Public Leisure Innovation:
A Year In Review 🎉

As the new year approaches we are delighted by the progress we've witnessed in public leisure operations and the customers we've welcomed along the way. Join us as we dive into 2023's - A Year in Review.

Unlocking Innovation: Keepme's Role in Public Leisure Transformation

Whether you run a Council facility, an LATC, a Registered Charitable operator, or a Charitable Trust, Keepme delivers state-of-the-art business intelligence fused with automations to enhance your organization's performance.

Discover how Keepme can elevate your service to the community with unparalleled tools for success.

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Joining Forces: Public Leisure Operators Partnered with Keepme

The integration of AI and advanced automation within our public leisure operators' framework has been monumental. Embracing these technologies has not just enhanced operational efficiencies but revolutionised member experiences.

    BH Live Active

    BH Live partnered with Keepme to enhance their end-to-end sales process and automation, resulting in significant improvements through centralised lead visibility and enhanced, consistent, personalised follow-up communication. This streamlined approach consistently guides potential members from consideration to sign-up throughout the year.

    Southwark Council

    In the transformation process to bring Southwark Council's leisure services in-house, Keepme has been crucial in enabling the council to proactively track potential members from various channels. With their upgrade to Keepme Enterprise, the council stands as one of the pioneering public operators utilizing Keepme's gold partner integration with Gladstone.

    Brio Leisure

    In their transition to a hub-and-spoke model within the community, Brio, an award-winning CIC in West Cheshire, turned to Keepme to streamline operations and shift focus from manual tasks. They now leverage AI-powered automation to identify growth opportunities and potential risks, empowering their team to prioritize exceptional in-person services.

With Keepme's AI-driven insights, these operators are now empowered to predict member behaviours, optimise engagement strategies, and anticipate needs, thereby nurturing stronger, lasting relationships. This shift isn't just limited to these operators; it's setting a precedent for the entire sector.

    Inverclyde Leisure

    Inverclyde Leisure has always embraced innovation, with Keepme being a key part of their strategic roadmap to enhance lead-to-sale conversion rates and year-round retention performance. Operating from their flagship Waterfront site, the Inverclyde team is now fully equipped to engage members effectively, offering exceptional member journeys that begin right from the initial inquiry.

    Lampton Leisure

    Having received the Digital Transformation Award at the 2023 ukactive awards, Lampton Leisure is pushing further to meet Hounslow community needs via smart automations aimed at long-term member retention. As an LATC, they continuously seek innovation, with Keepme being a logical step in their program of transformation, keeping them at the forefront of technology and innovation.

    Dragonfly Leisure

    Dragonfly Leisure, a charitable trust, boasts a highly experienced, quality-driven team dedicated to providing a diverse leisure experience for their members and the community. Seeking to significantly enhance their conversions from Forms they adopted Keepme, where they now have a excellent source of data capture and visibility of leads from all digital and in-person sources.

The successes witnessed in these alliances are illuminating a pathway for the broader leisure industry, indicating that a digital transformation is no longer just an option but an imperative for the sector's growth and relevance through 2024 and beyond.

2023 Keepme News

Keepme and Gladstone Forge Game-Changing Partnership

This powerhouse collaboration marries Gladstone's long standing reputation for solution delivery with Keepme's AI expertise, empowering operators to harness data insights for enhanced member retention and smarter decision making.

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Keepme Launched The Industry's First AI Content Generator

Discover Keepme Creator, the groundbreaking AI solution revolutionising content creation for gym marketing teams. This tool, tailored to the fitness industry, generates tailored, top-quality content. With its user-friendly interface and the ability to learn from existing digital assets, Keepme Creator boosts campaign optimisation, empowering marketers to maximize performance and unleash their creativity.

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Keepme V3 Launched

In January 2023, we began planning the latest Keepme release. As a company, we already provide more updates and enhancements than any other provider in the industry, but we felt it was time for a significant release.

By the summer we were rolling out 31 new features and a user-interface refresh after 3000+ hours of development time.

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✏️ 2023 Blog Highlights

As we bid farewell to 2023, we're thrilled to cover the highlights in '2023 - A Year in Review - Content Edition' and we've bookmarked two of the biggest performers, so you can dive straight in!

📚 2023 Best Practice Series

This year marked a significant stride for Keepme in content creation. Alongside the launch of our new website for an enhanced user experience, we identified a crucial industry need: comprehensive guides to facilitate the seamless adoption and utilization of the cutting-edge technologies we're proud to offer. In addition to our blog articles, these guides aim to empower users in navigating this next-generation landscape effectively.

Unlock Your Fitness Data Potential

Dive into our Best Practice Guide To Building Meaningful Reports With Your Fitness Data and unleash the full potential hidden within your data treasure trove.

Gain insights that drive actionable decisions, propelling member retention, optimising marketing campaigns, streamlining operations, and elevating customer satisfaction.

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WhatsApp: Revolutionizing Fitness Communication

At the heart of fitness lies relationships. Whether it's the trainer-trainee bond or the camaraderie among gym-goers, nurturing these connections is key.

Enter WhatsApp: the renowned messaging platform transforming communication for fitness pros. With 2 billion users, it's a game-changer. Explore WhatsApp's impact on member engagement and prospects at your gym.

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Maximising Gym Email Engagement

Recognizing email marketing's value is step one; mastering its execution is another challenge. Enter our Best Practice Guide to Boosting Gym Email Engagement Rates. Crafted for fitness operators, marketing managers, and anyone seeking higher ROI from their email campaigns.

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