Keepme Thrives at Elevate 2024: A Recap of an Exhilarating Industry Event

The Keepme team attended Elevate in force this year! With Steffie taking to the stage, myself conducting meetings out of our networking hub, and Hilary doing the networking round with our parters - it was all go!
Jon Dickson
Jon Dickson
Keepme Thrives at Elevate 2024: A Recap of an Exhilarating Industry Event

Elevate 2024 proved to be an incredible two days for Keepme, allowing us a platform to showcase our innovations and a space to connect with industry leaders. Nestled in the bustling networking area in the center of the arena, we were situated by one of our key partners, Gladstone Software, and in close proximity to our friends at Xplor.

Engaging with Partners and Clients

This placement allowed us to catch up with our partners, which there are less opportunities for in this day and age when most people are either partially, or completely remote working. The opportunity to speak in-person sparked numerous collaboration ideas which we are now looking forward to bringing to fruition throughout the rest of the year and into 2025.

While Elevate is largely about forging new connections, it also serves as a great opportunity to touch base with existing customers. We were able to catch up with the team from BH Live, Southwark Leisure as well as the team at Empowered Brands, the énergie folks in particular. This chance to check-in was a great reminder of the strong community we have built at Keepme.

I personally was kept very busy throughout both days. With 22 meetings in addition to catch ups with existing customers and partners, it is safe to say that my voice was hoarse come Friday.

Steffie Takes to the Stage

Keepme Chief of Staff, Steffie Bryant was a busy bee over the two days. Amidst all of the networking, she also made two appearances in the Generate Theatre to help educate our industry on AI within Fitness. 

On the first day of the event, Steffie was joined by: Becca Douglas - brandXchange, Ollie Bell - Roster, Peter Heneghan - The Future Communicator, Kevin Yates - Snap Fitness 24/7 and Aaron Rice - Vorboss. They drew quite the crowd for their discussion around AI within the fitness industry, how it stands today and where it is poised to take us. Steffie was the resident expert on AI for member retention and detailed how Keepme’s AI works to achieve 95% accurate predictions on member churn. 

Video credit: Reddot Media

We all know that keeping existing members is more profitable than gaining new ones, yet all the focus is on acquisition - why? Because addressing retention is too hard. But if you had AI telling you exactly who you needed to intervene with and automations to do it for you, that doesn’t sound too hard to us.

On day two, Steffie was joined by Mark Osborne from Gladstone Software, and Danny Melling from ukactive to discuss “Marking AI Driven Decisions” particularly in the UK Leisure space.

They did a great job of highlighting how AI is already being used in the world around us in ways we may not even realize, and shared some examples, including how in 2023, the NHS AI Lab launched a new initiative called "AI for Early Diagnosis." The program uses machine learning to analyze patient data from GP records, hospital visits, and diagnostic scans to identify early warning signs of conditions like cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer's. The AI system flags high-risk patients for further screening, enabling earlier interventions and better outcomes.

They went on to apply it to the UK Leisure Industry and talked about how some Leisure Operators are already leveraging AI for predictive insights. Check out the below case study with BH Live for more detail on this.

Free CRM Micro-Strategy Guides

Ahead of this event, we released the latest installment in our Best Practice Guide Series, “10 Micro Strategies to Elevate Membership Sales via your CRM” and, with Elevate on the horizon we decided to print some lovely hard-copies of the guide for those who came to visit our stand.

The guide covers off a number of strategies including:

  • Leveraging social proof to boost gym sales

  • Automating time consuming tasks and give your team room to perform

  • Scoring every lead based on likelihood to join

…and many more! Not only does it tell you why these strategies would be valuable for your facility to implement, but it guides you through how to get started! If you missed out on the hard copies at Elevate, not to worry - you can download your copy below

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