long-term memberships and health benefits.

  • Marketing Efficiency: AI-driven tools can amplify marketing efforts by generating social media posts, blogs, and emails at scale, freeing up marketing teams to focus on strategy and creativity.

"Many leisure operators are already using AI without realizing it," explains Dickson. "Our webinar will empower operators to harness AI's full potential, unlocking new opportunities for efficiency, personalization, and growth."

Gladstone and Keepme formalized their partnership at the end of 2023. With both organizations sharing unwavering commitment to empowering UK Leisure operators with the means to unlock the true potential of their facilities by fully utilizing their member data. The partnership means that access to the transformative power of AI is now available to all leisure operators using Gladstone Software, many of which have already implemented Keepme. The likes of BH live, Brio Leisure and Southwark leisure are already leveraging Keepme to improve their service delivery. 

Keepme is available for a growing number of MMS providers, you can find the list here. If you are using an MMS that isn’t Gladstone but you are interested in learning about the transformative power of Keepme, you are still encouraged to attend.

Ready to learn about what AI can do for you?

Registration is now live, and the webinar is open to all. Join us for this session, and unlock the power of AI within your leisure facility.