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Rewarding Loyalty for Membership Retention
Rewarding Loyalty for Membership Retention

One of the best strategies for improving gym membership retention is increasing customer loyalty. This article examines the relationship between customer loyalty and retention, describes several forms of rewards programmes, and suggests two ‘best practices’ when designing such schemes.

5 New Fitness Brands To Use Keepme
Gym Member Retention Tool ‘Keepme’ Welcomes Jon Nasta As New Consulting Partner

Smarter Member Retention tool, Keepme, has announced the appointment of Jon Nasta as its new Consulting Partner.

AI & Gym Membership Retention
AI and Gym Member Retention

Can AI make a difference when it comes to increasing gym member retention? This article explores the possibilities.

Customer Service Principles to Boost Membership Retention
Customer Service Principles to Boost Membership Retention

Customer service is an integral part of achieving and sustaining a high membership retention rate. This article explores four principles of excellent customer service that will effectively improve your gym’s customer retention.

Everything You Need to Know about NPS
Everything You Need to Know about Net Promoter Score (NPS)

This article covers the essentials to understanding NPS, including how to calculate the score, why it is important for customer retention rates, and some best practices surrounding it.

Risk Scoring – A Crucial Part of the Retention Puzzle
Risk Scoring – A Crucial Part of the Retention Puzzle

This article explains the concept of risk scoring, highlights its pivotal role in managing membership retention, and illustrates its use in strategic marketing communication.

A Retention Dilemma: Should I ‘Wake Up’ My Inactive Gym Members?
Implementing Wearables To Increase Member Retention

With the average person checking their phone 80 times a day, it is not surprising that an increasing number of gym owners are implementing strategies to utilise this kind of technology in their clubs. The potential for wearable technology to motivate, challenge and ignite a competitive spirit in gym goers is extensive, and the use […]

Boost Member Retention By Motivating Your Gym Employees
Boost Member Retention By Motivating Your Gym Employees

As Kotler stated in his 1994 article, “The key to customer retention is customer satisfaction.” The core of any effective membership retention strategy is creating a positive experience of your brand for your customer. Such a positive experience often entails two main components. The first component involves providing excellent customer service. It was found that […]

Technology Can Solve Low-Cost Gyms Retention Struggle
Membership Retention Struggle For Low-Cost Gyms

The business model of low-cost, low-manpower gyms like Anytime Fitness seem to be at odds with classic member retention strategies. However, as this article illustrates, the use of the right technology can effectively mitigate this problem.

Pricing Strategies for Membership Retention
Pricing Strategies for Gym Retention

This article explores the ways that pricing strategy can affect customer retention rate in the health and fitness industry, and suggests three ways to improve your membership retention rate by altering the way you price.

Customer Retention in the Fitness Industry
Gym Membership Retention: It Matters

The real key to success in the fitness industry is member retention, not attraction. This article answers your big questions surrounding membership retention in the industry, including “What is retention?”, “Why retention?”