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Keepme On-Demand Series: Losing Too Many Members in The First 90 Days And Not Sure Why?

Join Keepme's Michael Cacace as he dives in to an issue particularly prevalent for operators during Q1 - members who are petering off in their first 90 days of membership, despite arriving with gusto a few short weeks ago!

Watch this on-demand webinar to discover:

  • Common reasons members cancel within the first 90 days

  • A number of measures you can put in place to prevent this from happening

  • Setting up automated communication sequences, based on your members meeting specific triggers

  • The different communication channels available for sending automated messages

  • How the Fitness Industries first AI powered content generator can help with your member comms

If you are particularly interested in this topic, and would like to further understand how you can tailor communications based on first party (info your business collects), and zero party data (info members give you via surveys etc), dive into our recent blog on the topic!

And if you would like to explore Keepme Creators functionality in greater detail, watch the previous instalment of our on-demand webinar series where our Events & PR Manager Amy covers "Efficient Content Production For Operators With Limited Teams" which includes a demo of the feature.

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