Success of Keepme’s Recently Launched On-Demand Webinar Series

Upon identifying that many fitness operators weren’t completely up to speed on what the advances in AI could mean for them, Keepme took a proactive stance aimed at empowering them with the information required to succeed in a highly competitive market.
Amy McDermott
Amy McDermott
Success of Keepme’s Recently Launched On-Demand Webinar Series

In January, we unveiled our On-Demand Webinar Series. These concise sessions of approximately 20-minutes each, feature experts from across the company offering insights and solutions to pressing challenges faced by today's fitness operators.

"We are thrilled to have the expertise in-house to address pressing topics that directly impact operators within the fitness industry, thus enabling us to produce these invaluable webinars. When we say we are committed to furthering education around emerging technologies for the fitness industry, we take our duty to deliver on this commitment very seriously. We're dedicated to empowering fitness professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed."

Amy McDermott - Events & PR Manager, Keepme
Amy McDermott
Events & PR Manager, Keepme

At Keepme, we have always been vocal about our dedication to educating the industry on what is available to them in terms of AI. Through these webinars, we aim not only to provide practical solutions to current challenges, but also to foster a culture of continuous learning and adaptation among fitness professionals.

Three webinars have been released to date, with plenty more in the pipeline! You can find a brief overview of the webinars which were released in Q1 below. 

Webinar 1: Crafting Compelling Content in a Crowded Space

The inaugural webinar, delivered by Events & PR Marketing Manager, Amy McDermott, delves into the art of creating standout content amidst the bustling fitness landscape. 

Amy shares insights on crafting on-brand content that will resonate with your specific community. This one is particularly relevant to gyms with smaller teams juggling the demands of content creation and distribution, among a number of other day-to-day tasks. 

From social media posts to SEO-friendly blog content, this session equips operators with practical strategies to enhance their content creation process. The session also includes a quick demo of the fitness industry's first AI powered content generator.

Taking this a step further, we have also crafted a Gym content ideas bank which includes tips on AI prompts to get the most out of a generative AI tools (like Chat GPT):

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Webinar 2: Tackling Member Attrition in the First 90 Days

gym membership retention strategiesWe handed the reins to Keepme’s Customer Success team for the second webinar, addressing a prevalent issue for operators – member attrition within the first 90 days. 

He explores common reasons for member cancellations and offers a number of preventative measures operators can put in place to stop this from happening.

Additionally, he delves into the power of automated communication sequences and multi-channel automation. Automation is fast becoming an essential feature of any gym’s communication strategy in order to deliver personalized, tailored communications to members. 

One of the main benefits is that it keeps team members free from manual tasks, so they are able to deliver the most important aspect for members of any gym - human support and interaction.

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Webinar 3: Optimizing Marketing Campaigns for Gym Operators

gym automation - gym marketing toolGrowth Marketing Manager, Matt McCallum leads the charge in the most recent webinar, unraveling the complexities of building efficient campaigns that actually resonate with your community. 

In a digital landscape rife with challenges, Matt provides actionable insights and solutions to drive engagement and maximize results. From campaign optimization to channel selection and leveraging automation tools, this session equips operators with the tools needed to navigate the marketing maze effectively.

This webinar also features a sneak peak at Keepme’s drag and drop email builder, pre-built automations and a live demo of how you can build your own automation. 

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Stay Tuned!  

Keepme is thrilled to have successfully delivered three informative webinars to the fitness industry to kick off the year. The positive feedback and success of these sessions have reinforced our commitment to providing advice and solutions to the challenges faced by fitness operators. 

We are happy to announce that we'll keep them coming regularly, with the next one already in the works. We can't wait to keep sharing knowledge and empowering fitness professionals!

Do you have an idea of what you’d like to see next from our On-Demand Webinar Series? We’d love to have your input - contact us here with your suggestions.