Charitable Leisure Operators: Keepme's commitment to
Transforming the Leisure Sector

Keepme understands the importance of keeping communities active, and is committed to helping Charitable Leisure Operators find innovative solutions to ensure members are happy, engaged and most importantly... sticking around and bettering their own health outcomes!

Areas Keepme Can Help
Charitable Leisure Operators:

  • Keeping Your Community Engaged

  • Financial Sustainability

  • Funding Constraints

  • We Integrate with Legacy & Advanced Software

  • Private Sector Competition

  • Staffing Shortages

"The Leisure Sector plays a pivotal role in promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle among people here in the UK, and there is no denying that embracing AI can unlock significant gains for operators. Our recent formalized partnership with Gladstone software is set to facilitate the availability of AI predictive models for UK Leisure operators who are ready to innovate and embrace the advances that are now available to them.”

Ian Mullane - CEO, Keepme
Ian Mullane
CEO, Keepme

How Keepme is already supporting Charitable Social Enterprise: BH Live

BH Live's strategic move towards digital transformation, leveraging Keepme's innovative platform has lead them to major success in just the first year of the partnership.

  • 40 hours saved per team member p/m (av.)
  • 740 new memberships p/m via Keepme (av.)
  • Streamlined lead management processes

"Keepme has enabled increased efficiency in the management of our lead generation along with enhanced team and customer engagement. Significant improvements to reporting and team performance are also very apparent"

Darryl Dewar - Group Sales & Customer Experience Manager, BH Live Active
Darryl Dewar
Group Sales & Customer Experience Manager, BH Live Active

Keep Your Community Engaged

Getting people in the door is one thing, but keeping them there is another. That's why we have developed Keepme's membership engagement feature.

Use hyper-personalisation across email, SMS and WhatsApp to foster a real sense of ownership and pride in your facility.

  • Automate and personalise your member outreach
  • Identify and engage your at-risk members
  • Manage every churn threat in one dashboard
  • Target your active, high value members with premium upgrade offers and increase LTV

Membership Reporting includes:

  • Keepme Score™
  • Members slipping away
  • Renewals coming up
  • Inactive members
  • Sudden absence
  • NPS detractors

Free your team to do what they were hired for

Automation of personalised sales and retention communications means one thing is guaranteed - your member facing staff are free’d up to spend more time delivering excellent in-person experiences and less time on manual administrative tasks

Watch how Keepme saves time

Produce on-brand content quickly & easily

Keepme’s Creator tool is your ticket to deploying high value, engaging content for your organisation’s members and supporters in seconds rather than days. Thanks to large language models (LLM’s) that are trained to speak in the exact tone of voice of your organisation, you can produce everything from sales and retention emails, blogs and social media posts in just a few clicks!

Discover Keepme Creator

Share good news stories with your community effortlessly

Our Keepme Connect module allows you to seamlessly engage with new and existing members as part of a fully automated communications roadmap. Our drag and drop email builder and templates for SMS and WhatsApp also allow you to switch up communication channels and work to your audiences preferred channel, rather than sit in inboxes that will never be looked at.

Explore Keepme Connect

Funding Constraints

We understand that funding can be unpredictable and often hard come by, so maximising the potential of every penny you have, as well as understanding the ROI of every penny spent, is critical.

With detailed lead tracking and conversion forecasting, you can make data-driven decisions that secure new members and optimise campaign spending.

PLUS with conversion rates up to 60% higher than the industry average and retention strategies on auto-pilot, the return on investment is a no-brainer.

Financial Sustainability

We understand that social impact is just as important as revenue, and your operation exists to improve the active wellbeing of everyone in your community. But, there's no doubt that becoming financially self-sustaining, and having to rely less on external funding is one less challenge to think about.

How Keepme helps:

Smart Lead Scoring - Segment your funnel so your sales team can target better opportunities and win more members faster

Automate outreach - Save your sales team *16-20 hours each month, template and personalise repetitive messages so your sales team can close more leads

Track Sales Performance -Track each sales rep, team and site against their conversion rates and targets - and identify your top lead channels

*Keepme customer average

“From the campaigns that we’ve been running, they're very effective. For example, for our end of financial year sale, I managed to garner 125 leads across five or six gyms!”

Justin Green - Lead Gen Consultant for Multiple Plus Fitness Franchises
Justin Green
Lead Gen Consultant for Multiple Plus Fitness Franchises

We Integrate with Legacy & Advanced Software

Not sure if your LMS or MMS is advanced enough for Keepme to plug into? You might be surprised.

We get it, you’ve made investments in technology & infrastructure so you aren’t in a position to overhaul your entire set-up. That's why we partner with great names like Gladstone so you can do more with the infrastructure you have.

Not on Gladstone? No problem, Keepme connects to a growing list of Leisure Management Systems

Private Sector Competition

Stay ahead of the private sector competition by offering unique programs and services through
hyper-personalised campaigns.

Use Keepme's smart, data-driven insights to leverage member and prospect preferences, interests and behaviours to develop and deliver timely, unique offerings that set you apart.

Staffing Shortages

The never-ending cycle of retaining members and attracting new ones is a costly one, and one where the temptation is often to add more personnel to your team. But budgets don’t always allow for this, and more resources doesn’t mean more success.

With Keepme you can build and automate sales processes that ensure your teams never miss an enquiry or an opportunity to engage.

Make sure the right leads reach the right people at the right time, PLUS real-time insights into class attendance, advanced warning of churn risks and a powerful suite of custom automations that deploy based on triggers you set.

  • Build efficient sales processes to manage every lead from every source
  • Focus attention on the hottest gym leads with Smart Lead Scoring
  • Zone in on churn risk members with Keepme Score™
  • Automate communications based on behavioural triggers or membership milestones

Join the growing number of Charitable Leisure Operators who have transformed their facilities with Keepme.