Smart Campaigns
& Automations

Enjoy instant access to our powerful campaign management suite with every Keepme subscription. With a wide range of features, including ready-to-use email templates, an extensive library of automations, and a user-friendly drag-and-drop email builder, managing your campaigns has never been easier.

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Build campaigns and sales processes

Easy to build automations make effective sales and marketing processes a breeze. Create streamlined processes, distribute leads seamlessly, automate outreach and set up campaigns in just seconds.

  • Automate outreach & offers
  • Streamline lead distribution
  • No misplaced or overlapped leads
  • Save 16-20 hrs per team member p/m

“I really love the campaigns feature as a whole, because it's given us an ability that we've never had before, we can really micro-target different areas of our customer base and see regular data of what's working, what's not working, A/B test it, retarget if we need to.”

Caitlin Macumber - Owner of Plus Fitness Carrara and Southport
Caitlin Macumber
Owner of Plus Fitness Carrara and Southport

Email builder

Effortlessly create on-brand campaigns with our intuitive drag-and-drop email builder. Designed for accessibility, anyone can design and craft engaging campaigns, ensuring your brand shines through every email.

  • 100% on-brand campaigns
  • Drag & drop blocks
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Access millions of free images

"We communicate with our members in numerous ways. Automated campaigns are user-friendly, and the insights give us excellent information."

Brent Frueh - General Manager - Rochester Athletic Club
Brent Frueh
General Manager - Rochester Athletic Club

Whatsapp & SMS campaigns

Engage your audience 'where they are' with Keepme's versatile messaging capabilities. Send SMS and WhatsApp messages instantly or leverage smart automations for hyper-personalized communication on a larger scale.

Email template library

Ensure brand consistency with Keepme's email template library. Equip your sales and marketing teams with professionally designed templates, streamlining workflows and maintaining brand integrity.

"Our favorite feature is the Automations. Every new member receives a series of emails designed to guide them on their journey toward wellness. What used to be a manual process for our Personal Trainers is now automated and the results have been better with much less work."

Brent Frueh - General Manager - Rochester Athletic Club
Brent Frueh
General Manager - Rochester Athletic Club

On-Demand Webinar: Smart Campaigns & Automations

Join us in this on-demand webinar as we delve into the transformative capabilities of Keepme’s smart campaigns and automations, crafted with gym owners in mind.

Discover how to effectively utilize zero-party data (your gym members' directly collected interests and preferences) to significantly enhance your revenue by as much as 35% with strategic upsell tactics.

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Automations library

Unlock a world of possibilities with Keepme's vast collection of pre-populated automations. Whether you want to nurture fresh leads or activate dormant members, choose from a diverse range of tried and tested options or customize an existing automation to precisely fit your needs.

Custom Demo

Ready to skyrocket retention & membership sales?

Whether you're all about turbocharging lead conversion rates or igniting member engagement, we've got your back. In your 30-minute session, we'll dive into your goals and show you how Keepme can transform the way your club performs.

Keepme Sales

Sales, supercharged

Keepme Sales unlocks the power of your gym's prospect data in an insight-packed dashboard where you can control every gym lead and predict your future sales funnel.

Keepme Membership

Retention, on autopilot

Keepme Membership unlocks the power of your existing member data inside an insight-packed dashboard, where you can predict which members will leave - and model your future business growth.

Keepme Creator

Content production, but easier

Keepme Creator is the fitness industry's first-ever generative AI tool exclusively designed for gym operators. Create emails. SEO enriched blogs and social posts all in your brand's tone of voice.

Join the +450 club's using Keepme to increase sales and double down on retention

capterra - campaign section

The Campaign section of the platform is particularly impressive, it allows to create campaigns with a wide range of triggers and actions that can be tailored to different member segments.

Capterra Review
Diane Bolivar - My sales team tell me they can’t believe what they missed out on

“My sales team tell me they can’t believe what they missed out on before we had Keepme’s gym lead management & automations in place.”

Diane Bolivar
Director of Sales + Marketing, Cedardale Health & Fitness
capterra - reach out en masse

I love to keep my prospects organized and easy to reach out to a large group en masse.

Capterra Review
Gareth Bacon - We built a Keepme automation that targets user profiles that are likely to upgrade

“We built a Keepme automation that targets user profiles that are likely to upgrade. In just three months we've already added nearly $7,000 USD in upgrade revenue.”

Gareth Bacon
Head of Product, Wellfit
capterra - track and measure impact

Keepme provides real-time insights around the success of communications, allowing us track and measure the impact of our efforts.

Gordon Martin - Its super customizable automations

“Super customizable automations enable us to build highly personalized communication journeys that can easily connect with members”

Gordon Martin
Head of Franchising, Viva Leisure
Troy Morgan - I can take actions with confidence

“I can take actions with confidence as they’re based on fact, not gut instinct.”

Troy Morgan
CEO, Willows Health Group
Jan Vasys - transformed approach to sales

"Keepme’s comprehensive sales functionality allows us to manage and nurture all of our leads in one platform. It’s transformed the way we approach membership sales."

Jan Vasys
Senior Director of Finance, The Atlantic Club